When they grow up…

Carrie (twin mama and blog reader) asked me a question and since I’m always looking for ideas for blog posts, I thought I’d answer it. And even though I have some stuff to blog about, if I don’t answer this now, I’ll forget. So here goes:

If you had to guess right now about what each of your boys will be when they grow up (occupation wise), based on their current personalities/likes/dislikes, what would you guess?

Gosh. This is hard. It’s going to sound bad, but just the other day I was thinking, “if someone asked me to describe how the boys are different, I’d have a really difficult time doing that.” Not because they’re all the same, but because I have a hard time putting it into words, you know?

But let me give it a try…

Linus: I’ve noticed in the past few days, especially, that he has an aptitude for letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. He recognized a “10”, for goodness’s sake. And last night, he was holding a piece of plastic from some toy packaging or something like that, and was holding it up to me, saying “F!” Sure enough, the piece of plastic was sort of shaped like an F. I’m going to go with something like engineering or medicine.

Oliver: A sensitive soul, but also a bit of a bully. Knows what he wants and if someone else has it, well, too bad. Loves to color and draw. I think he’s a bit more right-brained than Linus, so let’s say…tortured artist? He also showed an early aptitude to kicking a ball, so maybe throw athlete in there too. Perhaps a soccer star who paints on the side?

Miles: The joker. Always has a sly look in his eyes. Loves to make you giggle. Will try to carry eight things at once. Horrible tragedy ensues if something is dropped. I’m thinking….actor? Circus performer? Stand-up comedian?

Hmmmm….what do you think?

3 thoughts on “When they grow up…

  1. Ann

    Yeah.. I agree with Miles’s. As he likes to sing and music. I think mommy’s guess should be right for Linus and Oliver too. 🙂


  2. Carrie

    I love this!

    It helps us to understand a little bit more about their personalities. And you have to keep this so that you can pull it out in 20 years and read it to them.

    Thanks for doing this!



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