A call for help

One of the great things about being a mom of multiples is the communities you become a part of with other moms in similar situations. In one of these communities I belong to, there is a mom of sweet twin girls, just five months old, that we’ve all gotten to know. These beautiful little girls, Sydney and Carynne, have sadly been diagnosed with a disease for which there is no cure, Werdnig-Hoffman disease. Sadly, these sweet babies have the most severe form of it.

So we have started a collection for this family, so that Mom can spend more time with her girls, for the all-too-brief time they have left. Medical bills will be high, and we want to help with that too. So please make a donation if you can. If all of my readers donated just $1, it would be a huge help. I know times are tough for us, but nothing is tougher than what this family is going through.

If you can’t do it today, I have a link on the right side of the blog that you can use as well.


Original subject line, yes? Thank you.

I think today they are going to narrow down the number of babies in the contest to 400. Yeah, I’m going to be asking you to vote for Oliver for a lonnnng time.  I looked at the rules today and man, they really drag this thing out. But that’s fine. This week it’ll be 400 babies, next week 300, then 200, then 100, then 50, then 25, then oh man it’s never going to end, but eventually (I think in two months) you’ll be voting between two babies. Oliver and Millie. Hee! Won’t this make a great story at their wedding?

Kristina and Mike are in town right now. We’ve spent basically the entire weekend eating. I do mean that literally. They flew in Saturday night, and we went to Port of Call for burgers and baked potatoes. Sunday morning was breakfast at Brennan’s. And then last night, we had dinner at a place called Luke. They’re flying back this afternoon, but not before I meet them for lunch at Acme Oyster House.

Tomorrow, I shall eat salads all day long. For real.

On another topic, isn’t it neat that in the six months that I’ve had this blog on wordpress, I’ve gotten over 100,000 hits? I think I might be as big as Google. Just saying.

The boys are enjoying their new playroom. It’s the most awesome playroom ever, just in case you were wondering.

Admittedly, this corner is the only one that looks this fancy. I have a lot of stuff to get rid of before I can make the rest of the room this fun. Thanks to Lisa for helping me put up the magnetic board, and thanks to Grandee for giving the boys those neato bookcases for Christmas.

And from a week ago, my favorite picture from our trip to the zoo. We were trying to get all five of the babies who went (four year old Alison also went, but she was too cool to be in this picture.)

I just love the crawling legs in the bottom right corner of the picture. That would be Chloe and Miles, trying to run away together. And see Oliver and Millie conspiring together on the left? Hmmm…


Okay, SOMEONE or SOMETHING was conspiring against me to get to work this morning. GRRR!

First, while dropping the boys off at daycare, their teacher tells me that the traffic going across the river (where my office is) is horrible, backed up many many miles. So I decide to take the ferry across instead.

The road leading to the ferry is closed. Every time I try to turn onto it, I’m met with a large “ROAD CLOSED” sign. Grrr. Finally, I get in line for the ferry, pay my dollar, and ride across the river.

Then, I drive through a gajillion traffic lights to get to work. I swear, they time the lights so that you go through one, and the next one, a block away, immediately turns red.

I get to my office building. The entrance to the garage, where I park, is closed. WTF? Grrrr. I park in the side lot. Where I’m not supposed to park. Whatever. I go to the side of the building, swipe my card, and the door remains locked. ARGH! So I have to go around the building to get in.

Okay, fine. While typing it out, it doesn’t seem as irritating as it was in reality. It was very irritating, I promise.

ETA: One more annoying thing happened since I typed this post. My mom called, questioning some charges that showed up on her debit card. They were undoubtedly charges made by me, but what the hell? I didn’t steal my mom’s debit card! Turns out our bank is stupid and linked my new debit card to her account. ARGH WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID???

Today had better end up better than this. I have a meeting at 1 at the Marriott for a work thing. And then tonight is my triplet mom’s group get together with wine and snacks. I do not want to miss wine and snaaaaacks!!!

First haircut!

So my mom and Larry and I took the boys for their first haircut this weekend. It’s debatable whether they actually really really needed it, but their hair was getting scraggly, so why not? The boys, surprisingly, didn’t cry or anything. We took them to a children’s salon in Baton Rouge and so Oliver got to sit in a fire truck, and Linus and Miles sat in Lightning McQueen. The buttons on the steering wheels combined with tvs at every station meant they were transfixed and barely noticed they were getting a haircut. Whew!

And so now for some befores and afters…

Oliver before:


Oliver after:

Miles before:



Miles after:

Linus before:

Linus after:

I know, not a dramatic difference, but it’s definitely neater. Thank goodness they don’t look like big boys just yet. Still babyish.


Weekend plans

TGI-friggin-F! It’s been a sort of rough week. Mostly the last few days. Tuesday was great, I had dinner with Alicia and Stephanie, you know my quad and triplet mom friends. It was so fun, and they were so sweet to treat me for their birthday. Now I absolutely mustn’t forget theirs. I’m so terrible with birthdays, I even got a birthday calendar that hangs in my bathroom so I have to look at it every day. I think that this will help me. And it probably would, if I actually wrote anyone’s birthdays on it. I’m too paranoid to. I think I’m going to write it on the wrong day, and it’s such a pretty calendar that I don’t want to mess it up with scratch-outs or white out.

But by golly, I will write theirs on it. One’s in August, and one’s in October. I can remember the day of the month because it’s close to mine.

Anyway, then Oliver woke up with a fever yesterday, so I brought him to work with me. He napped for a while and I was able to be somewhat productive. His fever was gone today, so all three went to daycare. I got a call on my lunchbreak that their legs seemed swollen. How strange, so I went to check them out. They weren’t swollen, but they were cranky as all heck, so I ran to my house to get some Motrin. I think they’re getting their molars. Or that’s my theory. If they’re not, then I might run away when they do get them.

Tomorrow we’re going to Baton Rouge for their first haircut! Should be exciting. Or hellish. One of the two. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. And then they’re going to spend the night with their Granny and Grandpa while George and I get some much needed sleep and some work done on the playroom. My cousin Lisa is coming over on Sunday to help with that project.

It had better be warmer on Monday (it was 33 degrees this morning. In Louisiana, that may as well be -50.) because daycare is closed and I don’t want to be cooped up in the house all day. Hopefully we’ll be able to think of something fun to do.

And then next weekend, Kristina and Mike are coming for a visit. Hooray!

Here’s a few cute pictures from the other day of the boys wearing the sweaters that my friend Laurie gave them. Aw!

Not so smug

This’ll teach me…

Yesterday, I was reading a blog post about a puking baby. This baby puked, oh, three or four times. Maybe more. A real Pukey McVomiter.

I thought smugly to myself, “my boys never puke. We are so lucky we haven’t had to deal with that. Puke is gross.”

Of course, of course I was confronted with the sour stench of vomit this morning when I went into the boys’ room. Of course.

Poor little Miles had thrown up sometime in the night. And apparently he’d rolled around in it. Lovely. Poor little guy. He’s home with Daddy right now. Hopefully it was a one-time thing.

Here’s Pukey and Daddy yesterday. All together now…”awwww!”

Birthday and weekend

Had a lovely birthday and weekend. George got me a camera bag that I’ve been lusting after, and my mom came over on Friday night so we could go see a movie. Oh yeah, and I also got cake. And I had popcorn at the movie. And a daiquiri. And Teresa gave me movie candy. Good god, that all sounds so gluttonous. And taht is why I had a fantastic birthday. And why I’m starting a new weight loss plan on Wednesday. Heh. More on that later.

We saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Partly because it was filmed in New Orleans. It was very good, but I did take issue with the use of Katrina. It seemed gratuitous, but I’m sure there was some artsy-fartsy reason for it. I don’t care, I hate artsy-fartsy, so to me, it was just exploitative. I’m sure people in other parts of the country barely noticed or didn’t even care, though.

On Saturday, my mom and I took the boys shopping. I got a book about the aforementioned weight loss plan and some bookshelves for the boys’ playroom. I wish I had the energy to think about painting the playroom, but alas, I do not. It’s purple. Purple’s fun, right? I am going to paint half of one of the walls with chalkboard paint, though. That’s gonna be fun. And possibly part of that with magnetic paint. Since they don’t have access to the fridge, they need somewhere to play with those magnetic toys that my sister gave them for their birthday. I have to wonder, though, if the paint is strong enough to hold them. I kind of doubt it. I may have to think of another way to do that.

So anyway. On Sunday, I took the boys to the Children’s Museum to meet up with some friends and their kids. That was really fun. I can’t wait until they’re older (my boys, not my friends) and get to experience the other exhibits at the museum. Right now we just hang out in the infant area, which is just a pit of mats and foam blocks and board books and wooden puzzles.

Milestones for the weekend (possibly in my imagination):
– Linus took a step
– Oliver waved and said “bye” to my mom
– Oliver said “hi”
– Miles saw a dog on TV and said “dog”

(But, Linus maybe just tripped, and “buh”, “hi”, and “duh” are kind of, you know, just syllables.)

Will post some pictures later from the weekend…

New post

I do need to post, it’s been a few days. I just don’t feel like I have a lot to say right now. So I’ll use bullets.

– Yesterday, I took the boys to the ENT for their follow-up after their tubes. All is well!

– Oooh, this is exciting…I got a ticket to go visit my brother and SIL and niece Ellie in Los Angeles in March. I am very much hoping we’ll get to meet Cindy and Brian and their triplets. (They’re just a few days younger than my boys!) I’m bringing Linus with me, because he is my brother and SIL’s godson. That’s fair, right?

– Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 34. Please gasp in amazement, for I barely look 24, right? RIGHT? My mom’s coming to watch the boys so we can go to a movie. Yay!

Enough talking, how about some pictures from this weekend?
Here’s what happens when I leave the playroom…

Linus and Oliver:



Linus again:

Babies playing peacefully (?):

13 months old!

13 months

My baby boys were 13 months old yesterday! Good lord.
What can I say about my sweet little guys?

– They are all clapping like crazy.
– Miles and Linus are fond of shaking their head “no.”
– Yesterday, Miles starting nodding “yes”.
– They said their first word, “cracker” on Jan 1.
– They all had ear tubes put in and their adenoids removed on 12/31, and so far, they seem to be healing well.
– No walking yet, but Miles took one step on Jan 1. None since then, though.
– Sleep has been weird. Two nights (one pre-surgery, one post-surgery, so I don’t know if this is ear-related) they’ve woken up around midnight, screaming. Almost like they were having nightmares. The first time was at my mom’s new house, so maybe that was due to the new surroundings? But then it happened the other night at home, too. Let’s hope that doesn’t continue!
– Eating is fine. They’re all beginning to show some signs of pickiness, but I’m choosing to ignore it right now. Linus will spit out chunks of things that are mixed in (say, bananas mixed with yogurt or peas in mashed potatoes.) Oliver will inexplicably like something one day, hate it the next, then go back to loving it. Miles will almost eat anything. Milk is going well, I think. They’re getting about 16-18 oz of milk a day, plus cheese and yogurt. Some of their favorites are grilled cheese, deli turkey or ham, CRACKERS CRACKERS CRACKERS, yogurt with fruit, chicken, and fat french fries.
– They’re still wearing some 6-9 month pants but most 12 month pants still fit. Tops are 12 month and 18 month, but more toward 18 month. Diapers are size 4. Their big Flintstone feet have outgrown their 6-12 month Robeez, so we moved up to 12-18 month in those.
– They all still have 6 teeth. Four on the top, two on the bottom. I don’t see or feel any more teeth coming in right now.
– They have started fighting a bit. Hair pulling (esp Oliver), pushing, stealing toys, and high-pitched screaming at each other. Fun times! We don’t intercede too much at this point, unless someone’s getting violent. But they’re also making each other laugh, which is awesome.
– They’re doing more interactive play with us, too. Peek-a-boo and things like that. More mimicking.
– We dropped bottles and formula a week after their first birthday, and they’ve only had milk and sippies since then. I don’t give them juice, but sometimes water. You should have seen them after their surgery, when they got juice in bottles. It was a double-whammy of excitement!

I think their first haircut is due soon. Maybe next weekend. Miles is starting to get a bit of a mullet.

2008 in pictures + some excitement

One picture of all of the babies from each month this year. I know, you could also do this by looking at their monthly pictures on the right. But that takes the fun out of this exercise!













And today, the boys’ official First Word! Here it is, demonstrated by Miles, though all three are saying it.

Ear tubes recap

And now, a detailed recap of the day…

4:30 am – woke up, ate breakfast, took a shower.
5:10 am – woke up Miles, changed his diaper. Put him in the car, drove to the hospital. George’s parents had Oliver and Linus, so I imagine they were doing similar things on their side of town. (I had to work this week and daycare was closed, which is why they had L & O. I had Miles because he had a doctor’s appt yesterday. Just to clear that up.)

5:50 am – arrive at hospital. Look at the fish.

6:00 am – take Miles to the Short Stay unit to sign in.

6:15 am –  Over the next 45 minutes, we get checked in, the boys get weighed and measured, and we are shown to our room with three hospital cribs.

7:15 am – Linus gets his dose of Versed (a sedative to relax the baby before surgery.) He is druuuuuunk! It’s hilarious. Also, babies are v cute in hospital gowns.

Apparently, the cribs are yum:

I swear I didn’t doctor this photo. This is Linus after the sedative. He looks hammered!

7:45 am – George and I bring Linus downstairs to the pre-surgery area and wait for him to be wheeled back.

8:00 am – He’s wheeled back. The doctor says it won’t be more than 30 minutes. I go upstairs to see how Oliver’s doing. He has been given his dose of Versed, so I wait for the nurse to come get him to bring him down to the OR. George is in the surgery waiting area at this point, so when we are bringing Oliver to the pre-surgery area, we swing by and get George. So now we’re back in the pre-surgery area with a baby who looks just like the one who was just wheeled back into surgery. There are confused looks on the faces of the other families in the area.

8:45 am – We’re starting to panic, wondering what’s taking Linus’s surgery so long. The doctor finally comes out and says they didn’t get to go back to the OR immediately because of another patient, but that Linus did well. His adenoids were covered in pus (mmm, thanks) and his ears were full of thick fluid. Yum.

Finally, we see Linus get wheeled back into recovery. We have to wait 30 minutes after he’s wheeled back before we can see him, but while we’re waiting, Oliver gets taken back into surgery. We go back up to the room to wait for Miles to be brought down for his surgery, and enjoy his baby drunkenness.

(I’m getting a bit confused about the timeline, as I’m sure you are. So bear with me.)

Linus gets released from recovery. He’s v cranky and has an IV. I carry him upstairs to the room. George’s dad holds him and gives him the juice he has to keep down. Linus sleeps the rest of the time in Grandpa’s arms.

We go down with Miles to the pre-surgery area, where a nurse finally inquires why this one baby keeps being taken into surgery. Hee hee!

Oliver is wheeled out of surgery. Like Linus, he had pus-y adenoids and thick fluid in his ears. Miles is taken back. It’s about 9:50 at this point, and we’re starving, so we go grab something to eat. The hospital cafeteria, though, is closed from 9:30 – 11! Ugh. So we get some crap out of the vending machines and sit outside in the cold. Nice.

When we get back, we only have to wait a bit before Oliver is released to go upstairs. I go bring him upstairs and George holds him while he sleeps. It’s v v cute, the way he manages to suck his thumb in spite of the IV.

I go downstairs to wait for Miles to be released from recovery. This is all beginning to feel very much like Groundhog Day. I bring him upstairs, give him his bottle, and he sleeps a bit. Then we wait and wait and wait (he has to stay for an hour after he finishes his bottle of juice) and finally, at around 1 pm, we get released.

Hurrah! Only 7 hours total. Only. I’m exhausted!

The boys have slept most of the day. We gave them some yogurt and applesauce for lunch, then some scrambled eggs and string cheese and yogurt for dinner. They don’t seem too hungry. Their cries are so hoarse! It’s sad. Oliver was pretty much completely recovered by the time we left the hospital. He was in good spirits, just like normal. Linus and Miles were a bit groggy and sleepy and cranky, though.

Fingers crossed they sleep all night tonight and feel much better in the morning. And that their days of ear infections are behind them!