Slight update to the look

I don’t know how many people read this through Google Reader or Facebook or whatever, but if you read it by actually, you know, coming here to the blog, then you might notice I’ve given the header of the page a little facelift. By adding some completely random pictures.

The family picture up there is from when the boys were three months old. We just don’t have many family pictures, but I do like that one. But yesterday a friend of a friend posted this one on Facebook and I swiped it so I could post it here.

Family pic

Yes, it’s true, 80% of us aren’t looking at the camera. George is giving Linus bunny ears. Oliver’s eyes are glowing eerily and he’s stuffing Kix in his mouth. Miles and Linus are sucking on their “uh-oh”s.* But dammit, I only have one and a half chins in this picture, so I consider it a winner.

This weekend, we’re having a photoshoot with one of my favorite photographers ever, our wedding photographer, so I’m pretty sure we’ll get something where my chin isn’t all red and all eyes are their proper color, at least.

*cute story, for real…Miles and Linus, the only two who still use a binky sometimes, call it an “uh-oh” because when they started throwing them out of their cribs, we’d say “uh-oh!” I think they thought we were talking about the pacifiers, not realizing we were actually commenting on the plight of a binky overboard.

Much better!

Last night, we only had to get up once, for Oliver. Of course, I’d prefer we didn’t have to get up at all, but you can’t win ’em all. I feel like a new woman today! It didn’t hurt that Oliver was being v cute and talkative while we were giving him his breathing treatment. And that he went back to sleep with no problems afterwards.

Am v excited because this weekend, we’re having pictures taken. I think I timed the pictures right, for the day after the half-marathon. Surely I’ll lose 50 lbs on the course, and therefore will look awesome for the pictures. Failing that, I plan to hit the mall to find a black shirt that makes me look decent. (Or, as Kristina and I called it, a “magic shirt”.)

The boys will look cute no matter what. I ordered some long-sleeved white t-shirts with tie appliques from Etsy, that I think they’ll wear with jeans.

And now, I’ll close this post out with some random pictures from the weekend, taken on the ferry.



Linus, giving Daddy a kiss. (When you say “give me a kiss”, most of the time, they just tilt the top of their head toward you, as if to allow you the honor of bestowing a kiss upon their head.)

My kids are weird.

Specifially, Miles and Oliver. For the past two days, they’ve been strangely obsessed with the Elmo Potty Time DVD case. Yes, the case. Not the video or even the shiny silver disk. The case.

There have been more tears shed over this dang case in the past 36 hours than I care to recall. It would be nice to think they’re going to take the initiative when it comes to potty training by carefully studying this DVD case, but I kinda doubt it.

Please, help me understand my odd children. I mean, Miles literally has not let it out of his sight since yesterday afternoon. After he somehow wrangled it from Oliver at about 5 pm, he held it while he played, while he ate, almost while he bathed (I made him put it down while he had his bath. Were it not for the hypnotic pull of the bubbles in the bathtub, he probably would have remained unbathed), and while he slept. Yeesh!

T minus four days and counting…

I know I signed up for this half-marathon a while back, but it only really occurred to me the other day that I was going to have to walk (and run a little bit, just so I don’t get left behind and someone will get to see the back of my shirt) thirteen (point one) miles in just a few days. Hmm.

Thirteen miles is actually kind of far. Especially since I started thinking about the route. It goes all the way up St. Charles Avenue to Audubon Park, around Audubon Park, and then back up St. Charles. And that’s not the whole thing! St. Charles is a long road, people. But at least it’s very scenic. There is that.

And even though it’s not advised, I’m bringing an iPod and planning on filling it with good stuff to listen to (not very loudly, of course. So I can hear the cars honking behind me to go faster!) Some music, some podcasts. I’d really really love to listen to a Bill Bryson book, (he’s my favorite author) but I don’t think that really has enough “oomph” to keep me going. I think Beyonce might be better.

Any suggestions on what I should listen to, musicwise? That will keep me motivated?

Busy weekend

We did so much this weekend! I’m going to make this a picture-heavy post. It was a rough morning involving breathing treatments and wheezing, so I am not really wanting to type much.

Friday night, we went to a party at a friend’s house. It was outside, in their backyard, so the boys were freaked out. (It was a bit dark for them.) Owing to the fact that I had two boys on my lap, no pictures were taken. Thank goodness I have friends that brought me a glass of wine and some chargrilled oysters. That made up for it a bit.

Saturday, George and I took the boys to the children’s museum. It was fun, except for the moment we realized the wagon was gone. I found it a few terror-filled minutes later. Some kid must’ve taken it and then abandoned in in another part of the museum. Kids love that thing.






Linus and Linus

Daddy and Linus

Saturday night, we went to a dinner party at a restaurant that George’s parents had.

Sunday, I took the boys to the aquarium to meet a friend with her twin boys. That was fun! Except for when I pulled Oliver away from the Nemo tank. That was not fun.


One of many meals of chicken fingers the boys had over the weekend.

And then Sunday night was Boo at the Zoo. The boys were monkeys. I was a bunch of bananas. Oliver refused to wear his hat. Ah well.






The end!

Uh oh.

So it seems I have a little gang of thugs. A roving band of bullies. Ack! How can it be so?

Apparently one of the boys gave another kid a black eye yesterday. How can a not-even-two year old give another kid a black eye? I don’t know. I’m guessing it was an accident, though. Apparently there were no tears shed by either party, which I suppose is good. Or kind of chilling. Hmm.

And it was over the sandbox. Really, how cliched is that?

Just look at this face. So sweet! So innocent!

091009 239

(Not that I know it was this one, but since they all look the same…)


I should have lots of cute pictures after this weekend. Much is going on. Parties, costumes, etc. Hopefully the boys will actually wear the hats that go with their monkey costumes, otherwise they’re just going to look like kids in brown jumpsuits. Hmmm.

Ask and ye shall receive

I added some more versions of yesterday’s shirt to the shop. On these, the design’s on the front, not the back.

Here’s a twin version:

And a triplet version:

They also come in tank tops and short sleeved shirts. If you want it on a different style shirt, just let me know.

In other news…I reached my goal! Thanks to a high school classmate. Woo hoo! That’s not to say you can’t still donate. Of course you can!

In yet other news, I finally got my battery charger for my camera, so now I can update that post from a couple of days ago. But George said not to, so I’ll just post the picture here.

091009 225
(Well, not exactly a reinactment, I think Miles is standing next to me, begging for the camera.)

Speaking of begging for the camera, I really should write to Canon. I’ve had my point and shoot for a year and a half now, and for the last year or so, the boys have been obsessed with it. I can barely pull it out without one of them pleading for me to give it to them. If it’s in my purse, they’ll find it. And therefore, my camera is usually full of pictures like this:

091009 262

(very Blair Witch-esque, eh?)

091009 242

They love to push the lens back into the camera. They love to smear their dirty little fingers all over the lens. They love to take 100 pictures in a row of the insides of their nostrils. They used to be partial to eating it. And this camera has held up to it all. Bravo, Canon! (Now will you send me this lens for my DSLR?)

Eat my dust, suckers!

Okay, I probably won’t be saying that to anyone at the race on the 31st. That’s true. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even call it a race. Let’s be honest. I’m going to be walking most of it (maybe running a minute every five, we’ll see) so it’s not like I’m going to be leaving much dust to be ingested by others. The only person I’ll be racing is the guy in the cop car at the end, to make sure he doesn’t run me over.

(A small aside: In 2006, I did a small half-marathon that I likewise didn’t train much for. I finished second-to-last. So I do have precedents here.)

That said, just in case anyone does happen to be behind me, I designed this shirt to explain my tortoise-like pace (and shape.)

091009 183

That’s the back, get it? See? Anyone behind me will read it. Uh yeah. Good idea to be snarky to the three people behind you, Pam. It’ll just motivate them to catch up to you and trip you.

Oh well. It’s all in good fun.

Speaking of my race, I’m only $22 away from my goal of raising $500 for Children’s Hospital. Twenty-two bucks! It’s not too late to sponsor me….

At least I’m not a complete loser

I just was notified that I won the Editor’s Choice in my category for that blog contest that I kept hounding yall about. That’s somethin’, right? Good for the old ego, in any case.



Sorry, just feeling a little blah today. Was up with Linus again at 1 am, he was just screaming for no discernible reason. A year ago, I would have assumed an ear infection, but they have tubes so I know it’s not that. I think it’s nightmares. It’s just like what happened last week, but this time I didn’t take him out of his room. I took him out of his bed after Miles and Oliver started to wake up, and then laid down on the floor with him, using a pile of laundry as a pillow.

At least this time I was able to get him back in bed before too long. But man, I’m tired today. Blah.

And then there was the weekend. I had to get four new tires for my van, which was an expense we were not expecting. That just sucks. Blah.

Maybe I need to pull up the blinds in my office. The weather is gorgeous outside, I think the sunshine might help my mood.

Or maybe looking at this picture will help…

(hang on, it’s a mental picture – my camera battery is still dead – so I’ll have to describe it to you…)

Picture a slide, like this:

in our backyard

with three giggling little boys climbing and sliding and having fun.

Yeah, now I feel better. 🙂

PS Thanks for all the votes in the contest. It’s over and I didn’t win, but that’s okay. Megan’s blog is certainly worthy of being Best Multiples Blog, so I’m okay about it.

Our weekend

We had a busy weekend! Whew.

The boys stayed at Granny & Grandpa’s house Friday and Saturday night because of my plans. Saturday I went to get my hair colored (thanks Dad for the gray hair. Not Mom. Just Dad.) and then headed to Baton Rouge for my baby cousin Sara’s wedding. I mean, not literally a baby, but I babysat her, so yeah, my baby cousin. She looked just beautiful. And it’s always fun to hang out with my family, especially when there is wine involved and the kids are at Granny & Grandpa’s house.

Unfortunately, George couldn’t come because some MINIVAN decided driving over NAILS would be a GOOD IDEA. Hmmph. Bad minivan. That minivan owes me $600. You know, Minivan, I can think of a LOT more fun things to spend $600 on. NOT tires. Hmmph. So George had to deal with that on Saturday. Fun.

On Sunday, I went to get the boys, and then we went to our friend Annabel’s 2nd birthday party. Oh man. It was Elmo-themed, and I swear I thought the boys’ heads were going to collectively explode at all of the Elmo and Oscar and Ernie and Grover and Big Bird displayed. It was like everywhere they turned, “Ehmo! Ehmo! Bih-Buh! Ennie!”

(Of course my camera battery died before I could get a picture of the boys with the birthday girl. Hopefully I’ll get more pictures from another attendee.)

Heh. So cute. Seriously, not even a Yo Gabba Gabba themed party would have been so exciting for them.

After the party, we headed to the grocery store where I pulled the boys in their wagon while I tried to put two gallons of milk in a reusable grocery bag.

Note: You cannot put two gallons of milk in a reusable grocery bag and expect the handles to stay attached to said bag. Let’s just say I learned that.

And this lesson was taught to me right as my old work friend Shelley walked by. First time I’ve seen her in over five years, and it was as I was, shall we say, struggling. Man. I always have this dream of appearing cool, calm, unfrazzled when I’m out with the boys. But that never seems to happen. Hmm.

So then we went to our friend’s pizza place and hung out. The boys, they love split pea soup! Good discovery.

Funny mix-up

(First…have you voted? Remember, you can vote over and over and over again! I mean, for me. Ha ha!)

So last night, after the boys were zipped into their crib tents but before I turned off the lights (and before Linus woke up screaming inconsolably…but that’s another story) I pulled out a Shel Silverstein book to read them a few poems. Didn’t you love those books when you were little? I did.

I had the book open, and Miles was pointing to it, saying, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

So I looked at the back of it, and figured out why.


Uncanny, isn’t it?

(And as far as Linus goes, I think we got a taste of a nightmare or something. He wouldn’t go near his room after I got him out of bed. We ended up bringing him to bed with us, which is something we’ve never done. And I hope never to have to do again. We only have a queen sized bed!)