Had such a lovely weekend. 🙂

Took the boys to Baton Rouge (sans George, so he could have a little fun time too) because my cousin Laura was in town with her two daughters Charlotte and Kristen. Charlotte just turned four, so there was a big ol’ party for her at my aunt and uncle’s house. I got a sparkly Hello Kitty sticker/tattoo. We party hard, we do. And Kristen is the newest member of the family, a good 17 days younger than her older wiser triplet cousins. She has much to learn from them, with the wisdom they have gained from their time on this earth. Hee!

They all seemed to like each other well enough…

Actually, by the looks of it, Kristen was bored by them. Hmmm. Must work on honing their sense of humor or something.


This is referring to the papparazzi treatment Laura, Kristen, the boys and I got during our photo shoot. Ha ha! It was fun. But I have no pictures from it, so I am asking anyone who took pictures to send them to me. And I know yall read this, because you knew all of our stories already! (Email is pam@pyjammy.com.)

I also should post these pictures here. Because they’re funny and I didn’t post them before. And some people think I don’t take/post enough pictures of Miles. Poor little Miles. He likes to dress up…

Devlish little guy, isn’t he?

And here’s a cute picture of Oliver wearing an outfit (from our friend Hadley’s boys) that makes him look quite tough:


Note: Not sure if anyone came here from our new domain, kocketriplets.com. It’s just going to direct you here until the day comes when I have enough free time to make them their own website. Which will be never! Ha!

7 thoughts on “3/3/08

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry we couldn’t be there this weekend – all the babies look great!Can’t wait for our visit in a month…!…Jennifer and El


  2. Rob & Lot

    We promise to email the pictures tonight. Sorry for the laziness- but it was great getting to meet the boys!


  3. Willa

    I am e mailing you all of my photos in a few minutes. It was so much fun to see you again and to meet the little men!!!! You are amazing!!!! You look great and I can tell that you are a great Mom! I don’t know how you do it but I am glad that you do! I am looking forward to the next time we get to see all of you…..perhaps a stopover in Galveston????


  4. mrsgingergrl

    Oh my – LOVE the devil pictures!! TOO cute! I need some of those for my Charlotte…. LOL


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