Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m taking the boys to my uncle’s house today for Thanksgiving. I’m excited to see my family, especially the people I hardly ever see.

The boys had a ball in their new wagon last night. It’s definitely a hit!

One year ago today…

Okay, I’m not going to be able to make interesting posts every day about what happened a year ago. I was on Day 2 in the hospital. Yeah, yeah. It was still a novelty. I got lots of visitors. I found out that the girl next door to me was having quadruplets. (Oh yeah, show me up, why don’t you? Ha ha!)

In up-to-date news, I am very excited to go pick up the boys’ birthday present from my mom today. She said it ws okay if we started using it a little early. It’s the Choo Choo Wagon! Oh man, this is going to be fun. I’ll be taking it to my uncle’s tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so all of my relatives can take turns pulling the boys around the block. I can’t wait to see them in it. Dang, it’s going to be cute!

Friday, I’ll be doing the unthinkable…shopping. I hope. I at least want to get to Babies R Us to stock up on diapers. They’re having a really good sale. Boxes of their brand for $10! So if you happen to find yourself in a BRU (or, god help you, a Toys R Us) on Friday, pick up a few boxes! Size 4 or up, please. Heh. Kidding. Sorta. I mean, diapers make a great birthday gift! Or wipes for $5! Man. Too good to pass up.

Today I ordered Emily and Ellie’s Christmas presents. I found a deal I absolutely couldn’t pass up. I hope they like their presents. Obviously, I can’t say what they are here, but just wait. The best gifts ever. Seriously. I think. I hope.

November 25, 2007

So a year ago today…that’s when the real action started! Well, sorta. Relatively speaking.

As per my doctor’s instructions, I called the L&D floor that morning to see if they had a bed ready for me. They said they did, and so at around noon, George and I headed to the hospital. We weren’t sure what floor I was supposed to go to, and a helpful (or so we thought) security guard directed us to the twelfth floor. Which was for cancer patients, not pregnant women. Oops. We finally found the floor we were supposed to go to, and I found a nurse, who took me to my room.

Quite a nice room it was, too. Big, almost at the end of a hall. Television, mini-fridge, lots of windows (looking out on the a/c on an adjoining roof), pull out sofa bed, rocking chair, big bathroom. George got me settled in (i.e., set up my laptop so I could use the wireless internet connection.) He went off to run some errands while I put on my jammies and got into bed.

A round of doctors and other medical professionals came to visit. A neonatologist, an anesthesiologist, a physical therapist, and my doctor. Later, some nurses came to monitor the babies and myself.

Aside from the 24-hour urine collections (fun!!!), the monitoring was the worst part of the hospital experience. Scratch that, monitoring was worse that collecting my pee in a jug that sat in a bin of ice next to the toilet. Four monitors on my belly, which was spread with a thick layer of ultrasound gel. Which dried and got itchy. One monitor for each baby, plus one for contractions. And let me remind you that babies move. Even when they’re that squished in there, they move. Off the monitors. A lot. They don’t seem to like being pinned down like that. So they kick them too.

After about 45 minutes of mostly unsuccessful monitoring (they wanted to see 20 consecutive minutes of all three babies’ heartrates simultaneously) a resident came in with a portable u/s machine to take a peek at the babies. Now, see, isn’t a five minute ultrasound so much easier than an hour of wrestling with monitors? Yeesh. Unfortunately, I never got that special treatment after that.

Later that afternoon, dinner was served. Yuck. I don’t remember what it was, but I refused to eat it. George did, though. He’d brought me a salad from Whole Foods.

Aaaand, that was my first day in the hospital. Okay, maybe recapping every single day from here on out will be unnecessary. The first few days were a lot of the same. Monitoring, peeing in jugs, watching television, reading. I got a lot of visitors. It wasn’t too bad for the first five or six days…

Oh yeah, and here is me the day before I was admitted, with some friends who came to visit. MAN, I looked awful. Ew.

Also. Today is our office’s potluck Thanksgiving. Last year it was the Tuesday before I was admitted. It was awesome, I got to cut to the front of the line (one of the bishops let me in front of him) and I think everyone was terrified of me, frankly. Funny story – I was standing by my boss, who was sitting down, and I wanted to warn him about some melted ice on the floor near his chair. I couldn’t lean over to deal with it, so I pointed it out to him. As I was standing, you know, kind of right above it.

He blanched when I pointed to the puddle of water. Ha ha! He thought my water had broken!

Ahh, good times.

November 23, 2007

I told you I was going to recap the lead-up to the boys’ birth, and it starts out, rather boringly, here. One year ago today. George and I went to my Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor, Dr. Robichaux, for my 32 week appointment. Actually, I was 31 weeks, 5 days. It was the day after Thanksgiving, and I was swollen and exhausted.

When I hopped on the scale, I had an inkling this wasn’t going to be “just another appointment.” I had gained 17 lbs since my last appointment, 11 days previous. I knew I hadn’t eaten that much turkey and dressing the day before.

Sure enough, when Dr. R walked in after reviewing my blood pressure and other tests, he said just what I figured he would. “We’re admitting you. Right now.” I wasn’t surprised, exactly, but I still got choked up. I wasn’t scared, either, just couldn’t believe the end was coming.

Because I didn’t have full-blown pre-eclampsia yet, I was just heading in that direction, Dr. R agreed to let me “check in” on Sunday instead, two days away. I had friends coming to visit the next day, and I wanted to get everything in order.

So we left the office that day and I went to buy some pajamas for the hospital….

Sick x4

Yesterday, I took Miles and Oliver to the pediatrician. I’d already taken Linus on Tuesday. Honestly, we should get a frequent visitor’s card, with discounts or something. All three have ear infections, but since Miles just finished his antibiotics ONE WEEK AGO for a different EI (other ear), we had to put him on a different medication. So not only do I have to remember to give them antibiotics every day, I have to make sure Miles gets the different one. And he gets it twice a day, and the other two only get it once a day. Too complicated.

And I’m not feeling great either. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I’m just worn out this week. Monday night, I was up late cooking (baking, really. I made pizza dough and chocolate chip cookie dough. So not even baking, rather mixing.) Tuesday night, I had friends over for dinner for, yes, pizza and chocolate chip cookies. Wednesday night was my triplet mom’s group meeting. So by yesterday, I was just beat. And since I had to take two babies to the ped, I decided to take the day off so I could recover.

(Why is it that every time I go to say or write “pediatrician”, the word “veterinarian” comes into my head instead? Hmmm.)

Feeling somewhat better today, thank goodness. Tonight, after the boys go to sleep, I’m going to a friend’s house to watch her little girl while she and her husband go to a work event. I’m looking forward to the peace and quiet. Not that evenings after the boys go to bed aren’t peaceful or quiet, but at least at her house, I won’t be stressing about the dishes or laundry. I can work on a couple of projects I’m doing for the boys’ birthday.


On the 25th, I’ll start recapping the lead-up to the boys’ birth. Mostly for myself, so I can reminisce about it all. Sigh…one year…


If you know me, you know I love presents. Looove them. But my favorite childhood memories of the holidays revolve around the giving of presents, not the receiving (yeah, yeah, what a goody-goody.) Especially when my mom and I would go to the mall and pick an ornament off that huge tree. You know the one they have in the center of the mall? The ornament would have a family’s information on it, like the ages and genders of the kids, what sizes they wore, what they liked. And my mom and I would wander around the mall, buying toys and presents for these kids who otherwise might not get anything for Christmas. It was so fun to imagine a little girl getting a doll just like the one I played with, or wearing the cute outfit we picked out.

One year, in college, I had the idea that instead of buying presents for family and friends, I was going to to go a toy store, and spend a bunch of money on toys, and then I was going to bring them to the Toys for Tots drive that the Marines did. (Unfortunately, I did this too late in the season, and those toys ended up sitting in my trunk until about April, at which time I was able to find a place to donate them. Maybe I shouldn’t have included that touching memory in this. Hmmm.)

So what I’m saying here is that I love toy drives. And instead of asking me what the boys want for their birthday, or what they want for Christmas, let’s remember all the kids out there who might not be able to have the gift-filled holiday seasons we had in our youth.

And in doing so, let’s honor the memory of little Jack. Jack is a triplet, born just a few months before my boys. But sadly, he didn’t make it home with his sisters. He passed away on January 2. And in his memory, a toy drive is being organized for the kids who have to spend their holidays at the Children’s Hospital of New Jersey. The details are here, or you can just go to this wishlist and have the toys sent directly to the address on the wishlist.

And have fun picking out the toys!


Today hasn’t started out too promisingly. I got to work, looked down, and saw this:

Sigh. And I need to go to the grocery store later. Fun!

George and I got a lot done around the house this weekend, while the boys were at their grandparents’. It’s nice to have the living room back at last. Freed from the clutches of baby toys!

And now for a cute clip of Oliver.

3 years!

Today is our three year anniversary. My, how much has changed in those three short years. The time, it has gone by SO fast. Some wedding pictures, for fun…

And for fun…on our first anniversary(-ish – we were travelling back from my friend Anne’s wedding in Mexico on the actual day)

And last year. Heh. Boy, THAT was a fun anniversary! 30 weeks pregnant. Ouch.

On the other hand, I did get some cute ultrasound pictures that day…

Miles, I think:

Linus, I think:

Oliver, I think:

I don’t think we’re doing much today to celebrate, but on Friday, we’re going to dinner with some friends at our favorite steak restaurant, which only recently reopened after Katrina. Wooo!


My back is killing me. I must’ve slept funny on it. Just took two Motrin. Hope they kick in fast. Ow.

Looked, I changed the blog header! New pics from their pro session last month. Do you want to see a few more? Okay!

I steal your toy!

Grass sucks!

Okay, maybe some more another day. Gotta run!

New post

Okay, okay, here’s a new post. I know I haven’t been posting much lately. Maybe I’ll make it a goal to post every day this week. Hmm. We’ll see.

So, what have we been up to? Not a whole lot. This weekend was pretty fun, though. George and I had a night away from the boys, and went to the pub (surprise!), and then on Saturday, I took the boys to a baby shower and then we crossed the lake to go to Ren’s house for a slumber party. It was a lot of fun!

One of my future daughters-in-law:

I never get tired of this sight…holding their own bottles! (In Chloe’s crib)

Chloe chasing Miles (big surprise there, remember this?)

Four nakey babies!

Oh wait, this is a funny picture from the weekend before last…
“You told me you were Miles, you meanie!” Oliver tries to fool Chloe…

Oh yeah, and look…it’s Jimmy!

So after our fun time with Ren, we headed back to New Orleans for a photo shoot. The boys seemed more interested in eating the leaves and grass than getting their picture taken (well, except for Miles, who is a complete ham) but I’m sure that the pro pictures came out better than mine.

And then, at my cousin’s house, Oliver played with the weiner dog. And, see, he had a weiner dog on his sweater! Cute, eh?

This week should be pretty calm. Wednesday is our third anniversary, which we are going to celebrate on Friday at a yummy steak restaurant that we haven’t eaten at since before Katrina (because it only just reopened.) Ohhh, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Must go to gym several times this week so I can eat without too much guilt. Hmm.

Speaking of eating, I’ve lost a whopping 5.8 lbs in the, oh, six weeks since Kristina and I started our weight loss challenge? Must get better about that. Want to look nice for my mom’s wedding in January. That will be easy with the holidays coming up…ack!

11 months old!

In honor of Election Day falling on the same day as the boys’ 11 month birthday, we put them in red, white, and blue for their picture. Aw!

I don’t have stats on all of them this month, just Miles since I had to take him to the ped yesterday for an ear infection. He weighs 19 lbs, 3 oz (up 2 lbs since last month, thank God.) So I am guessing the other two are around 20 lbs. Wow!

11 months old!

Let’s see, what are they up to right now?

– They are all crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.
– They babble all the time. “Dadadadada” is v popular, but fortunately, so is “mmmmaaaamamamama” too. Not that they’re talking to us, but it’s still sweet to hear. “Ga” and “ba” are also popular.
– Teeth! Lots of teeth. They all have their two bottom teeth, and I think they are all getting in four top teeth too. None of those are completely in yet, though. But they’re getting there.
– They’re eating well. Since last month’s weight loss, we added back another bottle to make sure they were getting enough calories. That worked! So in addition to four bottles a day, they’re eating three good solid meals and a ton of Cheerios. What is it with babies and Cheerios, for real?
– They have also demonstrated their love for cake, chicken, pasta, macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, blueberry muffins, and yogurt. Actually, pretty much anything. I want to continue giving them new and different foods, and so far, they don’t seem to be too picky. Yet.
– I don’t think they’re going to be walking by their birthday (whew!) but I do think they probably will be by their adjusted birthday (January 20th). Miles was standing the other day, and let go of what he was holding on to (me) and wobbled for a few seconds. Ack!
– We had some sickies this month. A week of diarrhea (blech) and Miles had a bad ear infection this past weekend. If I recall, we had them at the beginning of the month too. Ugh. All these EIs just run together…

Happy 11 months, boys, I cannot believe you’re going to be one in a month.

And Happy Birthday to Chloe! She is one today! Hurrah!