Wish List Wednesday

This week’s Wish List Wednesday is going to be devoted to the boys. After all, they have their birthdays and Christmas coming up, and a question I’m getting a lot is “what do they want/need?”

Peapod Plus

The boys are starting to outgrow their Pack n Plays, and they’re going to need something to keep them contained when they’re spending the night away from home.  These come highly recommended. And don’t they look fun? Like camping! (Yeah, because you know me. I loooove camping!)

We need some new Elmo videos. I am so sick of watching the same ones over and over and over and over again. And over.
Sesame Street: Elmo’s Animal Adventures

Sesame Street: Bedtime With Elmo

Sesame Street: Elmo & Friends – Tales of Adventure

Corrors (aka “colors”, “drawing”)

Doodle Pro
I got the boys one of these at a neighborhood toy swap last weekend, and now they fight over it. Time for two more!

Art supplies…but only washable!
Crayola Washable Crayons

Crayola® Washable Fingerpaint

They’re also starting to show some interest in trains, but sadly, we don’t have room for a train table. Maybe when they’re older…

This looks fun, doesn’t it? The boys LOVE taking medicine. I like to think they’ll be doctors one day. At least one of them. Surely the odds are pretty good, right? Heh.
Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Well, that’s enough wishing for this week. Next week, it’s gonna be Mama’s wish list!


My web hosting company is having some issues with the server my site is located on, so please bear with me. Just a few technical difficulties. I haven’t gone anywhere!

A couple of random pictures

First random picture is of the boys eating dinner last night. We got them restaurant-style high chairs for dirt cheap off kids.woot.com a few weeks ago. Too bad they’re seriously fugly. I need to paint them. Which reminds me, I could have done that last weekend. Shoot. Anyway. Not the point. Actually, there is no point. Just look at my boys, all grown up and stuff, eating at the table! Sniff, sniff.


Miles is making a goofy face in the middle there. Silly kid. And ooh, creepy, look at Elmo in the background there. Reminds me of the “ghost” from Three Men and a Baby. Remember that? ha ha ha!

And this picture is not of the boys at all, but it kills me nonetheless. It’s the outfit that I’d get for the boys’ for Christmas if a) we had anything for them to wear it to and b) if I thought they’d actually wear a clip on tie or a velvet(ish) blazer (along with the gray flannel pants and white button down). Dang it Target, why do you have to make these so cute! I guess it’s just as well I can’t spend $25 x 3 on outfits we don’t actually need.


Don’t forget, it’s Cans for Comments for the rest of the month!

Tree hugger

A little known secret about me is that I am actually quite the arborealist. Arborphile. Arborist. Whatever. Even though I generally have a black thumb, when it comes to planting trees, I’m somewhat of a genius. I don’t mean to brag, but it’s true. I have planted three trees in my life now, and while I can’t predict how tree #3 is going to do, trees #1 and 2 are doing quite well, thank you.

Tree #1, a Bradford Pear named Kristina. Named after the one who bought it for me as a housewarming gift five and a half years ago.

Here is the tree and its namesake, a few months after it was planted.
Kristina and her tree (c.1994)

Tree #2 is of unknown species. I got a bundle of seedlings from the Arbor Day Foundation back in 2005ish, and planted them all over. Only this one survived. (Uh oh. Maybe I shouldn’t reveal this fact. This puts a blemish on my tree-planting career, doesn’t it?) Anyway, this thing was the size of a pencil when I stuck it in our front garden.

(I don’t have a picture of it back then, but just imagine, you know, a twig stuck in the ground. I actually did a really nice job of that front garden, but then &$#@ Katrina came and messed it all up. But that little tree survived!

And now we are here at Tree #3, my much longed-for Meyer lemon tree. (Meyer lemons are friggin’ expensive! And hard to find!)

Here is the little tree next to Tree #1. Look how much she’s grown!

And then I dug a hole:

And now she is planted!

It only took about half an hour to dig the hole and plant it and everything. This is fun! I’d turn our yard into a forest if given half a chance. How fun would that be?

For the grandparents

I’ve decided that Saturdays during NaBloPoMo are going to be shameless plugs for my Triple Dip Shop. So there.

Today I’m featuring items for proud grandparents. Grandparents can be tricky, because they’re called so many different things. In that case, I’m happy to do something custom.

For instance, my mom is Grandee, and she has five grandkids, so I made this for her:

Someone else wanted this for her mom:

GaGa needed this shirt:

And how great is this…for the Great-grandparents of twins!

Doesn’t have to be a shirt, either. George’s parents ordered these for their cars:

Let me know if you want something made for your kids’ grandparents. These make great holiday gifts. 😀

Friday the 13th

Woo, I’m scared!

Not really. I have a black cat. Friday the 13th is every day in our house. I also walk under ladders and step on cracks (sorry about your back, Mom.)

I don’t know where I’m going with this. Only that we’re 13 days into November and I signed up for this NaBloPoMo and by golly, I’m going to post every day this month.

I could talk about the boys’ upcoming birthday party. How about that? It’s going to be at the Children’s Museum here, because after last year, I vowed never to have it at home again. No way. Too much work, our house is too small, and the weather in December is too iffy. Might be cold, might not be, might be rainy, might not be.

A bajillion kids in the playroom: (and yes, Natural Light.)

Not to mention, I didn’t get a single good picture of the boys last year eating their cake. I got a few red-eyed, washed out shots, but nothing good. Nothing of the outdoor decor (I got strings of pennants like you see at car dealerships and bunches of helium balloons, I’m sure it was pretty. I don’t even think I saw it, I was so rushed) not to mention not one of all five of us.

So this year is going to be different. Let the Children’s Museum people set it up and clean up later. All we have to do is bring some food and drinks.

Now. It’s still me. I can’t just let it be a generic Children’s Museum party, right? Back in the summer, I got a great deal on these Martha Stewart monkey-themed party decorations. So I snapped up a bunch of them and the boys are having a monkey-themed party. (This year is rather monkey-themed, what with their Halloween costumes and monkey tennis shoes.) (No, they’re not wearing their costumes to their party.) (But the thought did cross my mind.)

And this year, I’m NOT feeling the need to make cupcakes from scratch. It’s gonna be boxed mix all the way this year. Or possibly a trip to Sam’s or the grocery store. It’s possible I did order too many different cupcake flags and toppers from Etsy and we might end up with six times more cupcakes than necessary, just to accommodate them all, but that’s okay. Nothing wrong with too many cupcakes! No such thing!

Last year’s slaved-over cupcakes: (and yes, Natural Light.)

I have the birthday banner I made last year that I spent countless hours on, and this year I’m going to get pictures of the boys under it. Maybe even with George and I! Dare to dream….

4 years!

Happy Anniversary, Georgie!

Who knew that this naive, young, sweet, innocent couple, who just wanted, you know, one or two kids…

…would end up like this?

It’s been fun so far, looking forward to many more years!

Picture post!

A few pictures of my goofy kids from my mom’s house on Monday…

Miles likes to wear things on his head. I guess in 20 years, this will be a lampshade, eh?

110609 077

Miles on the scary death-trap rocking horse that belonged to my brother. My brother who is almost 40. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Mom, I know. We all played on it, and we’re still alive.

110609 086

Just a cute picture, that’s all.

110609 087

This one’s for my uncles.

110609 101

Oliver wants the camera.

110609 107

So sweet…Miles and my mom. I love how he’s just holding one finger. So cute. 🙂

110609 108a

See? What’d I tell you?

110609 111


It’s Tuesday, but it feels like Monday. You know, since yesterday was a “vacation” day. It was definitely nice to go to my Mom’s (it’s always nice to go to my Mom’s) but it would have been nicer if, say, it had been a weekend. Or not a yucky gray day when my mom had to have major dental work.

Oh well. At least I got to see Finding Nemo 1,734,334 times. Whew!

I did get some cute pictures that I’ll have to post. Tomorrow. Because it’s Nablopomo and I might have nothing to say tomorrow. We can’t risk that!

I will say, we got our pro pics back from my awesome wedding photographer, and in spite of the fact that I have three little monkey monsters who will not sit still for the camera, she got some great shots. I mean, they may not all be smiling, but the pictures definitely capture their spirit and essence and all that jazz. So I’m happy. And I’m designing some really fun holiday cards with them. So that’s fun, right? (In other words, no, you won’t be seeing them here. At least not until I decide which one(s) I’m using for the cards.)

Wait, okay. You can have this one. It’s Miles. In mid-“HOP!” hee!


Hurricane day!

I mean Tropical Storm day!

We’re in Baton Rouge now, at my mom’s. George wanted me to bring the boys here, just in case we end up with power outages due to Ida. So I guess it’s like a little vacation day for us!

I don’t have much to post right now (I need to upload pics, but can’t do it here) but I do want to answer Amy’s question about the boys’ shirts in the last picture. I got them from an Etsy seller. I loooove Etsy! My friend Sara makes them, they’re so cute, don’t you think? And I’m all about supporting fellow moms of multiples.

Tie onesie/t-shirt

and now I’m getting off the subject, but how freaking awesome is this shirt? You can get it with a detachable cape!!! Ack, the cuteness is killing me!!!

Today’s post

…is a picture. Because I’m tired from a late night last night. (The fun kind, not the “up at 1 am with a screaming child” kind.)


What, you might ask, is the secret behind these three angels sitting still and looking in the general direction of the camera? Why, raisins and Elmo, of course. (I was standing in front of the TV.)

Presents, presents, presents!

Since I have to post every day in November, you can bet some of these posts are going to be about my Triple Dip Shop. And telling you that you should probably consider buying some of the items in the shop for your favorite triplet-ish person in your life.

I mean, we have stuff for mom and dad:
(Okay, this one might get your butt kicked by some singleton parents, but it’s funny! Admit it!)

To stave off the questions:

Mom to be:

and of course, the kids
Copy and Paste (get two Pastes if you have identical triplets!)

and my personal favorite, Rock, Paper, and Scissors

Or look at this one, for the kids that get sick of answering:

And there’s SO much more! It’s fun designing these, and take it from me, pretty fun to wear them too.

Oh yeah, and you know I haven’t forgotten my twin friends

Don’t think this is the last of the posts about my shop. I have so many more designs to show you, with more coming!