Aunt Jenny’s visit

This was a big weekend for the boys! Not only did they meet Aunt Jenny…

but they also met their great-Grandpa and great Uncle Kevin!

They were v good boys for their visit. And Aunt Jenny hardly got any sleep. I’m sure she’s secretly thrilled to be going home to a baby who sleeps through the night.

Grandee and her friend also came to visit on Saturday, and they brought a ton of yummy food that we’re still eating. Mmmmm!

4 thoughts on “Aunt Jenny’s visit

  1. Hello!Your little boys are precious! I was just wondering…are you going to do a test to see if they are indeed identical? They just look sooo much alike! And, do they look identical to YOU? My twin girls are identical(or so they say) but they look soo different to me. Of course since they are going to Mother Day out, no one can tell them apart…and i don’t know why! 🙂 Anyway, i’m just a lurker who’s interested in identicals…since they say mine are. I want to do the test but my hubby thinks it’s ridiculous to spend 150 on a test that’ll tell me exactly what the dr.s told me already! Good luck on your new are so blessed to have such beautiful healthy baby boys! Congrats again!Brenda


  2. hi brenda,we’re still waiting on the dna test results. the doctors wouldn’t/couldn’t ever tell us conclusively if they are identical, so we’re doing the test. i’m almost positive they are. either that, or i am terrible at telling them apart! (well, i am terrible at telling them apart. but if they’re identical, at least i have a good excuse. ha ha!)


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