So long ago

Oliver, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

What I need to do is go to bed, and sleep while my sick little guys are sleeping. Because it ain’t gonna last long. But instead, I am going to post some pictures of each boy when they were teeeeeny tiny. Because I can.

It blows me away to look at this tiny baby now. Oliver is my chunker, weighing in at somewhere in the 17 lb range now. He’s two days old here, and he weighed 4 lbs, 10 oz at birth. He’s almost quadrupled his birth weight! I could fit him almost in my hand, look!

I remember when I first got to see the boys. It was earlier that day, the day after they were born. I didn’t get to see them until about 28 hours had passed, because I was on a magnesium sulfate IV to bring down my blood pressure. I can’t say it was the worst thing in the world – I was sad to have to wait, but honestly, I was so doped up on morphine and pain meds that I don’t remember much of their birth day anyway.

I didn’t really bond with the boys right away. I think maybe that had something to do with the fact that I didn’t get to see them for so long? Or because they were in the NICU and I was seven floors below them in my hospital room? I could only go see them for a short time every day, if I could get someone to wheel me up. (George had a cold and didn’t get to see them until they were four or five days old!)

But now I look at this tiny baby and look at his little angry face that he makes even now when he cries, and my heart gets all gooshy and melty and I think, man, I love that kid!

And his brothers, too…

Tiny Miles:

And big brother Linus:

6 thoughts on “So long ago

  1. Anonymous

    It is absolutely amazing how fast they grow. A blink of the eye and a week has gone by.Keeping the wee bairns in my speedy get well thoughts!!Judi


  2. the schirano triplets

    those pain meds really help to deal with the overload of information in those first few days, but the side effect of not remembering much makes me sad. it took me a while to let go and not hold back, i just remember being so scared for them. thanks for sharing pam~


  3. Harris Boys

    pam, I can remember the day I found out you had delievered the boys. how tiny and sweet they were. they really do grow up and get BIG so fast. thanks for sharing those pics, makes you really appreciate everything we have. hope they feel better soon. I can feel your pain. we’re going on 2 months of ethan being sick 😦


  4. Gallagators

    I hope your boys get well soon!I didn’t really get to bond right off with my son, because of him being in the special care. It makes me sad to remember sometimes. I didn’t really understand the situation then, but looking back I can see how hard it is to try and bond under difficult circumstances. I think your boys are SO SO cute!


  5. mandi

    adorable pam and a beautiful post! Love the little angry face. one day Noah has to meet the boys!


  6. steffie

    Did you ever think you could love something so much? I think back now to how I felt shortly after Ben, Lily, and Jack’s birth and think how much my love has grown just with getting to know them. I just kept wanting them to love me when they were little and looking at me like they had no idea who I was. Now, they only have eyes for Mommy and it is the greatest thing ever! Sorry your guys are sickies…here’s hoping that they get better fast.


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