Merry Christmas!

We had a lovely day yesterday, spent it at home with my mom and Larry. They brought the turkey, dressing, spinach, and sweet potatoes, while I made the butternut squash and potatoes. (And failed not once, but TWICE at making supposedly easy bread. Grrrr….)

One of my favorite gifts was the lens for my camera that I’ve been coveting. (It’s a 35mm f/2 for my Canon DSLR.) Now I can take pictures of all three boys without having to stand in Kansas! (My previous favorite lens, a 50mm, was a bit too zoomed in for triplets.)

Here are some pictures from yesterday…(not all taken with my new lens)

They actually seemed marginally excited about the blankets I made them:

George’s favorite gift, the Muno (from Yo Gabba Gabba) shirt I made (ooh, I was crafty this year!)

The dudes all hanging out:

Miles and Linus, looking an awful lot alike:

George and Oliver:

Me being artsy fartsy with my new lens:

Miles and Linus playing with the Legos Aunt Jenny sent:

Linus in his new portable bed:

Miles and Linus brushing their teeth:

Mama is BRAVE.

Yesterday, George had his work Christmas party from 3-6, and since I pick up the boys from daycare at 4:30, I knew I’d have to figure out something to do with the boys instead of just going home. I mean, I could have done that, but that’s not fun! Where’s your sense of adventure?

I debated between going grocery shopping (because it desperately needs to be done) and taking them to Barnes & Noble to play with the choo choo trains. I ultimately decided on Barnes & Noble because I figured the grocery store would be a madhouse, and the boys do not like to sit in the cart for that long. (I get one of the race car carts – two can sit in the race car, one in the basket seat.)

Overall, it was a successful trip. Perhaps because of karma? See, back in 2002-3, I worked in the children’s department at Barnes & Noble. It was a really fun job, and I made some really good friends from my stint there. But dangit, I cleaned up enough mess from other peoples’ kids that it was time to bring my kids to make their own mess!

Thankfully, they didn’t really make a mess. When we got into the store, they were pretty overwhelmed by everything. There was a display of kids’ books at the front of the store and they definitely wanted to stop and look at those, but we made it back to the children’s department without incident. They all made a beeline for the bargain section (whew!) and all picked up the same Nemo book. And then I led them over to the stage where they all sat down and “read” their books. (Or tried to rip the CDs out of the back.)

Then they played with the choo choos for a bit, and then we made our way to the cafe for some milk and a scone. There were some tears at that point, but I let them sit in the chairs like big boys and that made them moderately happy. I only had to buy one copy of the Nemo book, too. Hurrah!

So yeah, a pretty good trip. Not without some tears, but at least they weren’t MY tears!

Ho Ho Ho!

As usual, I was indecisive. And Shutterfly was having a good deal, so I got these cards as well. But only a few, and I didn’t send that many of them out. If you don’t know they’re triplets, you just think I put three pictures of one kid in the card, right?


Or maybe not. They do look pretty different from each other in those pictures, don’t they? That’s good.

So I never blogged about our weekend. It was…tiring. The boys were not feeling great, they had fevers off and on, some wheezing off and on, so we stuck close to home most of the time. Which just makes us all antsy and cabin fever-y.

Friday night, we went for a walk, and then got pizza at our friends’ pizza place on the way back. Yum. The weather was so nice, FINALLY, after a week of disgustingness.

Saturday, we wanted to go to the aquarium, but we kind of got off to a late start. The ferry was acting all weird and it took us forever to cross the river. I swear, the boat captain was like a teenager who just learned to parallel park. It took like eight tries to get up next to the dock. It would have been funny if I hadn’t had three four three grumpy males with me.

Finally, we got to the aquarium, about 40 minutes before closing time. Enough time to say hi to Bruce and Mr Ray and Nemo and Dory, at least.

(Check out this cute video)

After the aquarium, we headed back to the ferry. It was sitting at the dock, but we didn’t think we’d make it, so we briefly considered waiting for the next one. Thank god we didn’t – there WAS no next one! Turns out the ferry was having issues, so they were not going to be running it anymore after that one. I don’t know what we would have done if we’d gotten stuck on the other side of the river. The only thing we could have done was send George in a taxi to our house to pick up the van. Ugh!

So we got on the ferry (whew) and ran into our friends MC and Millie! Millie is a few weeks younger than the boys, and just loooooves them. I guess my boys are still in the “girls are icky” phase.

Check out another cute video!

(Can you tell, I had the Flip with me, but not my camera)

Finally, we made it home, put the boys to bed, etc, etc. I did some holiday baking.

Sunday was more hanging out at the house. We went and had brunch with friends, which was nice, and were going to go to the Children’s Museum, but the boys took a long nap, so we missed that. No biggie.

Now I’m really tired. Oliver was up screaming this morning at 5:15 so I brought him to bed with us, at which point, no one slept. (Well, except Linus and Miles. But Miles was up at 1am, screaming for his binky. So there.)

I love my boys, but they are exhausting. Why did no one tell me triplets would be so exhausting?

(I kid.)

When they grow up…

Carrie (twin mama and blog reader) asked me a question and since I’m always looking for ideas for blog posts, I thought I’d answer it. And even though I have some stuff to blog about, if I don’t answer this now, I’ll forget. So here goes:

If you had to guess right now about what each of your boys will be when they grow up (occupation wise), based on their current personalities/likes/dislikes, what would you guess?

Gosh. This is hard. It’s going to sound bad, but just the other day I was thinking, “if someone asked me to describe how the boys are different, I’d have a really difficult time doing that.” Not because they’re all the same, but because I have a hard time putting it into words, you know?

But let me give it a try…

Linus: I’ve noticed in the past few days, especially, that he has an aptitude for letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. He recognized a “10”, for goodness’s sake. And last night, he was holding a piece of plastic from some toy packaging or something like that, and was holding it up to me, saying “F!” Sure enough, the piece of plastic was sort of shaped like an F. I’m going to go with something like engineering or medicine.

Oliver: A sensitive soul, but also a bit of a bully. Knows what he wants and if someone else has it, well, too bad. Loves to color and draw. I think he’s a bit more right-brained than Linus, so let’s say…tortured artist? He also showed an early aptitude to kicking a ball, so maybe throw athlete in there too. Perhaps a soccer star who paints on the side?

Miles: The joker. Always has a sly look in his eyes. Loves to make you giggle. Will try to carry eight things at once. Horrible tragedy ensues if something is dropped. I’m thinking….actor? Circus performer? Stand-up comedian?

Hmmmm….what do you think?

Not babies anymore…

I took a bunch of pictures of the boys while they were eating dinner last night so I could post some good haircut pictures. Man, they’re growing up fast!

And for the record, we don’t have yellow lightbulbs in our house. I’m not sure why the pictures all have this overly yellow cast. Maybe my white balance is all screwed up. I’ll take a look at that. (We don’t even use tungsten bulbs in our house – they’re all compact fluorescents.)

Miles in a good mood

Miles in a bad mood

Oliver in a bossy mood

Oliver’s funny face

Oliver’s happy face!

Linus’s happy face

Linus’s unhappy face

The new haircut

You can’t tell, but I’m typing this entry verrrrry slowly. I just got back from a very leisurely lunch at Commander’s Palace with my colleages and my tummy is quite full. It was so yummy, mmmm.

Dessert was bread pudding souffle. Oh man.


Okay, okay, I gotta wake up! Here are some pictures of Miles’s new haircut. I’m planning to tackle the other two heads tonight..
Miles's new haircut

Miles's new haircut

Miles's new haircut

Cute, eh?

Okay, I need to go lie down now…under my desk…zzzzzz

It’s not too late…

…to order some items from my Triple Dip Shop for Christmas! I just noticed that Cafepress (who does the dirty work of printing and shipping out the shirts/mugs/etc) is upgrading all shipping to ensure you get your goodies in time for the holidays. (They’re doing this for all orders placed by Wednesday.)

So in case you need some gifts for your favorite triplets

or twins

Mom and Dad

or siblings of multiples

or Grandma and Grandpa

or the lucky mom-to-be of multiples

(just to name a few), you’re not out of luck!

And yes, I almost promise that this is the last time I’ll post today. Maybe. We’ll see.

And the yuck continues…

The weather here, thanks to El Nino, is just disgusting. Rain rain rain rain and more rain. Last night, the power went out while the boys were eating dinner. It just went pitch black. Poor little dudes were terrified. I don’t blame them! I blindly ran upstairs to get some candles, and they sort of finished their dinner. We brought them to Granny and Grandpa’s house for the night, since they still had power.

Fortunately, by the time George and I got back home, the power was back on and my red beans and rice on the stove were still warm enough to continue cooking. I’m not sick today, so I guess they were okay! Ha!

The funny thing is, I gave Miles a haircut before dinner, and was going to cut the other two after dinner. So now he’s shorn and the other two aren’t. Don’t worry, it’s not too short. I put the longest guard on the clippers and just went all over his head (while he giggled because it tickled) but I’m glad it didn’t end up too much like a crew-cut. My boys are still my babies, you see. I’m not ready for big boy haircuts. But I am ready to stop going to salons for haircuts. Hopefully Oliver and Linus will behave for their cuts tonight…

(No pictures yet, hopefully I’ll have some later to post.)

In blog-related news, I added one of those Google Friend Connect widgets on the side over to the right. Follow me! And while you’re at it, click on this button to vote for my blog…

Weekend fun and yuck

Well, even though the weather was disgustingly yucky all weekend, it was a nice one. Saturday morning was our quad friends’ birthday party (you know, the girls who were born 12 hours after the boys?) at a kids’ gym place. It was a great party, the boys could run and play on everything. Thank goodness my friend was able to get that place for the party – up until the night before, the party was scheduled to be outside at a park!

In spite of the fact that my weird children insisted on carrying around a Thomas DVD case (Miles) and a hairbrush (Oliver) the whole time, we had a great time.




Look how cute these girls are!


After the party, I brought the boys to Granny and Grandpa’s house to hang out. And I went Christmas shopping. Got a lot done, whew. First I went to the mall, and then I went to this other outdoor shopping center. Where it poured so hard that I had to roll up my jeans and take off my shoes to wade to my car. Yeah. Nice. All of the streets around it were badly flooded so I was stuck. Finally, I decided enough was enough, and I braved the waters. Thank god I have a minivan, that’s all I’m saying. It was bad.

On Sunday, we were supposed to go to a family party in Baton Rouge, but sadly, it was cancelled. So I did a little decorating and picture hanging and TV watching and Christmas gift making. Look, I finally hung these pictures after a mere ten months!

The mantle, all decorated

School pictures!

No words needed for this post…


Okay, well maybe a few. You may wonder why Oliver (on the left – they’re TOTALLY out of order here. Miles is in the middle, Linus on the right) looks like he swallowed Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Well, see, the photographers who took these pictures used a green screen and then digitally added in the background later. It’s true that they specified no green clothes in the pictures, but I thought they would take off the sweaters. Wouldn’t that make more sense? Anyway, it’s funnier this way, don’t you think?