Lovely day!

Not today, yesterday actually. Well, scratch that. It’s after midnight, so really it was two days ago. I decided, while looking outside my office windows that it was too too gorgeous outside, and I couldn’t possibly stay inside for another gorgeous day, and decided to take Friday off. I knew my triplet-mama-friend Steph was taking her trio to the zoo, so I emailed her and asked if we could join them, and she said, “great!”

The boys are only going to be 9 months and three weeks old once, and I needed to just be with them, to soak in their 9-month-and-three-week-ness. It was just a perfect, lovely day. After I ran some errands, I picked up the boys from daycare and we headed to the zoo. I packed lunch for all of us. With Steph and her friend with two older kids, we wandered around the zoo. We got a few stares and comments (even a few “are those sextuplets??”) but mostly we were left alone. It was such a beautiful day, really.

We got there right before noon, so after a little while, we headed to a grassy area, spread out some blankets, and let the babies crawl around while we ate. The boys had never been on grass before, but they seemed to like it. Steph’s babies were reluctant to get on it. Pretty funny. They’d crawl to the edge of the blanket and tentatively brush the grass with their little hands. Eventually, they gave in, thanks to the undeniable tempations of dead leaves and sticks. Mmmm, leaves. Yum. (Why can’t I get them to eat finger foods, but they will eat leaves? Why?) Post-lunch, we went and looked at some more animals.

After Steph and her friend took off, I decided to stay and go back to our picnic spot and let the boys crawl around some more. They were just so happy. God, it was a wonderful day. Just one of those perfect, perfect days that stay etched in your memory. (My last one was from London in 2000, drinking Pimms & Lemonade in the beer garden of a pub in the East End with my best friends. Perfect day.)

Must share some pictures, of course…

Oliver and the flamingos:

Linus loved the gorillas

I love this picture of all the babies. You can see Linus pulling on Steph’s nannie’s shirt, which makes me laugh. They will climb up anything, anyone, everything!

My sweet babies.

Random shot of Oliver and Miles:

Baby pileup!

After all of the fun at the zoo, I picked up George at the house and we headed to his grandpa’s, so he could see the boys. They were very sweet to their great-grandpa. But I know what Oliver’s thinking here. “Glasses! I want the glasses! Hand ’em over, Gramps!”

George and I got a lot done around the house yesterday, with the boys at George’s parents’ house. We put some stuff on craigslist for free, and it was like vultures swarming. Heh. But we’re now down two bookcases and a sofa. Whew! Room to breathe!

Much to post about

– We have true, honest-to-goodness crawlers! Still not terribly consistent, but they’re getting better at it. Witness:

– Oliver said his first word! Okay, not really. But it’s v v v cute.

– And, Miles got his first kiss: (How awesome will this be to show at their wedding? And if she marries Oliver or Linus instead, I’ll just have to edit video to make it look like it’s one of them. I’m not above that.)

– I took the boys to Baton Rouge to see my mom, and we went and checked out her new house. Yes, that’s right, she’s moving. And the exciting part is, not by herself! She and her man-friend Larry (I’m sorry, I refuse to call a pair of 60-somethings “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”) bought a house together! It’s really nice and has lots of room for the boys to crawl around. It even has a tiny pond with fish in the backyard (it’s fenced off) so Larry can take them fishing when they’re older. Awww!

– Saturday morning, I took the boys to hang out with some friends and their babies at the children’s museum. They have a great area for babies to crawl around in, so I’m definitely going to have to go back there. Aaaand, the boys were discovered! The owner of a fancy children’s boutique saw them and got my info – she wants the boys to be in an upcoming catalog. Exciting!

– Yesterday (as seen in the video above) we went to Ren’s to hang out and so the boys and Chloe could play. This is what I’ve been waiting for, ever since Ren and I were pregnant together. Finally, they’re getting old enough to sort of play together! And this weekend will be even better, with the addition of tiny baby Henry, newborn son of our friend Kettie. Okay, so Henry is still in the grub stage and probably won’t be playing as much. I just need to make sure Chloe doesn’t transfer her affections to the new baby and leave my sons brokenhearted.

– I can finally wear my engagement ring and wedding band again. Woo! Not because of any weight loss or anything (which, btw, was 1.4 last week. Sucky since I was starving the whole weekend, but better than nothing) but because I got my e-ring resized. My wedding band is still a little snug, but I don’t feel as if I’m in danger of losing a finger. Whew.

– And this, just because it’s cute.

So excited!

My wonderful, wonderful wedding photographer (who has since moved to NYC) is coming to take pictures of the boys next month. So exciting! She took what is undoubtedly the best picture of me that I will ever, ever, ever have, so I can’t wait to see what she gets of the boys. 🙂

Glam Pam

Do you think I posted this, just so I could post this picture of myself? It’s partially possible. I need to remember what I looked like a gajillion pounds ago. It helps.

Speaking of losing weight, I’m doing pretty well, if I may say so myself. Staying within my calorie/fat/protein goals so far this week. I think I’ll allow myself one day a week with more freedom, because I recall from my WW days that I did better when I splurged a little once a week. Just once a week, though. Heh.

Theory blown.

Well, forget my graphic from my previous post. Now in addition to Linus’s one tooth popping up, Miles has two coming in. And poor Oliver is still toothless. Hmm.

See Linus’s tooth?


I think we almost have our first tooth! I was getting worried for a while there, that we’d have to invest in baby dentures or something. But Linus is very close to having one pop through. For real this time. I know, I’ve been saying it for six months, but it has to be true sometime, right? I’ll try to get a picture this afternoon. Ack, it’s going to be so cute with those little bottom teeth poking out.

I wonder if the other two will follow shortly after. I think Miles and Oliver have something happening too, but not as imminent as Linus. Which makes me think – was Linus the first half of the egg, and then the other half split to make Miles and Oliver, making him technically a day or two older? Interesting. Miles and Oliver did have a thinner membrane between them. They were the two we thought for a long time were monoamniotic. Very interesting. Also, Miles and Oliver look more alike than Linus, with his cowlick. Hmmm. Here is my theory:

Okay. Maybe that was a bit much. It’s just a tooth!

Anyway. Regarding the weight loss stuff. I did well yesterday, thankyouverymuch. Stayed within my limits for calories, fat, etc, etc. Maybe could have used a little more protein. I really need to go grocery shopping. My lunch yesterday left much to be desired, but it was all I had in the freezer at work. Today I have leftover Shepherd’s Pie that I made last night for dinner. Usually, I just toss whatever sounds good into it, but I was really careful about what I put in it last night, so I could accurately count the nutritional value. Mmmm.


So I brought Kristina back to the airport this morning, before work. We had such a fun weekend. Man. Friday night we went out and stayed out verrrrry late and paid the price on Saturday (the boys were staying at their grandparents’.) Saturday we went to eat lunch and then saw Mamma Mia. Can’t get the songs or Colin Firth in a sparkly jumpsuit out of my head. Not that I’d want to…

After the movie, we picked up the boys and went to the north shore to go to Ren’s daughter’s fourth birthday party. It was at this big gymnastics school and it made me want to take lessons again. Like when I was ten. Not that I was ever good. Not with my height or frame. Ha ha! But still, a girl can dream. The boys might have a future in it, though…


On Sunday, we went to Ren’s other daughter’s christening. It was pretty cool because Ren’s brother is the pastor (?) of the church she was christened at. They’re Episcopalian, so I don’t know what you call it. Anyway, it was fun. The boys were pretty well behaved. Hey, at least we knew the guy in charge, so we didn’t get in trouble. Heh. I wish I had pictures of Chloe in her dress, it was so beautiful. My only concern now is that one of the boys (not sure which one yet) saw his future wife in a long, frilly white dress. Dang.

Kristina and I also decided that we’re starting a weight loss challenge. This is huge. We are very good at motivating each other to do difficult things. Four years (seven months and 13 days) ago, we quit smoking together, and neither of us has touched a cigarette since. And we weren’t social smokers, either. We were heavily addicted. So if we can do that, we can do this. The fun part is having a reward. When we hit our goal weights, we’re going to plan a weekend trip to NYC. Eeep! That’s a huge exciting reward! Must start saving up, though…

Anyway, expect me to blog about that. When I lost weight last time, before my wedding, I blogged about it a lot. I even had a ticker on the side to count down my pounds lost. I should do that again…


Sorry, Texas, but I can’t help but be happy that Ike isn’t headed our way. It sucks that hurricanes have to go somewhere, so while you’re wishing it away from you, you’re only asking other people to be in its path. My apologies.

But Ike heading away from us means that Kristina gets to come here tomorrow as planned! Ren’s baby Chloe is being christened this weekend, and Kristina’s her godmother. We also have Chloe’s big sister’s birthday party on Saturday, which means cake! Yum! I do love cake. To put it mildly.

Kristina, being a glutton for punishment, asked if she could keep one baby on Friday while the other two are at daycare and I’m at work. Awww!

Based on this picture, I’ll bet it won’t be Oliver…

But then again, based on this picture, maybe it will be:
Oliver and his bling

We’ll see…

Home sweet home

Well, yesterday we made it back home. Thank GOD! Baton Rouge was pretty bad. No power anywhere, it was hot, humid, rainy, blech. It’s one thing to deal with that when it’s just you and other adults, but with three babies…no thank you. They were not happy to sleep in a hot room at night.

Turns out we evacuated to a place that was hit a lot harder than our home. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20, blah blah blah. We never even lost power at our house! So as soon as we were able to get back, we left. But not after, oh, spending three hours in line for gas…and leaving without getting any. Fortunately, I had enough to get home.

George emptied the fridge and freezer (to avoid a repeat of the Katrina fridge fun – but hey, we did get a new fridge out of it!) so we have nothing to eat but canned goods and animal crackers (don’t worry, the babies have lots of food and formula and stuff) until the grocery stores open. I wish I’d stocked up on chef boyardee before we left…all we have is baked beans and cream of mushroom soup. Blech!

Anyway, just wanted to post and say we’re safe and sound. Later, I’ll post pictures and videos from our excitement. 😛