IMG_9103A contemplative Oliver.

Maybe he’s thinking about how awesome it is that Mommy has managed to complete half of her 365 project! Woo hoo!


Pretending to be a food blogger

On Sunday evening, Kristina and I made pizza from scratch. Holy cow, it was yummy. I used to make it all the time, before my friends opened their pizza place down the street. (Oh yeah, and before I had three kids.) So first, we made the dough…I am a huge fan of America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated, and the recipe this time came from The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. Seriously love that book. I found the recipe here, but I used my standing mixer and I divided the dough into thirds at the end.

It rose and rested while we put the boys to bed, and after they were asleep, we got to work. I heated the oven as hot as it would go, with the pizza stone inside. This is the key to a really crisp crust. We chopped ingredients, and I took pictures. Heh.
Artichokes, basil (fresh from my garden, thankyouverymuch), spinach, and kalamata olives. Yum.

I stretched out the dough (forgot to get parchment paper, but foil worked okay) and we piled on the toppings. Not too many, though.

Put it in the oven, and 10 minutes later, a gorgeous pizza!

Oooh, don’t forget to sprinkle on the basil at the end!


(Okay, fine. I’m no Smitten Kitchen or Pioneer Woman or Crumbly Cookie. That’s cool.)

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Weekend with Kiki

My bestest friend came to visit this weekend. Kristina to me, Kiki to the boys. We had lots of fun.

I brought the boys to pick her up from the airport on Thursday afternoon. They were a sight, walking though the terminal, holding hands. I like to think we made a few harried business travelers smile. Or curse with frustration that three two-year-olds were blocking the path. One of those. Obviously I was too busy making sure they didn’t run onto an airplane to take any pictures of that.

After the airport, we stopped for dinner and then went to get some frozen yogurt. Yummmmy! Then we got home, put the boys to bed, and Kristina and I played Super Mario Galaxy 2. We’re a tad obsessed with it.

I took Friday off work so we could play more SMG2 and go have lunch. We went to meet Ren at Commander’s for 25 cent martinis delicious food. This is us after our 25 cent martinis delicious food:

After lunch, Kristina and I ran home to play more SMG2 until it was time to pick up the boys from school. Later that night, we went to see Sex and the City 2 at the new fancy movie theater here. We had wine and more fancy food. Will definitely have to go back with George, but maybe when a different movie is showing. Yeah.

Saturday was quite the whirlwind adventure. We left the house after breakfast, and drove to my mom’s house to pick up the boys’ portable beds. We ate lunch there and hung out for a bit, admiring my mom and Larry’s new patio. Then we hit the road again and headed to Ren’s house. We went swimming (the boys did pretty well, considering they kind of hate swimming) and then there was some grilling of delicious chicken by Ren’s cousin while I set up the new “jumpy” my mom got the boys…






After all the jumping and bouncing, the kids were put in bed, the cousins went home, and Ren, Kristina, and I watched the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. Almost funny-bad. Please, save your money.

Sunday morning, we all had breakfast, then Kristina and I loaded up the boys to head back home. We stopped for lunch (as I’ve already posted about) and then went to the aquarium. After looking at the fish, we got snowballs.

And then we headed home and relaxed until the boys went to bed, at which point Kristina and I acted like chefs and made pizza from scratch. Yeah, like homemade dough and everything. It was deeeelicious. I took pictures, like a dork, but will post those tomorrow.

Today, Kiki went home. Booo!

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We took the boys to eat lunch at Parkway Tavern on Sunday. Sooooo yummy! And they were so well-behaved, too. The people who ended up sitting next to us commended them on their good behavior. That makes me feel good!



Miles in mid-jump and Chloe in mid-squeal, in the “jumpy” my mom got the boys. It’s so fun!




I love Oliver’s toothy smile. Which is unlike those of his brothers, because of their binky habit. Which we are planning to break them of this weekend. Wish us luck!



Aunt Kiki (Kristina) came in town and we took the boys to get dinner. They were, um, pretty well-behaved. You know, if you don’t count the “standing on the bench” part. Ah well, at least it was early and no one was around us and the waitress was charmed by them.

Nice evening

We live in an awesome neighborhood. During the summer, they have a weekly concert series somewhere in the neighborhood, so we took the boys last night. The weather was perfect (well, as perfect as summer in New Orleans can be) – it had rained all day so it had cooled off a tiny bit and it wasn’t too humid.

We walked down there…

…ate some pizza…

…drank some juice…

…Miles looked on at people suspiciously…

…Linus got a sweaty fauxhawk…

…new toys were played with…

…and we listened to the music.

So then, it got better. My friend Terry and her family moved back to New Orleans this week! After four years away, I’m so glad they’re back. They have two daughters who are four and six, who were just babies when they left.

And today, Kristina’s coming to visit! So I’m going to bring the boys to the airport to pick her up. They’ve been talking for days about going to see Kiki and the airplanes. Fun!