Just had an ultrasound to check the babies’ growth. Man, that was hellish. Remind me never to ask for another ultrasound again. That’s what I get for asking every doctor who came in here when I’d get another growth scan.

Laying on your back with 13+ pounds of baby…painful.

But at least the babies still look good.

A: 3 lbs, 11 oz
B: 4 lbs, 11 oz
C: 4 lbs, 3 oz

The discrepancy between A and B has always been there, so it doesn’t worry the doctors, though it does seem pretty extreme to me.

In other news, I’m supposed to be getting a new bed today. Haven’t seen it yet, but it’s supposed to be a big old double bed with a comfy air mattress or something. Cross your fingers I get it today. I’m sick of not sleeping! I think it’ll really help with sleep. Ambien’s okay but it really only works for a few hours, then I’m wide awake.

George and I got a video camera as a gift, so yay, we’ll have a video of the birth! Not the gory parts, ew. Let’s just hope George can keep his hand steady enough to actually kind of see what’s going on.

4 thoughts on “11/30/07

  1. Emily, Mommy and Daddy

    see if they can give you the ambien CR.. it’s control release and it keeps you sleeping and sleeping and sleeping….


  2. Anonymous

    How many mg of ambien are you taking? they gave me 5 and it didn’t help at all, so I started taking 10- did the trick! GLMeredith


  3. pam

    i think i’m on 10 – that’s two of the little pills?good news, i got the big “bariatric” bed today. hee hee!


  4. Searching

    Grats on the video camera! Those babies are huge! I can’t imagine how you manage any sleep, drugged or not!If they let you, I usually take a benadryl with the ambien/ambien cr/whatever the drug of choice is that night. Sometimes it helps extend the time I’m knocked out. I recently found out benadryl supposedly prevents REM sleep, but I still take it a few times a week. Glad you got the jumbo bed. 😉


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