19 months old!

I really need to post about the weekend, too, but let me get this one out of the way first…

19 months old…woah.

19 months!

So, what are they up to now?

My monkeys. They were not in good moods last night, when we took this. Except Oliver, briefly. But I got the picture. I’ve decided the summer pictures will be on this curb outside my friends’ pizza place, since we did their 18 month pic there. Might as well make it look purposeful.

What are my boys doing now? I feel like I haven’t done a proper monthly update in a while…

– talking more. Words include:
bye bye
and various other animal sounds like:
elephant (including miming of trunk)

– they understand more things, like body parts, clothing, people, characters, animals, etc.
– they’re signing a little, but i’m still not sure they know what the words mean, and how to use them to ask for things. but they know more, milk, and eat.
– linus can climb on the couch now
– they’re quite adept at going upstairs, but not yet down. need to work on that.
– linus is obsessed with yo gabba gabba, because he was getting to watch it while getting his twice-daily nebulizer treatments. now that the doctor put him on one a day instead, he gets VERY angry at night because he doesn’t get “gabba gabba gabba” in the evenings. ha!
– i’ve successfully gotten them hooked on elmo. it’s so freaking cute when they say “elmo”. it literally only took them a day or two to pick him out and start saying “elmo”. yeesh!
– they try to help me put on their shoes and buckle their carseats and things like that. it’ll be exceptionally awesome when they can actually do those things!

So this is really a challenging age. It’s fun, no doubt, but MAN. The tantrums. The fights over toys. The whining. The running-in-three-directions. But I know it’ll get easier when their communication improves. And the cuteness really does help. I taught Miles how to do Eskimo kisses the other day, and that, I swear, makes everything okay.

Here’s what happens when someone (in this example, Oliver, in orange) wants something (like this Sesame Street book) that someone else (Miles, in blue) has. Screaming and tears ensue. Just be glad this isn’t a video.

And I shall leave you with a completely irrelevant but cute video from Friday, when my friend took the boys and her daughter, Millie, to the children’s museum. It’s mostly cute how Millie says “Miles”, but also I love the little maze of “rooms” they have, and I think it’s funny how all three boys look in one.

5 thoughts on “19 months old!

  1. Shannon

    Too cute! That’s awesome that they are talking and signing more now (and the sign for “elephant” is miming the trunk, so maybe you could count that too?). I can’t even imagine the fun and fights at your house!


    1. Stephanie

      GASP!! Not the usual LOM order! hehe

      Yay for all the new things they are doing. Signing is soo helpful for them at this age.

      Is Miles already poppin his colars already?? LOL and its funny that Linus could careless what the other two are doing cuz Elmo’s on!



  2. Mandy

    Your boys look so big and grownup now – it’s amazing what a difference a month makes. I bet they have even more words and signs then you remember. They are still beyond adorable. And since getting to watch lots of tv when I was in the hospital Annabel keeps saying “tee-tee on” and getting upset when we won’t turn it on. Ah tantrums!


  3. Lindsi

    Um first of all- I want you to know it is incredibly unfair of you to hog all of the cuteness in the world….it seems you got more than your fair share with those guys!
    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the new photos! (although I can’t believe you “let” them be out of order) wink wink

    So adorable


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