I really want to post about this weekend, but I am sooooooo tired. I was awake for about an hour in the middle of the night, simply unable to sleep. Blech. I hate that. Probably the worst pregnancy thing so far is not being able to take decongestants. That’s part of why I can’t sleep. Also, it’s not easy to get comfortable. I haven’t mastered sleeping on my side yet. Where are you supposed to put your
arm? I don’t understand. Booo.

Anyway, I’ll post again later. I’ll just say for now that the shower was amazing, and people are so generous. And cake is so good. Mmmm. Also, I need to post about how I met a triplet family at a restaurant yesterday! That was awesome. Tiny, sweet, adorable baby triplets! Out with their family for lunch! This gives me much hope.

5 thoughts on “10/1/07

  1. Anonymous

    It was so great to meet all of the people I have been hearing about! Cake was GREAT..as was the party! You are truly loved, Mamma Kocke! – Steph


  2. Brandi

    Did your doctor OK benadryl? its on my list of medicines I can take. I had terrible insomnia for a while in the first trimester, and the benadryl totally helped. I still haven’t figured out side sleeping yet. I wake up nearly every night with my arm dead asleep, lol. Good luck!


  3. Jessica

    Hey Girlie…I’m very patiently waiting to see the shower pics and hear all about what you received!! Hope you’ve recovered from all the partying, and are feeling well!You’re in our prayers!


  4. mrsgingergrl

    I love seeing or hearing about triplet families – makes me less terrified!! lolGlad you’re shower was nice! Can you take Tylenol PM? that’s helped me sleep when I get really desperate. Also, they prescribed me Zyrtec for my allergies – it’s not great as a decongestant but it does make me sleepy…


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