Ooops, sorry I haven’t been very good at posting lately. Mostly I’m waiting for something to post! Like shower pictures! I obviously didn’t take any (since I was too busy being photographed) so I have to wait to get them from other people. And I haven’t yet. Sigh. Ah well. Must remember. Am not center of the universe. Hee!

If you want to see how big and round I’m getting, here’s a picture of me and Ren and Anne being all Charlie’s Angels, knocked up-style.

Aren’t we some big ol’ dorks?

That should tide you over, eh?

Tonight I went to dinner with some girlfriends, and that was really nice. There were a lot of babies at the table, some born, some not. I got to hold a little bitty guy, but I can’t imagine three of them at once! Eeep!

Friday morning is my next appointment with my new doctor. Jenny and Emmy and Mom are coming – but they are only allowed in if they promise not to look at any gender parts. Hmmph. I don’t believe a bit that they’re going to behave, but they’d better. Or else. At least I know Emily won’t ruin any surprise for me. I can’t wait to see her!

Sleeping has been going somewhat better. I didn’t mention that I do pop Benadryl or Tylenol PM (if I have a headache at bedtime) pretty often, but I was trying not to do it every night. But if I’m not exhausted at night, I can’t see that I have any other option. Not sleeping sucks too bad.

Don’t tell George, but I sleep better when I have the whoooolllle bed to myself. I can stretch out and wedge pillows under and around me strategically. It’s really better for him, too, not to have to listen to my snoring. It’s times like this I wish we had a king-size bed (and a bedroom big enough for one.)

Babies have been moving a lot lately. Today they must be tired out because they have been somewhat calmer, but the past two days were nutty! It was fun. When I get bored at work, I can just watch my tummy. Better than TV, almost.

Okay…off to get ready for bed now!

7 thoughts on “Dorks!

  1. angie

    What a great picture! Are your friends around the same gestational age as you? I can’t believe you have 3 in there! WOW! Here’s to a good nights rest…..


  2. Cindy & Brian

    You look SO CUTE! And I too sleep MUCH better when I have the bed to myself. I get the best sleep right after my husband gets out of bed in the morning. Those extra morning winks that I get with my pillow fortress are the BEST!


  3. pam

    well, i’m 24 weeks, the middle girl is 32 weeks, and the right girl is 27 weeks. so i’m behind both of them! heh!


  4. Jessica

    I love that picture, it cracks me up! I used to do silly poses like that too, when I had friends and all 🙂 Kidding!!Anyway, I cant wait to see the pictures!


  5. Anonymous

    Hi girl, I have enjoyed you’re blog, like a good book can’t put it down. Thank you, George for sending me the link. I am so happy for all 5 of you. You and George were meant for each other. I love ya always, Ms. Jon Bright’s Mother.


  6. pam

    yep, Ren and Anne are both pregnant too. we were drinking the same water at Kristina’s wedding, I guess. :Pi did get an email from Nancy – i think i replied to her. uh oh. i am v bad at that sometimes…


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