35 + 1/365

Had a great birthday yesterday! Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Spent Friday evening with a few girlfriends and a bottle of wine, and then Saturday morning I was not awakened by three two year olds. Well, I kinda was, but I didn’t have to get up. I laid in bed while they were changed, fed, and brought back to the playroom. Then I had my breakfast and only after that did I grace them with my presence.

We put the boys down for a nap shortly after our friend Julie and her husband arrived, and then George and I headed out to lunch. We went to Palace Cafe to have the best hamburgers in the whole wide world, and then walked around the French Quarter to find a birthday gift for a friend’s seven year old. It was cold, but so sunny and clear that I didn’t care that I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes.

After we got back home, we played with the boys for a little while and then got them ready for the seven year old’s birthday party. That was fun! There was pizza (not that I ate any, after our huge lunch) and chocolate cake (I did eat that) and homemade ice cream (ditto) and light sabers for the boys and twinkling wands for the girls (or whatever…see yesterday’s post) and wine for the adults and all sorts of fun toys for the kids to play with. We spent a couple of hours there until the boys’ stench forced us home to change diapers.

Lightsaber fight!

Sparkly wands are fun too…and note the DVD cases.

The boys were absolutely insane when we got home. I mean, talk about a sugar high (though I suspect it was more from the caffeine in the cake)…they were spinning and jumping and yelling and running and giggling and doing fine impersonations of tornadoes. We were a little scared they wouldn’t go to sleep, but we put them in bed at seven and they crashed hard. Whew.

A couple of girlfriends came over, and we got takeout Chinese food and drank yet more wine and played on the Wii but mostly just gossiped and chatted and all that good stuff.

And that was my perfect birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚

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