February 24, 2008

Right now, the boys are getting back at us. Like, they don’t want to let us slip into complacency, so after being sweet last night, they’re being terrors tonight. Argh!

Thursday night, Olga came again and the boys were angels. Well, I should say Olga was an angel. I slept through the night again! It was awesome. I was almost awake at work! Amazing.

And then our dear friend Dawn came to visit. She came around six yesterday evening, and after hanging around the house for a while, we decided to be v brave, and pack up the boys in their carseats and go eat at a restaurant. Oh, it was wonderful. They slept the whole time! A nice meal, a good friend, and sleeping babies. And then Dawn, dear, dear Dawn, slept on the pullout in the nursery and fed them through the night. George and I got TWO WHOLE NIGHTS OF SLEEP IN A ROW!!! Does it get any better?

Maybe not, but it definitely gets worse. Right now they are just being insufferably fussy. They’re eating more than usual, so maybe it’s a growth spurt. Who knows?

3 thoughts on “February 24, 2008

  1. mandy

    annabel was like that – all of the sudden all she would do was eat and fussed to be held all the time. It lasted just a few days and it was her three month growth spurt… we had to go up a size in onesies and even Melissa commented that she looked bigger from when she had seen her the previous week


  2. Harris Boys

    that is awesome…what great friends/family you have. my mom pulled an all nighter by herself once after I cried for hours about being so tired. enjoy it and before you know it the boys will be sttn…keeping my fingers crossed!Katie


  3. steffie

    I too have VERY fussy babies tonight. What’s up? They usually go right down to bed no problem. Occasionally one of them is unruly, but not ALL THREE! I said the same thing…Growth spurt?


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