13 months old!

13 months

My baby boys were 13 months old yesterday! Good lord.
What can I say about my sweet little guys?

– They are all clapping like crazy.
– Miles and Linus are fond of shaking their head “no.”
– Yesterday, Miles starting nodding “yes”.
– They said their first word, “cracker” on Jan 1.
– They all had ear tubes put in and their adenoids removed on 12/31, and so far, they seem to be healing well.
– No walking yet, but Miles took one step on Jan 1. None since then, though.
– Sleep has been weird. Two nights (one pre-surgery, one post-surgery, so I don’t know if this is ear-related) they’ve woken up around midnight, screaming. Almost like they were having nightmares. The first time was at my mom’s new house, so maybe that was due to the new surroundings? But then it happened the other night at home, too. Let’s hope that doesn’t continue!
– Eating is fine. They’re all beginning to show some signs of pickiness, but I’m choosing to ignore it right now. Linus will spit out chunks of things that are mixed in (say, bananas mixed with yogurt or peas in mashed potatoes.) Oliver will inexplicably like something one day, hate it the next, then go back to loving it. Miles will almost eat anything. Milk is going well, I think. They’re getting about 16-18 oz of milk a day, plus cheese and yogurt. Some of their favorites are grilled cheese, deli turkey or ham, CRACKERS CRACKERS CRACKERS, yogurt with fruit, chicken, and fat french fries.
– They’re still wearing some 6-9 month pants but most 12 month pants still fit. Tops are 12 month and 18 month, but more toward 18 month. Diapers are size 4. Their big Flintstone feet have outgrown their 6-12 month Robeez, so we moved up to 12-18 month in those.
– They all still have 6 teeth. Four on the top, two on the bottom. I don’t see or feel any more teeth coming in right now.
– They have started fighting a bit. Hair pulling (esp Oliver), pushing, stealing toys, and high-pitched screaming at each other. Fun times! We don’t intercede too much at this point, unless someone’s getting violent. But they’re also making each other laugh, which is awesome.
– They’re doing more interactive play with us, too. Peek-a-boo and things like that. More mimicking.
– We dropped bottles and formula a week after their first birthday, and they’ve only had milk and sippies since then. I don’t give them juice, but sometimes water. You should have seen them after their surgery, when they got juice in bottles. It was a double-whammy of excitement!

I think their first haircut is due soon. Maybe next weekend. Miles is starting to get a bit of a mullet.

11 thoughts on “13 months old!

  1. rachael

    oh my gosh, look at the adorableness of those boys…those smiles are killing me! it looks like they all have some wonderfully big personalities πŸ™‚

    sounds like they are doing fantastic!


  2. Aunt Jenny

    Oh, save the haircuts for Aunt Jenny!!! I’ll be there in a month!!!

    On a related note.. Emily’s first word after her surgery today was “Cracker”… and I don’t think she’d ever said it before.


  3. Maggie

    Could they be any cuter?? I just want to know how you get them all to smile! It is hard enough just getting my 18 month old to smile! They seem so happy!


  4. Poppy

    Oh my word…your boys are simply darling. I love, love, love their smiles and their overall facial expressions. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow this past year. I don’t comment often but I read regularly.

    Loved your year in pictures post as well.


  5. Marie

    I can’t say it enough….CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! And I am so Envious of how you always get the PERFECT shot for their monthly photos! I love the recap of all that they are doing too! GO BOYS!!!


  6. Rachel

    Ok, this is a long shot, but I posted a message on my local (in Houston) Mothers of Multiples Club website to see if anyone knew anyone in NOLA that might have a double jogging stroller I could borrow when we go there for the mardi gras marathon. And a gal named Lisa has a friend named Jane K that happens to be a friend of yours. so she sent me your blog and here I am. In your comments section, you’ll be able to see my email address and I was hoping you’d email me that maybe you or someone you know there would know someone who’d let us borrow for the 2 days we’re there? I contacted Beverly with the GNOMOTC but she wrote that she didn’t know anyone. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! I’m 34, too, and have a set of b/g twins. they’re 9 mos old. much fun!


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