One year stats

I just realized I haven’t posted the boys’ one year stats yet. It’s been a tiring week month year. Bear with me.

One year! Here is my official one year post….

Linus: 20 lbs, 8.5 oz (10th-25th); 30.25″ long (50th-75th); HC 46″ (25-50th)
Oliver: 20 lbs, 12.5 oz (25th); 30″ long (50th); HC 47″ (50th-75th)
Miles: 19 lbs, 12 oz (10th); 30″ long (50th); HC 46.5″ (50th)

at 10 months, their stats were:
Linus: 18#5.5oz (6th); 28.5″ long (32nd)
Oliver: 18#2.5oz (5th); 28.75″ long (41st)
Miles: 17#3oz (<3rd); 28″ long (17th)

So I’m quite pleased at how much they’ve come up the charts on their weight. Whew!

Now, what are they doing? Well, they’re all
– Pulling to standing
– Mimicking sounds we make
– Drinking milk out of sippy cups
– Dropping things on purpose
– Giving “five” (okay, grabbing your hand when you put it out.)
– Climbing on everything they can (which, admittedly, is not much)
– Wearing 12-18 month tops, but 9 month pants.
– Chasing each other around their playroom. Oh man, this is the best. They just giggle uncontrollably, looking back at whoever’s chasing them. It’s so cute.
– Waving

Linus is:
– Very good at mimicking sounds (more so than the other two, i think)
– My little frat boy. Loves to drop his pants and giggle about it.

Oliver is:
– very fond of giving you things. Very sweet, even when it’s a soggy, half-eaten cracker
– still very much a mama’s boy. Has the worst separation anxiety

Miles is:
– standing on his own! He’s gotten quite good at standing and will do it for several seconds now – maybe 10-15 before he gets bored? I think he has the balance thing down, he’s just trying to figure out what to do next.
– clapping sometimes, if I prompt him.

Okay, maybe I need to pay more attention to my kids. They’re definitely doing more than this, but come on. I’m tired.

The most exciting recent development of all, though, is NO MORE BOTTLES! Yippee! I think they got their last bottle on Thursday night, and since then, it’s been sippy cups of milk only. Yahoo! We have to go to the pediatrician again today so hopefully there hasn’t been any drastic weight loss in the last week or anything. Hmm. And tomorrow is a visit to the ENT for all three. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “One year stats

  1. AJU5's Mom

    What is it with clothes? My daughter is wearing 18m tops (and some 12m ones still too), but is just now fitting in 12m bottoms!

    And I only have one, and I have to think hard about what she is able to do!


  2. Kara D

    They are getting so big. Wait until the day they realize they are identical. That will be the day you realize how big they truly are!


  3. Kesler Crew

    I hope we are able to pass a few emails back and forth. I have qeustions about how you got your sons off of the sippy cups wihtout any problems. I read your blog alot since my boys are about a month behind yours. I am also curious about presents that your sons have gotten that they just LOVE or presents that you couldn’t live without? We have got Christmas and their birthdays coming VERY soon and people keep asking what the boys want or need. I just say diapers! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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