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“Look Mommy! Raisins!”

Linus, my budding artist.

Two and a half, times three

This is kind of what having three two and a half year olds is like.

All doing their own thing, going their own way.


(Photo by Amanda, who took some pictures of the boys back in May. Cute, yes?)


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Yes, that would be homemade pesto (made with almonds due to George’s pine nut allergy) made with basil I grew atop a pizza crust I also made from scratch.




I might be figuring out my new flash. Maybe. This is the best picture I’ve taken with it so far, lighting-wise. Who knew a flash could be so confusing?

2.5 year stats

We took the boys to the pediatrician for their 2.5 year well child visit and here are their newest stats. (Not sure if it matters that we took them a month and a half late. Whoops!

Linus: 30.7 lbs (50th); 36.5″ tall (50-75th)
Oliver: 30.6 lbs (50th); 37″ tall (75th)
Miles: 29.9 lbs (25-50th); 36.6″ tall (50-75th)

So as usual, Linus and Oliver were almost the same, and Miles was our lil’ peanut. Funny how he just maintains that little difference in his weight, even now. At birth, Oliver and Linus were a few grams apart, and Miles was 7 oz lighter, and it seems like he’s still about the same number of ounces now (don’t make me do the math!) which means the gap is shrinking since they weigh about nine times more than they did at birth.

For the record, at their 2 year well visit, their stats were:

Linus: 28.5 lbs (50-75th); 34.1″ tall (25-50th); HC 50.5cm (90th)
Oliver: 28.9 lbs (50-75th); 34.3″ tall (25-50th); HC 50.5cm (90th)
Miles: 27.9 lbs (25-50th); 33.2″ tall (10-25th); HC 50cm (75-90th)

So it looks like they all gained about 2 lbs and 2.5 inches in the last seven months.

(I know…borrrrring! This is more for my own records.) (Since I never made a baby book.) (And let’s face it, I’m pretty sure it ain’t gonna happen now.)



Playing at the pediatrician’s office before their appointment. I’m not so sure I like that they are learning to undo all these locks and latches…



Being artsy-fartsy again. Looking at the boys in the little mirror in the van. Miles was waving at himself there. “HI MILESY!”