Fishy fishy fishy!

So yesterday, my friend Stephanie and I took the boys and her son, Liam, to the aquarium. It was even more fun than the last time we went. That time, they were scared of the big tunnel o’ fish that you walk through. This time, they were excitedly pointing to them and saying “shissshhhh”.

And then Oliver sat in a clamshell while Liam attempted to scale the beast.

There was a harrowing moment when Oliver didn’t want to be parted from his beloved “eh-mo” or “dor-dor”, which in this context doesn’t mean “Elmo” or “door” (two other words they say a lot) but “Nemo” and “Dory”. There was much weeping and rending of garments, but I was able to pull him away in the end without lasting trauma. I hope.

On Saturday (I know, apologies for my non-chronological post) I participated in a garage sale. Sold some stuff, but not enough. Tried to take the leftovers to Goodwill, but it had closed 15 minutes earlier. *&#!$!!

The boys are babbling a ton, and it’s really freaking cute. They’re also going through another Elmo phase, which is awesome, because I was starting to get sick of Yo Gabba Gabba. I don’t want that to happen. I’m kind of bummed because there’s a Sesame Street Live show coming to New Orleans in October, and from what I’ve heard, they’d love it, but at $20 bucks a ticket (screw you, Ticketmaster and your ridiculous fees) I don’t want to chance it. Esp when we’d need six tickets.

George is finally feeling better, and he got his first hugs from the boys in over a week. It was really quite sweet.

Oliver was allllll about hugging daddy.

And then he tried to attack me.

I think it’s amazing that a toy that was previously ignored becomes the coolest thing ever, just by moving it into another room.

And because this post seems Oliver-picture-heavy, here are some of Miles and Linus:

Don’t forget that we’re going to have two giveaways this weekend! One right here, on Friday, and one over at the Multiples and More blog too.

Multiples and more QOTW

This week’s question over at the Multiples…and More blog is “What is your favorite children’s book of all time?”

The book I’m choosing is not one that my kids have heard yet, but it was my favorite from when I was little.

Christina Katerina and the Box

I loved this book. In it, Christina and her best friend build all sorts of things out of a giant refrigerator box, much to the dismay of her mother. A ship, a playhouse, even a mansion. Inspired by this book, I remember my sister and I drawing a mansion on our driveway with chalk, and playing “in” it for house. I love that this book made us use our imagination to make everyday things more fun and exciting. I hope the boys will be similarly inspired when I start reading it to them.

Where are my babies?

Two years ago, they looked like this:

One year ago, they looked like this:

And nowadays, something like this (times three)

Today when I dropped them off at daycare, I was informed that NOT ONLY are they drinking out of cups – open cups, no straws, but also, they’re washing their hands! Lest you think we don’t wash their hands at home, what I mean is that they go into the bathroom, step up onto the stool, turn on the water, and put their hands in the stream. Of course, they’re supervised while they do this, and they get help with the soap, but WHAT? Babies don’t do that! Babies don’t wash their own hands and sleep on cots and drink out of cups and eat with forks.

So I guess that means I don’t have babies anymore, huh?

On another note, Happy Birthday Aunt Jenny!

(Yeah, that’s an old picture.)

And happy belated birthday to Aunt Jennifer, too. Somehow, this is the only picture I can find at the moment of Aunt Jennifer and one of the boys. I think this is Oliver.

Happy birthday, sweet angels!

Today would be Sydney and Carynne’s first birthday. You remember these beautiful girls? They were taken way way way too soon from their mommy and daddy, just over six months ago. Today their family should be celebrating with cupcakes and glitter and songs and joy. But since they aren’t, they’re spreading the love to other families who are less fortunate.

(Although, my god, that’s not how you say it. I don’t know how to word it. Pardon my awkwardness. How can I say that a family that doesn’t have enough money to have a home is less fortunate? If they have their kids, aren’t they more fortunate, diapers and houses and cars be damned?)

Anyway. Sydney and Carynne’s parents are going to bring things like formula and diapers to a shelter for homeless families. We should all do the same.

Just go read Brook’s blog entry. It’s far more eloquent than I can hope to be.

And also, if you haven’t signed it yet, go sign the Petition to End SMA so we don’t lose anymore sweet babies from this stupid disease.

Exciting stuff coming up

For me AND for those of you who read my blog!

For me:
– margaritas with the other triplet moms tonight.
– garage sale on Saturday to raise some money for a few different causes (including, it has to be said, me.)
– trip to Virginia over Labor Day weekend with Miles (and before you ask, he’s the only one who hasn’t travelled with me yet, so that’s why he’s going)

For you:
– my first giveaways! I’m going to be giving away a few things from the Triple Dip Shop for you parents of multiples. Here on my blog, I’ll be giving away a t-shirt, and over on the Multiples and More blog, I’m going to be giving away even more stuff! It’s going to be fun! Who’s excited? Me me me!

And now for a few (slightly dated) pictures…the boys playing in the curtains. There were a lot of giggles, people. It was seriously cute.

Love the look on Linus’s face here (the naked one)

Oh, hey brother! Whatcha doin’ back here?

Oliver says “peekaboo!”

This is why I love having triplets…seeing them all play together like this. Gaah!

And a short video from the other day. Moving chairs is v fun! Apparently.

Some randoms…

– I taught Oliver to say “goofball” this morning. As in, “you and your brothers are goofballs.” He did pretty good!

– I got a copy of my hospital records from when I had the boys, and it was very (okay, mildly) interesting. I learned lots of interesting tidbits. Like, in all of the monitoring I had done before they were born, I had a grand total of five contractions. Never felt them. Still curious to know what they feel like. (I know, I know, I’m going to get a lot of “you’re insane”s for that one.)

– There’s a part in one of my earlier ultrasounds (22 weeks, I think) where the u/s tech notes that all fetuses are male. Which just tickles me, for some reason. We didn’t find out what they were before they were born, but she knew. And it was right there in my chart. And the u/s tech was all, “hey little dudes!” while I was lying there watching the ultrasound, thinking, “I think those are girl parts!” Heh.

Here’s a random picture from a few weekend’s ago. I just found my camera. It was in my camera bag. I thought I lost it. Go figure that it’d be where it belongs.
081209 082

Oliver is not in that picture because Oliver did not like the look of that merry-go-round. We didn’t even turn it on!

But he did like the fried rice.

081209 077

– George is sick. I’m taking him to the doctor today. Hopefully they can do something to make him feel better. And selfishly, I hope he’s better by tomorrow night so I can go to dinner with the triplet mom group. Margaritas!

– Oooh, and a new baby is going to make her debut today. Can’t wait to find out all the details!

Giggling boys – caught on video

We had a pretty good weekend. The boys were supposed to spend the weekend with their grandparents. But Saturday evening we had to cut the fun short to go pick up Linus, who had a croupy cough. He’s better now, fortunately it wasn’t anything serious. So yesterday was a Linus-centric day. I think he was just faking it, honestly.


Last night, I was trying to throw this ball up the stairs to get it out of the kitchen. But my aim wasn’t great, and the ball bounced back down the stairs. Oliver cracked up, so I had George grab the video camera.

(Click the picture to watch the video)

Sweet Annaleigh

It’s just not fair. I’m so angry and so sad. So angry that sweet Annaleigh is being taken away from her mom and dad and triplet brother and sister.

Annaleigh was born at 25w5d in June, and had been doing so well in the NICU, making her mama and daddy proud, when WHAM, out of nowhere, she was diagnosed with the horrific, and in this case, fatal, NEC. It’s so unfair. It’s so wrong.

You can read more about Annaleigh and her family here. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. It’s just not freaking fair.


Did I not tell you? We got a new kitchen. I’m very excited. Microwave, range, fridge, lots of counter space, double sink, faux-granite countertops. A window that looks out on an always-sunny day. Lots of cabinets and drawers. It’s quite nice.

And only $30!

And it came fully stocked with British canned goods, no less. (Sainsbury’s was my favorite grocery store in England, so I love that these came with it!)

The boys are already busy making Mommy and Daddy dinner. Woo!

Hee! So fun. I love it! And I love that I got such a great deal on it from a fellow triplet mom. Woo!

(Funny aside – when she came to bring it by yesterday with her 7 year old BBG triplets, one of the boys looked at my three boys and said, “where’s the girl? Why didn’t yours come with a girl?” Hee hee hee!)

Who are you?

Yet again, I’m stealing a post idea from nbjenni. Thanks, lady!

I get a lot of visitors to this blog, and y’all know a lot about me, but do I know you? So this is easy…answer these questions in the comments.

1. Who are you?
2. How did you find my blog?
3. What do you like most on my blog?
4. What would you like me to blog more (or less) about?
5. A totally random fact about yourself!

Allow me to be weepy…

Do you remember, back in May, when I asked for thoughts and prayers for my friend A’s husband, who was very very very ill? Like, didn’t think he was going to live, ill?

I’m so very very happy to share this story. I’m sitting here at my desk with happy tears rolling down my face.

An excerpt from the story…

Murphy, who’s led the team in the Ritz kitchen for the past six years, had contracted a very rare bacterial infection.  The infection led to toxic shock syndrome, which took control of his organs and destroyed the tissue in his body. Matt was, to put it bluntly, on death’s door, because of a simple fall.

“It was crazy.  I thought I had been abducted by UFOs at the first part of it because I couldn’t remember anything. I just totally blacked out,” he said.

“I thought I was going to get a Band-Aid for my knee or an injection to stop the swelling.  It was mind-boggling.”

Murphy spent two months in intensive care and had 16 surgeries, including skin grafts on his legs and arms.   He lost 40 pounds. Just a few weeks ago, it was all he could do to sit up in bed for a couple of hours.  Now he’s walking stairs.

Go read the rest of the story and don’t blame me if you end up crying into your keyboard. You’ve been warned. (Oh yeah, and watching it will make it 10x worse, so maybe if you’re around other people, just read.)

And here’s a random picture of all ten of the babies born between Dec 4-6, 2007, with their three daddies. (Because you know I hate a post without pictures.) I just realized this picture was almost exactly one year ago! August 17, 2008.

Wish List Wednesday

This is fun….

1. A huge house. One story. With at least five bedrooms. No, make that six. One for each boy, one for us, and a few guest rooms. A big old playroom. A nice, gourmet kitchen with a living room right off of it. A windowless room for George, of course. And a big, huge garage with tons of storage space.

That’s not too much to ask, is it? Hmmm….

Unfortunately, the only one in our neighborhood that fits the bill (kinda) and is in our price range looks like this:

Hmm. I had something more like this in mind…

(It’s okay that it’s two-story…it has an elevator.)

Anyone have a spare $6 million I can borrow? I’ll pay you back, promise.

2. A slew of housekeepers, of course. That 14,000 sq ft house won’t be easy to keep clean!

3. A private jet so I can visit friends, and send it to bring them to me, too.

4. Okay, this post is getting out of hand. Let’s be a little more realistic, shall we? How about one of these:

(I mean, if I’m going to wish for a suitcase, it may as well be a $550 one, right?)

5.  How about three of these outfits for the boys? Dude. So cute. My little college professors.

I know, I don’t often dress them alike, but if I had three of these outfits, I would. And considering each set is $185, down to the little herringbone cap, I think I’d have to. To get the maximum impact. (Wow, I just realized that it’d be $555 to get three sets. Same as the fancy suitcase. I think I’ll stick to the $30 suitcases and the $10 outfits for the boys, eh?)

Now, go forth and post on your own blog! (Click on the Wish List Wednesday graphic to get more details…)