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They all just wanted to sit together in the chair that was just an eensy bit too small for all three…


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This is how I found Miles in his pack n play at nap time. Wearing his Easter basket as a hat. I can’t even imagine how or why he did this.


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Three smiles! The boys were having so much fun running up and down the grass on the side of the total stranger’s house in my mom’s neighborhood.


Note to self: Never have sushi for lunch on a Thursday anymore.

My weigh in didn’t go great, I only lost .2 lbs. That’s 0.2. One fifth of a pound.

But I know I did well last week. I stayed within my points all week. Let’s face it, for the past two weeks I’ve been eating a lot better (and a lot less) than I was before that. So I know that that zero-point-two isn’t an accurate reflection of my hard work. It’s a reflection of salty soy sauce on my sushi. (Oooh, alliteration!) Even though I used the low-sodium kind, I know that sushi makes me hold on to water weight and totally screws up the scale.

So next week, I’ll have a nice, sensible, low-in-sodium lunch, and just to be safe, I’ll wear a sundress. A very lightweight sundress.

Change of subject! I’ve been scanning more pictures. And some people have asked what kind of scanner I got. It’s a Pandigital Personal Scanner and it scans at 600dpi up to 5×7 prints. So far, so good! (No, I was not compensated or anything for this.)

Here are a few more old pictures I thought I’d share…

In college, I managed a daiquiri bar for a while. As you can see, I was a very responsible and mature young woman.

And my friend Ren, you know her? She also worked there! (PS Happy Birthday, Ren!)

As a child, I was quite stylish.

Oooh, here’s a picture I found from my brother’s wedding. Pretty! I cant’ believe they’ve been married for almost 14 years. Holy cow!

Okay, I’ll stop now.

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Blast from the past

For the past several years, I’ve been on a search for a scanner that I could use to easily scan the hundreds of photos that I have from the pre-digital days. I was very excited to find one on Amazon for a reasonable price and with decent reviews, so I ordered it. I got it yesterday and started scanning away. (While watching TV, which is the best part about this scanner, it doesn’t even need to be hooked up to a computer!)

So now of course I want to share some random old pictures…

My dad! From a cruise we took as a family in 1998, just a couple of months before he died. He hardly ever drank, but c’mon, when in Mexico…ya gotta have a margarita! (And he was just being silly here with the fake scowl.)

Here I am in the middle of marathon #2, the 2003 Marine Corps Marathon. I ran it and raised money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

A truly horrific photo of myself, circa probably 2001ish? And my friend Chris. This picture is what I consider to be an “inspiration pic” for WW. As in, let me get inspired to NEVER look like that again.

This is from The Most Perfect Day, Ever. (Pre-babies and marriage, of course.) This was in London, circa 2001, I think.

And here’s a random picture of me from a music festival in Englad in the summer of 1997.

Oooh, best Halloween costumes ever. We were bags of tea!

And we decorated Kristina’s car like a box of tea. This was 1998.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

Cool stuff

Last night, because they were filming a movie a few yards from our house (more on that later), we couldn’t park in front of our house (we park on the street.) So we decided to be brave and take the boys to IHOP for dinner.

George was stunned at how well it went. Me, not so much. I’ve taken them to restaurants with my mom and Ren and Kristina and other friends, but not as much with just the five of us. They were so good. They sat in high chairs, they colored, they ate their pancakes and eggs, and didn’t even whine when I left to go to the bathroom. It was awesome!

The movie they’re filming is a TV movie for ABC Family starring Raven Symone. It’s called Revenge of the Bridesmaids, which is the only reason I can think of why they didn’t immediately grab the boys out of the yard and stick them in the movie. I suppose there’s not much call for toddlers in this movie. Hmmm. They’ll just have to be discovered another day.

Here’s a not-so-good picture of the commotion going on.

Here’s a slightly better one George took with his phone:

Today’s my Weight Watchers meeting! I’ve been doing really well with my eating, staying on plan and everything. Even after eating at IHOP yesterday! Woo hoo! Let’s just hope the scale reflects my work. For the last two weeks, I wore jeans and a lightweight top. Today I switched to some khakis that are lighter than jeans and the same top as last week, I think. Every week my clothes will have to weigh just a litttttttle bit less than the week before. Or I’ll have to wear the same clothes every week. Hmm.

I’m still giggling at the pictures of Miles throwing Woody in the air. Here are a few more:





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This picture cracks me up. Miles was throwing two Woody dolls against the wall of the house (why? who knows…) and I just liked taking pictures of the airborne dolls.


I think I’m having too much fun making movies.

But look! The DVD cases have (temporarily?) been swapped out for their Woody dolls. (Funnyish story. The first Woody doll is one I got back in 1999ish as a gift from a friend. So I gave it to the boys to play with. They loved it so much, I went to the Disney store and got two more Woody dolls, only these don’t talk when you push the button. So I had to go on eBay and order some “vintage” talking Woody dolls to avoid fights.)


04/19/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

It’s pathetic that I feel the need to post pictures of my kids eating vegetables whenever it happens, but darnit, it’s so rare I have to document it! Otherwise, I might never believe it.

And it does seem to always be Miles, hmmm.

But do you know what’s really pathetic? I made a little movie with all of the pictures of him eating this darn green bean. Hee hee!

Fun at the park

The weather this weekend was so beautiful that after I picked up the boys from Granny and Grandpa’s yesterday afternoon, I took them to the park. We have this great park in our neighborhood that’s fenced in and has slides and swings and best of all…DIRT!

I swear, they spent most of their time either rolling around in the dirt of throwing their Woody dolls in the dirt. Ahhh, two year old boys are such fun!

Cowboy down!

Going down the slide (Linus)

Future girlfriend Millie (and I’m quite proud of this picture, thank you very much)

The world was made for twins….a melancholy picture

Playing with their big boy friend Liam…

More smilin’ Miles

I’d love this one more if he didn’t have a goldfish peeking out of his mouth

Happy Linus:

After they wore themselves out at the park, we went to our friend’s pizza place and ate dinner.

I wish the weather would stay mild so we could have more days like this. Sigh….

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