02/18/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

It’s not enough to hold the DVD cases anymore. Now it is necessary to remove the cover from the case, and then beg Mommy or Daddy to “fiss it”. Over and over and over and over again. Yow.

6 thoughts on “02/18/10

  1. Zoie

    My son now wants to carry around his dvd case. I guess I let him watch the video of Oliver and Miles one too many times. LOL


  2. Dodge34

    Wait till they want to handle the DVD, be ready to copy each DVD on your computer and give them only copies and keep the original safe where they can’t reach for them, its a lot cheaper to make a fresh copy than buying the same dvd again and again from the store, especially with kids dvd (Disney, Ice Age, Bob the Builder and many more)


  3. Linda

    I have all of them hidden now for this reason. They want to have the case, they fight over the case, they want to watch whatever it is they find, then they tear it apart and want me to fix it. Good times!!


  4. Andrea

    So my son (just 2) prefers the actual DVD (or DVDV as he calls them). The previous poster is smart- I need to start copying them to the computer as we have lost many a good DVD.


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