Wish List Wednesday

Since tomorrow Miles and I will be embarking on a trip halfway across the country, to our nation’s capital (sorta), my Wish List Wednesday will focus on that.

1. A portable DVD player loaded with every episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, a few Elmo-centric episodes of Sesame Street, and Finding Nemo.
2. A seat on the airplane for Miles, besides my lap.

3. Four other seats on the airplane – for Oliver, Linus, George, and a robo-nanny to help take care of them.

4. A new, flattering, magically slimming wardrobe for the trip. I think I already wished for a new suitcase last week. So now I need something to put in it.

Want to play along? Find a few things on your wish list, and post them on your blog! Get the details here.

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