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Is it wrong to laugh at your son when he’s put his shirt on upside-down and backwards? And has managed to stick his arm through an armhole?

Well, then I’m wrong.


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The reason I got no sleep last night. Yes, that’s the boy and THAT’s the DVD case.

(He’s sleeping without any DVD tonight, thank goodness.)

The dark side of obsession

So all three boys are sick right now. Nothing huge, but there’s coughing and wheezing and because of this, I slept with my ear more finely tuned to the sound of crying toddlers last night.

Well. At about 1:00, I was jolted out of a nice slumber by the sound of hysterical crying. I’m still not great about telling who is who over the monitor, but I had a feeling it was Oliver. Maybe a nightmare? Or he was having trouble breathing?

Heart pounding, I raced out of bed into his room and unzipped his crib tent.

(Here’s where I really, really wish I had a night-vision camera or something, so you could see for yourself.)

Oliver was sitting up, clutching the DVD case in one hand, and the cover in the other. He couldn’t get the cover back in the sleeve, and by golly, who can sleep when a DVD cover is out of its case? (Kinda like this)

No one in our house, obviously.

So I put the cover back in, and he laid right down and fell back asleep.

Pardon my French, but you gotta be shittin’ me.

Best part?

He did it again half an hour later.

Wedding weekend

So this weekend our friends Lindsay and Trip got married! Lindsay was George’s best (wo)man, and he stood up for her on Saturday night.

George all gussied up:

The ceremony (sorry ’bout the yucky cellphone pics)

Didn’t get any pictures at the reception, I was too busy eating the yummy food and playing with various infants.

Then there was an after party at the pub…
Me and George:

Lindsay and George:

Our good friends Polly and Colin, in from Pittsburgh:

Congrats to the happy couple!

Meanwhile, some time on Saturday, I hurt my back, so I was in dreadful pain all through the wedding and on Sunday. Thank goodness I still had a pain pill left from my c-section. Whew.

The boys stayed at Granny and Grandpa’s, but are sick now with colds and wheezing. No rest for the weary!


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Milesy isn’t feeling too hot. Poor little monkey. And neither is Mommy, hence the not-so-great picture.

One day I’ll get thanked at the Oscars

At least, that’s what I hope will happen as the result of posting this…

My brother, Evan, has been making short films for as long as I can remember. He’s had success with some of them (ever heard of a little film festival called Sundance?) and now he’s a finalist in this contest. It’s called Get L.A., and I need you to vote for his film. Because if he wins, maybe I can convince him to give me a shout-out when he makes it to the Oscars and wins.

You never know….

The film is Eagle Rock (Los Angeles) California, and if you want to one day be able to say, “hey, I know that chick!” when he thanks “my sister, Pam”, then go here and vote for it.