Fishy fishy fishy!

Last night I gave the boys fish for the first time. I was expecting some pursed lips and an “uh-uh” from Oliver and Linus, and a taste, at least, by Miles, but I was pleasantly surprised that they ate it all up! I have to thank my friend Alicia for that idea. And the ginormous box of corn flakes on the counter that I used for the breading. I oven-fried the fish (catfish) and oh man, is this turning out to be the most boring post ever?

But the boys are really liking looking at fish in tanks, and how confusing is that? Fish are entertainment and food! Hmm.

Tomorrow is July 1 (thank goodness I remembered yesterday that June only has 30 days, not 31 because today is the last day of the month which means I have to go to the gym today to renew my membership and take advantage of the special they’re having right now) and I’m going to try something new in July. Grocery budgeting. Definitely inspired by Helen‘s Saturday Savings posts. Also, a desire to get a handle on what we’re spending on food. Fortunately, it’s not very much, since we get WIC which provides us with milk, cheese, eggs, cereal, juice, and for some mysterious reason, evaporated milk.

So yesterday I went and bought a Sunday paper, and I clipped out the coupons. Then I went and looked at the Winn-Dixie sale ad to see what is what, and then I got really confused and went and ate a popsicle instead.

But I’m going to try. And since diapers won’t be in the food budget (I think household supplies will be, but not diapers, because $250 a month including diapers will mean a lot of beans and rice for dinner, and I’m not really a fan) I want to make a budget for them, too. Thank goodness Target diapers are good. And cheap.

Question time! What’s left? Hmm…
shoo shoo asks…

how did you choose the boys’ names? they are great individually and together. do you feel they’re appropriate for their personalities?

I think I addressed how we chose the names here, but here’s something I didn’t mention. I named them wrong. See, we picked which name would go with which baby based on their “in utero” personalities. At least, that was my criteria. But after they were named, I discovered that A in utero was not A on the outside. And same with B and C. So in utero, they were:
A = Miles
B = Linus
C = Oliver

and we named them
A = Linus
B = Oliver
C = Miles

which means that Miles should be Linus and Oliver should be Miles and Linus should be Oliver. Or something like that.

But now, I think their names fit. So no biggie, really.

how big is your home and do you plan to have the boys continue to share a room?

Our house is 1700 square feet. Not huge, not tiny. But it’s two-story so there’s some wasted space there. It has three bedrooms now – we recently walled off a room to make a new bedroom for us so the boys could have our bedroom as a playroom. Ah, the sacrifices we make! So yeah, the boys will be sharing forever. When we found out all the babies were the same sex, my first thought was relief that they could share a room forever. Heh.

what was the best reaction you received when announcing the news you were expecting triplets?

Probably either from my mom, who just laughed, or my best friends Kristina and Ren, who thought I was playing a trick on them. I called Ren to tell her, and she didn’t believe me. So she called Kristina, who I hadn’t told yet (I was going to email her the u/s pic and tell her that way) and said, “Is Pam really having triplets?” and Kristina said, “no, just one!” and Ren said, “Ha! I knew she was joking!” and then Kristina called me and asked if I was having triplets and I said…okay, I forget what was said at this point, but whatever the case was, they didn’t believe me. And I showed them! Ha!

Weekend recap

Weekends, they are no longer the relaxing things they once were. I won’t expound on that, Linda over at All & Sundry does a much better job of it.

But it was a fun weekend, at least. Really fun. I took the boys to Ren’s house where we hung out with her girls and Kristie, who was in town visiting family. So they had more kids to play with, and a whole house to explore. Full of toys! Fun! And buttons to push! Gaaaah! Buttons!!!

And Elmo to watch!

They had haircuts, too. Oliver before:

Oliver after being butchered.

Me and my boys:

Aunt Renny has Cookie Crisp at her house. She is the best!

We went to Barnes & Noble at one point, where we gave the kids chocolate chip cookies.

Miles enjoyed his:

Hanging out with Chloe:

And I think for the next few posts, I’ll answer one question from the Question Post at the end of every entry. Here is today’s:

Amymarie asks:

I wonder where you get all your baby ’stuff’. Do you buy it new…or do you get stuff from multiple networks, or a combo? I just can’t imagine buying three of everything (like the recent picture of the boys in the water toys).

Let’s see…well, when they were teeny, a lot of it was gifts from my baby showers. Also, I have very kind friends who loaned me a lot of equipment like swings and bouncy seats and such. Since the boys were born right before Christmas, we got a lot of clothes for them then, too. (Since we didn’t find out what we were having beforehand, I didn’t have a ton of clothes for them before they were born.)

Now, I get their clothes from consignment sales, clearance racks, and a lot is from a BBB triplet clothing exchange group I belong to. And my mom and sister like to buy them clothes too. And I buy at the end of the season for the following year, so a lot of the stuff they’re wearing now is from a super awesome sale Old Navy had last summer. (Ditto to the water floaty things – I bought those last year at the end of the summer clearance sales.)

Now what I really need are three portable booster seats (I’m sick of trying to feed them while they’re wandering around when we visit friends and family) and I’m going to have to shell out the $20 x 3 that they cost. Blegh. It’s times like this when triplets are really expensive. (Kudos if anyone can find me those cheaper somewhere…)

Answers, part 2

Wow, lots of questions! Here’s another round…

Hope asks:

Is there any one thing in particular that each of the boys do that drive you crazy?

Hmm. Well….yes. They all whine, and that really grates on my nerves, but you asked about them individually. Linus is very single-minded when he wants something, and will not give up until he gets it (or we can successfully distract him.) While I admire his, um, tenacity, it also drives me nuts. Oliver is Mr. Picky when he eats, and that drives me batty. And Miles will toss his food off his tray if he’s not in the mood to eat it. (Okay, they all do that, but I couldn’t think of anything Miles does more than the other two to make me crazy.) Minor things, though, right?

Is there something that they work together on to accomplish? (i.e. my boys are always working together to “escape” their gated play area)

I wouldn’t say they “work together” just yet, but they will do things at the same time, if that makes sense. Like push all the buttons on the TV (or try to.) Or shake the gate to the playroom to get out. That kind of thing. God help me when they figure out they can work together to do things!

Do any two of them “gravitate” towards another or do they play together equally?

Nah, they all play together (or not) equally.

What are the odds of have Identical triplets?

As I said yesterday, there are lots of statistics out there, from 1:60,000 births to 1:250,000,000 births. I know it’s not the latter, I’d say closer to the former.

Mandy asks:

How do you manage to stay so sweet and upbeat? I just have one so far and am soooo worn out all the time.

Ha ha ha! I’m just going to move on to the next question. I’m blushing! Ha ha ha! Also, Mandy, you get worn out because you’re about to have another baby! Silly girl.

Do you get nervous doing all the stuff you do alone with them. Again, just Annabel but I always prefer a second adult to help me. How did you learn (get the courage) to take them out on your own?

I do get nervous sometimes, but I get really stir-crazy when we’re stuck at home. So I’d rather deal with the nervousness than the cabin fever. I just do it, you know? Of course, I vastly prefer it when I have another adult to help, but that’s not always possible. And I have to admit, I like the feeling of accomplishment when I do bring them somewhere by myself. It’s just getting a lot harder now that they’re older.

And I don’t think it’s courage. Just stubbornness.

Do they affect each others sleep or do they seem to prefer the company?

They don’t affect each other’s sleep at all. One can cry/scream/wail/pitch a fit and the other two will sleep right through it. We are incredibly lucky in that respect. And they sleep fine without the other two around, too. Sometimes at my mom’s house, we have to split up the pack n plays because of space issues, and whoever is alone sleeps just fine. He’s probably lonely in the morning, though, with no one to babble to.

Jamie Cz (and Clare) ask:

Their names are adorable; are they family names or are they named after famous people?

Their names are mainly just names we liked. Linus has always been at the top of our list. If we’d had just one, that probably would have been his name. I just like it – I went to college with a Linus, and it’s just one that’s always stuck with me. But George likes it for a different reason. He’s a Linux fanatic, and Linux was invented by Linus Torvalds.

Oliver is another name we just really like, but I think my mom actually planted the idea in my head. Oliver was thisclose to being Ian, but at the last minute, we decided on Oliver.

Miles was another of our top choices from the beginning, too. George likes to think he’s named after Miles Davis, but really, I just like the name.

When we were thinking of names, I got the book The Baby Name Wizard, which only has about 1000 names in it, not 100,000 like you’ll find in other books. A manageable number. I looked at every name in the book and marked the ones I liked. Then I’d give it to George to mark the ones we liked. The ones we both liked went on our list. (And remember, we didn’t know what we were having, so we had to have at least 3 boy names and 3 girl names.)

Their middle names are the maiden names of my mom, my mother-in-law, and me.

Ren wants to know:

who was your favorite? jimmy stewart or michael hutchence?

Well. Let’s see. Tough question, Ren. Now? Jimmy Stewart. When I was 17? Michael Hutchence.

(Okay, so I went through some slightly obsessed phases with both Michael Hutchence (of INXS) and Jimmy Stewart. What can I say?

Sadly, they both died in 1997. That was a rough year.

Amber asks:

Do your boys ever escape from the wagon when you take them out?

Nope…they have seatbelts! Whew!

Who else can tell them apart, besides you?

George can (well, I hope he can!) and their teacher at daycare can. And my in-laws can. I think that might be it.

What is their favorite game or toy to play together?

They don’t play together just yet, but they have been known to tackle each other. I guess that counts, right? Ha ha!

Jennifer asks:

Do you want the boys to be in the same class when the get in elementary school?

That’s a tough one. Mostly because it’s unlikely there will be three classes for them to be split between. But I would want them to be split up. Maybe when they hit 1st grade. Maybe two in one class, and one in another, and then rotating every year who is “alone”. But I’m not sure. At least we have plenty of time to figure that one out!

Alright, one more for today:

kdliberty asks

Is it me or are does it seem that there are more identical triplet boys then there are girls? I know of only 2 blogs featuring girls (ages 7 and 2) but 4+ featuring boys (all under 3)…

It’s not just you. I had always heard that boy IDs were rarer, but it doesn’t seem that way! Maybe moms of identical girl triplets just don’t blog as much. Hmmm…

Answers, part 1

Oooh, isn’t this fun? Thanks for all the questions so far. Keep sendin’ them if you want, here’s the question post.

Janna asks…

1. Do you have secret ridiculous wishes for your boys (like, do you imagine Miles being a rockstar and Linus an astronaut and Oliver a tight rope walker)?

Hmm. Not quite yet, except I did harbor a fantasy that Oliver was going to be a famous soccer player because he was getting adept at kicking a ball around. However, he seems to have lost interest for the moment.

2. How did they not know that your babies were identical in utero? Did they split so early as to all have their own outer sacks?

The boys were clearly monochorionic, but I’m not sure why my doctors never would say for sure that they were identical (or monozygotic). I wish they had, I probably would have been monitored more closely for TTTS and other complications. I know we’re incredibly lucky that we didn’t have any issues related to their monozygosity.

We did worry that two of them were monoamniotic (sharing one amniotic sac, which ups the risk of cord entanglement), but at about 23 weeks, my doctor found that they were indeed in their own amniotic sacs, which was a huge relief.

Evan (the boys’ uncle) asks:

Where did Ellie lose her board for Candy Land? We have looked all over the house.

Look under the sofa or behind her dresser.

Helen, also the mother of identical boy triplets, asks:

Do you look at other identical triplets and think they look more identical than your own?

Hmmm. I think my boys look pretty darn identical, so I guess the answer to that is no. But I think that some look at least as identical as mine. (In other words, no, I can’t tell your boys apart. Ha ha!) I do see some that don’t look very identical to me, but I think that might be my eyes playing tricks on me.

Brandy wants to know:

When the trips were newborns how did you know who was who? did you keep like an anklet or something with their name on them at all times?

We did keep their hospital anklets on them for a long time, but we also kept them in order wherever they were in their cribs. They were also dressed differently, and sometimes I’d write their initials on the bottom of their feet.

Also, Oliver has a birthmark on his butt, so if necessary, we could always figure it out at diaper change time. Miles was easy – he was lighter than the other two, so picking him up and comparing him to one of his brothers was a sure way to distinguish him.

Amymarie wonders:

How many times a day do you get asked, “Are they triplets”? Does it annoy you, or do you like it?

It depends. If we go somewhere with all three, then I’m sure to be asked a few times, especially if they’re in their wagon. If we put them in a double stroller and a single stroller, we don’t get as many questions. (Honestly, hardly anyone even asks if the two in the double are twins. I guess people are used to seeing twins.) And no, it doesn’t bother me. Unless I’m in a really bad mood.

What percentage of your take home pay goes towards day care?
About half of mine, but about a fourth of our household income. Roughly. I don’t like to think about it.

Angie wants to know:

Are you going to run another marathon? That’s when I started reading your blog.

Oh Angie, my goodness! You are the eternal optimist. Ha ha! Okay, well, I don’t know about another full marathon. One day, maybe, when the boys are older. But I do want to do the Jazz Half-marathon in October. It’s here in New Orleans, and it’s to raise money for our Children’s Hospital, which, as you know, is like our second home. Yeesh.

Okay, one more for today, gotta save some for another post tomorrow!

Maggie asks:

I was wondering if you went through any sort of IF treatments, and if you knew that there was a possibility of having triplets. This is going to sound dumb, but how do identical triplets happen? I’ve never heard of it until your story.

We did not go through any fertility treatments to conceive the boys. While identical twins and triplets do occasionally result from fertility treatments, more often than not, they’re spontaneous (never say natural! All babies are natural!)

I never in a gajillion years expected to have multiples. Especially not triplets. Who ever thinks they’re going to have triplets? Ha ha! Biggest shock ever! I wrote a post about it not too long ago

Identical triplets happen when the fertilized egg splits, and then one of those halves splits again. (Here’s a handy chart I made.) It happens pretty rarely (I’ve heard anywhere from 1:60,000 births to 1:250,000,000 births, but I’d wager it’s more on the 1:60,000 end) but I have quite a few mom friends now with identical triplets. Here are just a few!

Okay, more to come tomorrow! Fun!

Question time

I’ve seen other people do it, and by golly, I like to talk about myself, so I’m going to try it. Just for fun.

Question time!

Do you have any questions you’ve always wanted to ask? Well go for it (in the comments) and I’ll answer them in an upcoming post.


Let’s see, what have we been up to since I last posted?

Well, the boys spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa’s on Friday night so George could evict the pigeons that have set up a home underneath our porch.  And I lazed around and played Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii (best game everrrr!) That was nice. We went and got them that evening, and on Sunday, Tee and I took the boys to her mom’s house so George and his dad could spend Father’s Day together.

(But first, we let them loose in the living room. I’m telling you, they are particularly obsessed with buttons on TVs.)

121208 196

We had a really good time there, her mom totally spoiled the boys. (In a good way, of course.) And they were in seventh heaven, with a new place to explore. Lots of buttons to push! Doors to open and close! People to babble to! (two of Tee’s sisters were there too.) Good times. We went to the pool for a little while, too. The boys weren’t exactly thrilled with it at first, but they came to enjoy lounging in their floats.

121208 207

So we made it home pretty late that night, and when I got Linus out of the car, he was burning up and wheezing. Yay fun! So a few hours later, when Linus still wasn’t sleeping, we made the decision to take him to the ER. At midnight. So we went. By the time I got there with him, his fever was gone, but the wheeze wasn’t.
121208 216

(That’s the ceiling in the ER.) (Linus took that picture.)

(The usual drill, blah blah blah, breathing treatments, etc.) My favorite part about taking him to the hospital is that the breathing treatments they give him seriously wire him. He was running around, giggling, making me chase him, going to say hi to the other patients, climbing up, getting down, etc, etc, etc. Meanwhile, it’s the middle of the night. Ugh.


He was discharged after a very reasonable three hours, and we made it home around 3. And then we slept late. That was nice.

Yesterday, we stayed home and rested and picked up medicine and all that fun stuff.

But today I am tired again because all night long, all we heard on the monitor was *cough cough cough* with a little crying mixed in here and there. Fun times.

Fingers crossed they’re better soon!

And as a bonus, a few cute pictures from my mom’s last weekend…

Watchiing tv

Watchiing tv 2

On the move…

Okay, I know I just moved this blog a year ago (not even) but I’m going to be moving again. Actually, back to the old address, It’ll probably be in a couple of weeks (gotta work out the technical gobbledeegook first) but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up for now. What a pain in the rear!

So the boys spent the night at my boss’s house on Wednesday night. I dropped them off after daycare on Wednesday afternoon, then picked them up yesterday after work. Wouldn’t you know, they were perfect angels? Probably because my boss has an 11 year old daughter who dotes on them, a lot of electronics with buttons to push, and a massive TV. And two little dogs to chase after, and a bird to talk to. (Apparently, the bird started babbling like Linus after they left. Hee!)

Cute story: so my boss’s daughter, L, had all the boys sleeping in her room in their pack n plays. And she stayed up all night watching them sleep. Hoping they’d wake up so she could tend to them, but alas, they did not. At some point shortly before midnight, Oliver let out a sigh, and L seized the opportunity to make sure all was well. So she lifted him up, pried open an eyelid, and was reassured that he was fine. He slept right through it. So now, do I still have to tip-toe when I go into their room at night? Apparently not…

Okay, I’ve got to take some more pictures of them. I’m thinking of attempting to get their hair cut this weekend, we’ll see if that pans out. They desperately need them! Miles is getting mullet-y again.

Which is which?

I very rarely dress the boys alike. My reasoning used to be something along the lines of “they need to be individuals”, but really it was “I can’t tell them apart.” Now that I’m better at telling them apart, it’s “I’m too lazy.” And really, digging out three of the same outfits is not easy. And I don’t have many, anyway. But yesterday at Target I got three of these shirts for the boys (because they have elephants on them and the boys loooove elephants) and then I thought, let’s go the whole hog and mess with their teacher’s head today at daycare and dress them exactly alike. Heh. Nice, eh?

(For the record, I know their teacher will be able to figure out who’s who.)

(I hope.)

Who's who?

It’s cute, isn’t it? I wish I was brave (and not lazy and better at telling my kids apart) like Sarah, who dresses her girls alike most of the time, I think. It is awfully cute, after all.

But I will have to make sure they’re in different outfits when I pick them up, because they’re going to my boss’s house for a slumber party with his 10 year old daughter. Fun!

18 month doctor visit

So the boys had their 18 month visit with the ped today. It went well. They got two shots (MMR and Hep-B) which they didn’t like, but in every other regard, they’re doing great. Stats!

At 15 months, they were:
Linus: 23 lbs, 15 oz (50-75th); 31.5″ long (50th-75th); HC 47cm (50th)
Oliver: 23 lbs, 8 oz (25-50th); 31.25″ long (50-75th); HC 48cm (75th)
Miles: 22 lbs, 3 oz (10-25th); 31″ long (50th); HC 47.5cm (50th)

And now, at 18 months, they are:
Linus: 25 lbs, 3 oz (25-50th); 32.75″ long (50th-75th); HC 49cm (75-90th)
Oliver: 25 lbs, 4 oz (25-50th); 33″ long (75th); HC 49cm (75-90th)
Miles: 24 lbs, 5 oz (25th); 32.25″ long (50th); HC 48.5cm (75-90th)

Getting so big! Gaah!

This weekend was fun. Spent some time in Baton Rouge with my mom and Larry, and then last night I went to the benefit for my friend’s husband. It was incredible. There were about 1800 people there and a ton of silent auction items. I bid on a bunch, but thankfully only won two. 🙂 One was a gift certificate to a restaurant that George loves. They only serve baked potatoes. Ha ha ha! Classy! I was the only bidder on that item. Ha ha! The other item was for a two night stay at a hotel in Dallas, so we’re going to have our girl’s weekend (me, Ren, Kettie, and Mar) there at some point. I can’t wait!

Anyway, the event was just overwhelming. There were some famousish chefs there (including one guy who’s on Top Chef right now) so that was cool. And a ton of good food and drink. I’m just so happy for the family, that they got so much support when they need it. Truly heartwarming.

Now, I need to find some pictures to post here! Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow. Sorry. (If my mom or Larry will send pictures from her new camera, then I can post them, hint hint.)


A friend came to visit last summer, bringing three NYC-themed onesies for the boys. They finally fit, so I put them on the boys yesterday and took a picture to show her.

Miles has on the Calvin shirt. I’m pretty sure he is Calvin, actually.

Anyhoo. Yesterday I took the day off. Busy day. I went to the hospital to visit a triplet mom who was about to have her babies (welcome Gavin, Allen, and Sophie!) and then I was able to meet up with my friend Alicia, the one with the sick husband who is at the same hospital. He’s doing much better, and there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I’m so happy for them. And I’m happy that I got to see her and give her a hug. (It was cute, when I hugged her, the baby kicked me! She was all “hi Miss Pam!”) (Alicia’s pregnant, if you remember.)

Anyway, so that’s good news. The benefit is Sunday, which I’m looking forward to.

I also went to see Up in 3D, which was cool, but the theater started it over 30 minutes late, so I almost had to leave early to pick up the boys. I made it just in time, thank goodness.

And after that, I went to a friend’s house for a playdate/BBQ. Yum. There were at least 9 babies there, only one of which was a girl. Hee! I wish I’d taken pictures, but I was too busy chasing the boys and preventing them from tumbling down the steps of the deck. We really need to work on their stair-descending technique. Heh. But it was really fun and I was happy to see everyone.

Here’s a fun video from last night…

And a picture from the weekend before last. My friend Mary Catherine and I took the boys and her little girl to the children’s museum. Look, I have three future chefs! I’m definitely encouraging this…

I’m back!

I’m back! Man, it’s been a while. Since a real post, that is.

Work conference
It’s done! Man, what a relief. I have literally been planning this conference for over 4 years. We almost had a few debacles (like, I didn’t get a priest for the closing mass until about 3 hours before it was supposed to start) but it’s over and people seemed to enjoy it and get a lot out of it, blah blah blah. (For anyone who doesn’t know, I work for the IT department of the Archdiocese here and we were hosting a conference for other diocesan IT people.)

The boys
Are 18 months old!!!

And are v cute. 🙂




Miles and Linus and our friend’s dog:

Our klassy wagon:

My friend’s husband
My friend Alicia’s husband is doing better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, even. It’s been a pretty big deal locally, because he’s a pretty prominent chef, so he’s been on the news and stuff. It’s good for me because now Alicia’s keeping a blog about his condition. I haven’t talked to her personally since it all happened. I wish I could. Next Sunday is the benefit at the Ritz for him. I wonder if she’ll be there. I hope so.

Random stuff
Coldplay is Tuesday night! So excited.

The boys were finally observed by their speech therapist (next step is actually scheduling the therapy) last Tuesday and she called me with her observations. Of course, I was in the midst of conference stuff, so I don’t remember everything she said, but she does want me to work on signing with them. First one will be “more”, which they’re pretty good at. Well, they do the sign when I say “more”, but I’m not sure they understand what it means yet. Also, she said their receptive communication (or something like that) is good, meaning when we say something to them, they understand us, but their, um, the other kind of communication (where they try to tell us things) is what they need work on.

I’m really not all that worried about their speech, but it’s good to know we’ll get some help with it.

Okay, back to work for me. I have a ton of catching up to do!

No posts…

Just wanted to post to say I won’t be posting much this week, if at all. I have a big work conference that I’m in charge of that starts today (and of course I tossed and turned all night long, so I’m really tired this morning, but lets just hope I can run on adrenaline today.) So I’ll be busy. And the boys will be with their grandparents for most of the rest of the week.

(I know, most pointless post ever, right? But I didn’t want anyone to think anything was wrong or anything.)