I mentioned briefly in a previous post about a friend whose husband is very sick. Well, it’s now made the local news, so I guess I can post more about it. Especially if it means getting some help to the family. Here’s an article that was published today in the New Orleans paper. (Her husband is a well-known local chef, hence the news coverage.)

Please pray, or help, or donate, or give blood, or do whatever you can.

Surreal experience today

Okay, this was weird.

So my mom and I were at the mall in Baton Rouge today with the boys. As we were leaving Dillard’s, we were stopped by someone asking if they were triplets. Yeah, yeah, that never happens, right? Well, THIS never happens….

Identical Triplets, times 2

It was a mom with her identical triplet daughters! Looky! Isn’t that amazing? What are the odds? (And they have an older sister too, so mom is extra awesome in my book.)

I was too dumbfounded to ask the girls the questions I really wanted to (including their names) but I hope they will read this and leave a comment so I can bombard them with questions about school and their childhood and all that good stuff. I mean, seriously. What are the odds?!?!?


What a week….just glad it’s nearly over. I’ve been swamped at work, and the boys (ahem, LINUS) haven’t been sleeping great. Not that I’ll get a break this weekend, but I’d rather be swamped with cute little 17 month olds than a pile of paperwork. And we’re going to hang out with Anne and Bill and Whitman tomorrow. And there will be raw oysters for lunch. So much to look forward to!

I got a haircut earlier this week, too. And I started WW yesterday. So Operation De-Shlumpify Pam has begun! Just in time for my mom’s wedding in August.

The haircut:

In sad news, please keep my friend A’s husband in your thoughts and prayers, if you are so inclined. He is very, very ill. They have several children and another on the way, which just makes it all the more awful. I am sick just thinking about it. So please, send good thoughts their way. I just saw them together a few weeks ago, and I can’t imagine this big, vital, healthy man, weak and in the ICU. It’s just too awful. So please.

A Sunday in New Orleans (in pictures)

Sunday was rainy, but I was determined to take the boys to the French Quarter for Family Day at my friend Teresa’s place of employment, a museum. Plus, I needed to get a “New Orleans-y” picture of the boys for something for work. So the rain eventually slacked off and we (me, the boys, and a few friends) headed over. We got caught in a few scattered showers, but overall it was a decent day.

Here are some pictures from the beginning…

At first we just had Linus,

but then George’s parents brought the other two home, so I had all my boys together. Here are my attempts at a group photo…

Oliver is crying. His brothers are wondering why.
Oliver, get up, man....

Okay, this is not meant to be.

Linus got a lot of mommy time this weekend

He was having a hard time letting go…

Love this kid…(my friend’s son Liam)

So anyway. We go to the museum. Right before we left, they gave us all the balloons they’d used to decorate. Because, you know, we’re not enough of a spectacle…

Finally, we stopped and I got a decent pic. Not sure if it’s really New Orleans-y, but whateverrrrr. Also, I had to photoshop three pictures together to get this one. Heh.

Still need to post about Saturday – me and Linus went and ran some errands. I was so delightfully normal with my one kid! And then we went to my friend Mandy’s house where he played with her daughter Annabel and I got to have girly chat with Mandy and our friend Melissa. But I need to retrieve the pictures off my camera still, so that will be a later post.


So yesterday was George’s birthday (he has now embarked on the last year of his 30s mwah ha ha ha ha!) The boys and I (yeah, because they contributed financially!) got him a Flip Ultra video camera, so expect lots more videos of the boys in coming months.

Linus started wheezing again yesterday…sigh………..we gave him breathing treatments throughout the day and night (yeah, I also gave George the gift of sleep – I got up to give Linus his 1 am treatment last night) and I took him to the doctor this morning, fearing the worst…that I’d have to take him to the ER. Thank god he sounded better. Whew! Just a little congested. Another 24 hours of round-the-clock nebulizer treatments should do the trick, and then hopefully he’ll be good as new.

Okay, yeah. This is fascinating, isn’t it? Will post some pictures later…

We won! and Mother’s Day

It was a seriously close contest at the end, but I managed to beg for enough votes to beat the adorable Jack and Sumner and beautiful Katie and Charlotte in the Multiples…and More contest. The hard part about winning is that I know these other kids (well, their mamas), but at least I had fair competition, unlike in that radio station contest Oliver was in. Hmmph.

Now to recap our weekend and my lovely Mother’s Day…

(semi-)Nakey babies!

(sorry, just a random picture I wanted to include.)

Had a nice weekend. We brought the boys to their grandparents’ Friday afternoon because George was alllllll excited to see Star Trek. I mean, the man was shaking with excitement, I’m not kidding. I am not a Star Trek fan, but I agreed to go. After he begged me. Ha. And it wasn’t bad. Considering.

Saturday, I slept sooooo late, it was awesome. Did not much at all. Played some Super Mario Galaxy, went to the gym, did a little grocery shopping, a little organizing. But mostly lazed around. Then George took me to dinner for Mother’s Day. We went to a yummy Belgian place where I had steak + frites. Yummmmmmmmm. Then we went to the pub and stayed much later than we should have.

Got up Sunday morning, and went to get the boys. We all drove to the zoo, where my mom and Larry were meeting us. It was, pardon the pun, a zoo. I think it’s the busiest day of the year. It was insane. I was so glad we had a membership because the lines to get tickets were insane.

It was so freaking hot. The boys were good. Oliver would only let my mom or Larry hold him, which was so cute. He wouldn’t even let me hold him! Ha ha!

Zoo pics:

spoiled-rotten oliver…

After that, we went to IHOP for lunch. Fortunately, it was empty, so we didn’t have trouble getting a table. The boys were really good there. They were being really cute.

Lunch pics: (Linus in the background throwing a fit; Oliver being cute.)


After lunch, we went home. I filled up a baby pool that I bought yesterday, put the boys in their bathing suits, squirted some J&J bubble bath in the pool, and let them go to town. I think I found a new way to bathe the boys! Heh.

Pool pics:



Video of splashing in the pool:
Splashing in the pool

sleepy miles

And then I tried to get a decent picture of me with the boys. FAIL.

All in all, a very nice Mother’s Day. Hooray!

Oh dear.

I am a good wife. A v v v v v good wife. Not only did I go see some guitar dude in concert a couple of years back (my idea of hell – and I even bought the tickets!) with George, but tonight I’m going to see the new Star Trek movie. Oh man. I am a good wife.

At least there will be popcorn involved, right? And the theaters here do sell daiquiris, so I guess it won’t be all bad.

Ha ha, just giving George a hard time (though, honestly, I’d rather sit through Star Trek ten times than that concert again. And do you know what a good wife I am? I didn’t make him go see Morrissey with me.)

I would love to post some cute pictures of the boys, but alas. I haven’t taken any lately. Oh wait, how about this one? I took Linus shopping with me yesterday to go get a gift for my friend Laurie who just had a new baby girl. We stopped by Petco to get some food for the cat, and Linus got to giggle at the gerbils. He looks so old in this picture. Gaah!
Linus likes the gerbils

Mother’s Day is Sunday. We’re going to hit the zoo. And then maybe grill afterwards. We’ll see. I just want to go somewhere to eat with the boys. IHOP is the most likely place, since it’s okay if they yell there. And they do love pancakes. Hmm.

PS Did you vote? Don’t forget to vote! #4! LOM! You don’t have to register or anything, just click on #4 and “vote”. Easy!

17 months old! (And our weekend)

The boys are 17 months old today. How did the time go by so fast? No idea. Next month they’ll be 18 months old. Only a month older, but it seems like such a big milestone. Crikey.

Now, onto a recap of the weekend. Friday afternoon, while we’re getting ready to put the boys to bed, my friend Alicia calls. She’s the one with the quad girls who share a bday with the boys. She has two free tickets to the Zoo-to-do, a really fancy fundraiser at the zoo here. I think the tickets are $150 each or something. Free food, free booze, and it’s a lovely evening, so I agree. Even though it means I have to shave my legs for the first time in god knows how long.

I get dressed, go to her house, and we head to the zoo. Oh man! It was amazing. Tons of restaurants (I mean, maybe 100? or more?) had stations set up around the zoo with food and drinks. The good stuff, too. Alicia’s husband is the executive chef at the Ritz-Carlton here, and he was there at the Ritz’s table, so he got us the tickets. We ate our way around the zoo, and I had a few fancy drinks. (Alicia’s pregnant with her fifth girl, so I had to drink for three. I kid. Sorta.)

Anyway, even though I was tired and still slightly sick from my cold, I had a great time. That was fun.

Not fun was not sleeping well that night, having babies crying all.night.long, and getting up early on Saturday with them. Alas.

Saturday was okay. Nothing terribly exciting. After the boys took their morning nap, we took them to the park to run around. But it was hot and sunny and there are stinging caterpillars everywhere at this time of year, and they were cranky, cranky, cranky. So that was kind of a bust. Went home, put them down for a nap, and they wouldn’t sleep, even though they were exhausted. Miles just screamed. I went and got him after about 10 minutes, and the front of his shirt was soaked from tears and drool. (Did I mention they’re getting what appears to be all four molars at once? I just loooooooooove having identical triplets who get all their teeth simultaneously!!!!!!! Nooooo I’m not being sarcastic who meeeee??)

So we said, screw the nap, and went for a walk. They had fun running around outside at our friend’s pizza place, but there were still plenty of random tears. Sigh. Went home, put them to bed. Linus wouldn’t sleep. He was inconsolable. Finally, for the first time ever (maybe, I think), I rocked him to sleep. Okay, not rocked, but he went to sleep on me, and I put him to bed. This is what one misses out on by having triplets.

Oh yeah, I also trimmed the back of their hair. I did an okay job. At least it doesn’t look as scraggly now.

After they went to bed, I went grocery shopping. Man, I was just beat.

Had some crying babies again that night, so no good sleep for mama and daddy, either.

Sunday, the morning was fine. I made pancakes with applesauce and cinnamon in them, and the boys ate them up. I also gave them yogurt with blueberries, and I let them go to town with their spoons. It was a mess. After their nap, we walked to our friend’s pizza place (yes, again), and had “breakfast”. Really, it’s breakfast food at lunchtime. Lots of friends were there, and the boys had fun playing and eating lunch. We weren’t sure what to do for the rest of the day, and some of them were heading to an air show at a Navy base nearby, so we decided to take the boys.

Even though we literally parked at one end of a runway and had to walk the entire length of it (pulling the wagon) to get to the air show (and back) and the boys were terrified by the loud airplanes, and I didn’t have earplugs for anyone…it was pretty fun. At least we weren’t going stir-crazy inside the house.

Last night’s sleep was punctuated by more Linus crying. And of course, when I went in their room this morning to change them, Oliver and Miles (who slept fine) were crabby, and Linus was a little ray of freaking sunshine. Kids!

And now, some pictures!

We let them go in our room this morning. It’s normally off-limits. Can you tell they were excited?

We’re also teaching them how to go up the stairs. With us right behind, of course.

The wagon at the airshow with the sun umbrellas I got for it

At the park with Daddy

We saw a lot of this, this weekend. Sigh.

Cool dude with sunglasses

Last week at daycare, I dressed them alike one day. I never do that.