10 years gone

My dad had a great sense of humor. And he loved kids. I can’t imagine any other reason I had spontaneous identical triplets. He was looking down at me and George (a son-in-law he would have loved…they could have teased me together, imagine the fun!) and thought, you know what would be hilarious?

So between rounds at the great Golf Course in the Sky, I know he’s getting a good laugh out of all this. I hope he’s proud, too.

Thanks, Dad. We miss you. I can’t believe it’s been ten years since I saw you. I hate that you’re missing out on all this fun, but I guess you’re not, are you? We’re going to make sure all five of your grandchildren know what a silly, fun, kind, generous, and loyal Grandpa they have up in heaven.

Ellen onesies

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned this….the onesies have all of the babies’ names on them, and each baby has his or her name highlighted in red. so it says
linusolivermiles (etc etc) hearts ellen!

10 babies!

So we made the news on Sunday night. I was going to wait to post until they put the video online, so I could post a link, but it’s not up yet. In the meantime, be prepared…the cuteness is going to hurt. Hearts will melt all over the land.

You ready?

Are you sure?

Maybe I should just post a link so that you can truly be prepared…

No, I’ll just post it.

Here we go…

Ten babies

Starting at 7:00, that’s my three boys, Steph’s trio, then Alicia’s four girls. All born within 48 hours of each other.

(Lemme explain the onesies – well, what’s to explain? We took this picture to send to Ellen. Ellen was born at the same hospital as them, isn’t that cool?)


Thank goodness it’s Friday. No, for real. It’s been a rough week. Sick children, yucky weather, and more sick children. All are well now, though, and we have a fun weekend to look forward to. I’m getting a haircut! And a brow wax! It’s been embarrassingly long since I’ve had either, so you can imagine my excitment.

In other, random, exciting things, the boys’ nursery was featured on this design website, ohdeedoh.com

Hmmm. That’s it. Have a good weekend! I’ll post if the news thing is on Sunday or if they post it online or something.


I know, I need to post. It’s been a few days. Let’s see…

Well, George’s birthday was yesterday. But I can’t say it was very exciting. Miles’s eyes were swollen and a little goopy, and the weather was horrible, so we didn’t go anywhere. I cooked some fish that my boss had caught out in the Gulf. It was yummy. Poor George, he doesn’t even like fish very much!

Let’s just hope that Miles is all better by Sunday, the big day! I think he will be. He was already much better by this morning.

Next week, Kristina is coming for her visit. I’m so excited for her to meet the boys! We’ll be leaving the following Sunday for the big road trip to San Antonio. Me, Kristina, and the boys. Fuuun! Hopefully we’ll be staying overnight in the Houston area so we don’t have to make the entire trip in one day. It’s going to be an adventure, that’s for sure!

See, not much is going on right now. I’ll have to take some pictures of the boys so I can post them and make this a little more interesting…

My first Mother’s Day and 5 month stats

Hope all the mommies out there had a nice Mother’s Day. Mine was pretty good. The weather was beautiful, our moms came over, and we ate steak. It was nice. The boys posed for a picture with me. I think it’s probably the last time I’ll be able to hold them all at the same time. They’re getting so big!

On Friday the boys had their five month ped visit. They’re huuuuge! And the biggest news is that Linus is now bigger than Oliver!

Linus: 15#12oz (25-50th); 26″ long (50-75th); HC 42.5cm (25-50th)
Oliver: 15#11oz (25-50th); 26.5″ long (75th); HC 43cm (25-50th)
Miles: 15#0.5oz (25th); 26″ long (50th); HC 42.5cm (25-50th)

Miles is now rolling both ways. Oliver can roll front-to-back and so can Linus, I think. I’m not sure if I’ve witnessed those two doing back to front like Miles. They’re all babbling all the time, and the best part is to each other. It’s so cute to watch. Oliver is a champion thumb-sucker. They now sleep unswaddled, just in their sleep sacks, which has made for some rough nights lately. Like last night. Let’s just say I’m wearing my glasses today, not my contacts. That’s something I only do when I can’t have the weight of contacts weighing down my already heavy eyes. Zzzzz.

The ped says when they start eating solids, they should drop their middle of the night feeding. Man, I hope so. They still show no interest in eating off spoons:

Obviously, they don’t mind having it around their mouth. Just not in it.

Linus had pinkeye last week. He looked like a pirate. Arrrgh!

On Sunday, the boys are getting filmed for the news again. Did I already mention that? Anyway. Exciting! I’ll post more details when we have them.

Edited to add: Just goes to show how tired I am. I already posted their new stats. And about the news thing. oh well. zzzzzz.


Linus is much better, whew! And it doesn’t look like the other boys are going to get whatever it was. (I’m still not 100% convinced it’s pink eye, since he’s the only one who got it, but whatever.) Today we go to the ped for their 5 month visit. Usually, our visits aren’t very exciting. But today we’ll have lots to talk about. They’ve been sick with, what, three different things in the past month. They’ve attempted solids. They’ve started rolling over. It’s all very exciting stuff. I can’t wait to see what they weigh. Anyone want to guess? Your prize is the triplet of your choice!

Their stats at their 4 month visit were:
Linus: 14#9.5oz (50th); 25″ long (50th); HC 41.5cm (25-50th)
Oliver: 14#11oz (50th); 24.5″ long (25-50th); HC 43.5cm (50-75th)
Miles: 13#15oz (25-50th); 24.25″ long (25-50th); HC 42cm (50th)

We have other exciting things coming up. Sunday is obviously my first Mother’s Day. I don’t expect exciting gifts (but I can’t wait for the days of pasta necklaces and glittery cards) but our moms are coming over and we’re going to grill steaks. Yum! The following Sunday is our playdate with the triplets and quads. All ten babies will get to meet for the first time! I’m very excited for that. And then Kristina is coming to visit. Yay! She hasn’t met the boys yet, so it’s going to be very fun. We’re driving to San Antonio because I have a conference for work, and I can’t leave the boys at home for a week. She’s going to get to know them very very well.

So yeah, good stuff!

Sick baby


Linus might have pinkeye. And let’s face it, I can’t imagine that with triplets, he’s going to be the only one to have it. Oh please no. No no no no no!

Sigh. Waiting on a callback from the doctor now…

ETA: Well, the doc seems to think it is pinkeye. But she also didn’t seem concerned about it at all. I learned some new things. It’s only contagious for 24 hours, and she said he might already be past that point. And so we’re going to pick up some eye drops for him (to prevent bacterial infection) and I’ll spoil him rotten while he’s home from daycare. 🙂

Rolling, rolling, rolling…

We have a roller!

Uh oh. Is this how mobility starts? A roll from back to tummy? What’s next? Tummy to back? And then crawling? And then…**shudder** walking?!? Aaagh! I’m scared!

Miles rolled over yesterday. Not just once. Lots of times. And once we found him on his tummy, all swaddled up in the corner of his crib (thank god I got mesh bumpers), we decided to retire his Miracle Blanket. (How we loved thee, Miracle Blanket, you truly lived up to your name!) At least now we’re getting some use out of the sleep sacks that I got a bunch of.

It was really sweet. I was worried he wouldn’t sleep unswaddled, but this morning, he was laying on his tummy, sucking his thumb, sleeping like a um baby. (I guess he can sleep on his tummy now?)

New stroller

Oh well, so much for my posting streak. Sorrryyyy! The boys are sick still. Well, sick again. A different sick. They’re getting over colds, and now they have what I suspect is rotavirus. In any case, it’s something digestive related, ifyouknowwhatimean. But they’re in good spirits, no fever, nothing like that, so it’s not a huge deal, except that they can’t be at daycare. And so it begins…

Got our new stroller today, it’s awesome. Makes our sixth stroller. But once the boys outgrow their carseats, three of them will be retired. So eventually, we’ll have a more manageable number of strollers.

That’s Linus at the back, Oliver in the middle, and Miles in front. 🙂

Yes….it has a steering wheel. Ha!

Today was a big day for the boys. Oliver almost rolled over. Miles and Linus “found” each other. And Linus picked up a toy. Yay! I was starting to get worried that they hadn’t done any of these things, and bam-bam-bam, they do them. Sweet of them to stop Mama from worrying.

Mom’s coming tomorrow to spend the night, hooray! The boys miss their Grandee. And I miss sleeping alllll night long.

Regarding the cloth diapers – we haven’t been using them a whole lot since the boys have been, ahem, sick. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to get back to using them soon.

Oh yeah, and today I cleaned up the boys room. Here is the only time you might see the nursery clean and organized…