Well hello there!

Looky how easy that was! Thanks to liz for the tip (and to everyone who agreed with her), this is great! I feel so…rooomy and free over here!

My next step will be to get my domain over here, but for now, this’ll do. I have a redirect set up on pyjammy.com so hopefully people will find me. The one I set up on http://www.pyjammy.com/blog is all messed up, but whatever. It works. I think. Sorta.

6 thoughts on “Well hello there!

  1. mandy

    yay! Welcome to the wordpress family! We are still working on mine-but look at you with your header already up. Just ask if you have any questions cause mike’s a wiz at wordpress.


  2. Cindi

    I love pizza too!

    Your sons are growing up so fast…I just love the facial expressions that they come up. What child doesn’t like ice cream??


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