Wear pink on Friday, February 27

Tomorrow, Friday, February 27, I urge you to wear pink (yes guys, even you!) to honor the memory of Sydney and Carynne, who died earlier this week of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (type 1), also known as Werdnig-Hoffman disease. Their funerals are tomorrow, and it also would have been their six month birthday.

These sweet babies have touched so many lives. Please think of them and their family tomorrow. And you can do something to help. Sign the Petition to Cure SMA, in the hopes that a cure can be found for this horrible disease. SMA is the number one genetic killer of children under the age of 2.

Random, less sad things`

It feels wrong to be posting a normal post after my last awful one. Ah. Ugh.

So Mardi Gras. I took the boys to some parades on Saturday, and then George and I both took them to some on Sunday. It was great fun, even though they didn’t really know what was going on. The wagon was a big hit (as usual) and so were their shirts. I got them matching Mardi Gras t-shirts, and on the back wrote “This One” (Linus), “That One” (Oliver) and “The Other One” (Miles). Heh. We met up with the quads while we were there. We watched the parade in their neighborhood, so I got a lot of comments like “hey, you lost one!” and “oh, do you know the quadruplets” and so on and so forth.









In other exciting news, I got a gallery of all of the pictures my friend Amy took of the boys a few weeks ago. They’re amazing. The gallery won’t be up for long, so if you want to see, go here. The password is Triplets0209. It’s going to be so hard for me to pick which pictures to buy, since I’ve decided my budget will only allow for four. One of each and a group shot, I think! But which onnnnnnes???

Next week is me and Linus’s trip to Los Angeles. I can’t wait!


Not a post I wanted to write

I need to post about Mardi Gras, but first I wanted to do a separate post about something very sad. Remember the twin girls, Sydney and Carynne, that I mentioned before? You see the graphic on the right that you can click on to make donations for her family?

Well, I was very sad to receive an email on Sunday from the girls’ mama saying they lost sweet Carynne that morning.

And then last night, I was devastated to receive another email saying that her sister, Sydney, had passed away as well.

Words cannot describe the unfairness and the sadness and the just all around awfulness of the whole situation. I’m not that eloquent, so I’m just going to leave it at that. These sweet girls were nearly six months old, their mama and daddy didn’t get nearly enough time with them. It’s just so wrong.

So please keep Carynne and Sydney’s family in your thoughts and prayers. It’s unimaginable.

We’re alive!

It’s been a rough week, but we’re hanging in there…

Miraculously, Linus never got sick! Thank goodness. I don’t think I could have handled another ER visit, and another set of breathing treatments. Ugh.

I took Oliver and Miles to the pediatrician for a follow up, and Oliver is doing much better, but Miles is still wheezing. Poor peanut. At least they’re in good moods.

Mardi Gras is next week! Hooray! So exciting. Tonight I’m going to my first parade of the year, after the boys go to bed. It’s an all-women’s parade called Muses. It’s really fun. And my friend Alicia, the quad mom, rides in it, so hopefully I’ll get lots of goodies. Woo!

Saturday, I’m going to take the boys to their first parade. That will be fun. Must decorate the choo choo wagon, I think. And figure out what they’re going to wear. V important, that.

Well, THAT was fun.

Another day, another trip to the ER with Miles. Fun times. Let me just say that he’s fine and home and sleeping now. πŸ™‚

This morning, he woke up sounding wheezy, but acting very normal. No fever, was playful, just like always. So I brought him (and of course Linus and Oliver) to daycare. At around noon, daycare called and said he was wheezing badly, hadn’t eaten all day, and couldn’t nap. It’s very unlike Miles not to eat, so I immediately called the ped for an appointment and headed to pick Miles up.

Went home, and gave him a breathing treatment. He seemed to perk up after that and ate a bit, even though he was still wheezy. We headed to the ped, and he was very cranky in the car – he just couldn’t fall asleep. After looking at him for a bit, his doctor told me to bring him to the ER. She said his chest felt very tight, and he was pulling a lot when trying to breathe.

So over to the ER we headed, and thank goodness, we were seen immediately by the triage nurse. Within a few minutes, we had a bed in the ER (the same one as the last time we were there, as it happens). George arrived, and Miles was given another breathing treatment by the super-awesome hospital nebulizer (only took about 5 minutes vs 20 minutes at home) and as before, perked up a lot. He got a shot and some prednisone and a chest x-ray, and as is usual in the ER, we waited around a lot. Miles was able to nap on the bed for most of the time.

Finally, we found out he does not have RSV or the flu or pneumonia. Probably just a virus that caused his lungs to get really tight. Reactive Airway Disease, I think they called it. And we were discharged with some prescriptions. Yay for trying to get home from the hospital during Mardi Gras time. Ugh. As much as I love Mardi Gras, it’s a royal pain in the rear to try to get around the city on parade nights. But we made it, and I was able to get to Target to get his prescriptions filled.

And I have to say I am eternally grateful to George’s parents for picking up Oliver and Linus from daycare and bringing them to their house for the weekend. Man, this having one baby thing is EASY! Heh. Now let’s all just cross our fingers that Linus and Oliver don’t get whatever Miles had.


I’ve been feverishly refreshing my Google Reader for the last few days for this…looky!

My friend Amy, a very talented photographer, took some pictures of the boys and Emily on Sunday in the French Quarter. Aside from an Oliver-related mishap in the beginning, the shoot was really fun and I thought went really well. Amy is awesome! Yay Amy! I love them so far! Ack!

Last weekend

I know, I’m behind on posting. Sorry. Sue me. I have just been so worn out lately due to lack of sleep. Anyhoo. Fun weekend. Emily and Jenny flew in, so I took the boys to the airport to pick them up, and then we went to Baton Rouge.

Man, Emily is soooo cute. She is something else! She talks-talks-talks-talks, but only about 1 in 10 “words” is actually, you know, a real word. So cute.

Saturday night, Mom had family over. Lots of family. Which means lots of people to hand a baby off to. Woo!

Sunday, we had pictures taken of the boys in the French Quarter. I can’t wait to get them back! Emily was in some of them. They’re going to be so cute! Ack!

Now, instead of words, I will post some pictures…

And finally, a video of Linus demonstrating his “barfing fake-out”. I am so proud. πŸ˜€

Happy 14 Months!

My sweet boys were 14 months old yesterday! Monthly pictures are getting harder and harder, though. My friend Teresa came over last night to help out with the boys since George had to work late, and she and I managed to get a cute picture of them.

14 months old!

My sweet boys! They’re doing so much now.

– is sooooo close to walking. I keep saying that. Sigh.
– had an ear infection this month in spite of his tubes. Sigh again.
– is being somewhat unusually clingy to me. I don’t really mind.

– loves to say “Uh-oh!” which is painfully cute, and while I shouldn’t encourage him dropping things and saying “uh-oh!” it’s just too cute. So I do. I encourage it.
– also loves to say “cat”. Sometimes to the cat, sometimes not. But I’m pretty sure he knows that what a cat is.
– is a picky eater. my most picky. seems to be getting better, though.
– seems to be terrified of unfamiliar men right now. both Kristina’s husband and my uncle made him scream, just by being near him. It really was hilarious (and nothing personal, Mike and Uncle Bob!)

– eats anything and everything
– cracks himself up when he makes silly sounds with his tongue
– loves his toothbrush! (okay, tonight was the first time we tried it, and he loved it. that’s why it’s in the picture.)
– loves to splash in the bathtub (ditto to above comment.)
– v close to walking. i’m sure of it.

They’re all:
– “talking” on the phone (or the rattle, or the car, or whatever is handy) which just kills me. So cute.
– dancing
– getting into little spats, mostly over toys. oh joy!
– making each other laugh. makes up for the fights.
– wearing size 4 diapers, size 5 at night
– rolling balls and throwing them

This is such a fun time. I’m really loving it. And I know people say I shouldn’t wish for this, I can’t wait for them to start walking. I’m ready. Anytime now, boys! πŸ™‚

And now for some outtakes from the photo shoots (yes, we had to try twice yesterday to get these pictures.)

It was just so hard to get this month’s picture. Some outtakes…hee hee!

From this morning’s attempt…
Linus and Oliver flanking a hissy-fit-throwing Oliver. He’s soooo dramatic!

Linus is camera-obsessed.

Then we tried it with me holding the boys. That didn’t quite work either. πŸ™‚

Okay, I’ll stop now. πŸ™‚


Yesterday, my friend Erin and I took the boys to the zoo to meet Ren and her daughter Alison and some friends who were in town for a wedding. It was lotsa fun!

Our friends brought the boys some Red Sox caps. They were so cute. Linus kept his on all day, Oliver took his off after a little while, and I think Miles may be a Yankees fan, because this picture was taken in the split second he actually left it on:

We walked around, Oliver proclaimed everything to be a “cat”, and then we found out that our friends the quads were also at the zoo. So we stopped at a little play area, and waited for them to catch up with us. Took some pictures there…

Miles was SO giddy to be on this toy.

They tried to climb the slide, but just ended up frustrated…

The quads arrived! There were little girls in pink EVERYWHERE. Seriously, it was like that scene from the Matrix when there were all those Agent Smiths. Or something like that. And less evil. You know.

Linus flirted with one of the quads…

…and she flirted right back…

Then we lined the wagons up for one big picture…

The boys have been doing SO MUCH lately. It’s so fun. Oliver’s saying “cat”, mostly to the cat, but at the zoo, to everything. (Did you know that an anteater is a cat? So is a monkey. And a zebra. And a bird. And a giraffe.) He was so excited to see the ducks and was quacking away at them. The weather was kind of yucky at the end, but it was fine. Those zoo passes are the best things ever!