Took the boys to a sports superstore today to get them Saints t-shirts. (Yes, we’re fair weather fans.) They loved looking at the shoes most of all.

(Sorry for the crappy picture today, I took it with my cellphone.)

7 thoughts on “01/21/10

  1. cindy

    First of all, I love them!!! So stinking cute! When are you gonna come out here again!?!
    Second of all, EVERY SINGLE PICTURE I take of the kids nowadays is with my cameraphone. Seriously…once they started walking, I could not keep track of the camera.
    Third of all, I am rooting for your saints! πŸ™‚


  2. Jill

    I’m impressed that they are not on leashes….you are such a brave woman. Mine are 18 months and I’m not sure if I will ever let them roam free.
    Yeah..I like the dvd cases too!! Whatever works is my motto!


  3. Esther

    Cute…I would love to know how you do it with the three of them without the stroller or the “leashes”. I still have to keep my 17 months old twins in the stroller in the stores or they would be everwhere and all over in no time.

    Any ideas/suggestions that have worked for you? I would love to know..thanks…hope you found the shirts that you wanted!


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