Okay, seriously. It’s clear someone’s been cheating hardcore, because Oliver is no longer in the running. I guess he was the 26th cutest baby in the greater New Orleans area. Oh well. It’s also obvious (duh) that people aren’t voting for the actual cutest baby, but for the baby they know. Although my brother actually said that he didn’t think Oliver was the cutest baby in the contest. WHAT? He said I could have picked a cuter picture. WHAT? Hmmph.

Anyway, thanks for voting everyone!

6 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. quickstepstar

    Oh but he WAS *THE* cutest baby!
    I think the problem they had was all the pictures’ aspect ratio was not preserved, so all the pictures ended up looking funny.
    I was rooting for him!


  2. Sara

    You’re children are the cutest babies I have ever seen. Seriously. Oh my gosh those eyes, and expressions and dimples and oh my goodness. TOTALLY should have won.


  3. Marie

    oh boo! it was totally rigged then, because I voted ALL.OF.THE.TIME and those other people must have literally voted 24/7. oh well, I still think your boys are the cutest in New Orleans! hehe!


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