Okay, tonight’s the last night…

Linus and Miles get their binkies for ONE MORE NIGHT. That’s it. That also probably means Mommy and Daddy get ONE MORE NIGHT of sleep. Gaah!

(In case you’re worried, Oliver gets to keep his thumb. Forever.)

So here’s the plan. Tomorrow we’re going to meet Granny and Grandpa at the mall. At the Build-A-Bear store, specifically. G&G will help Oliver pick out his own bear, while George and I will work with Miles and Linus on their bears. Binkies will go in the bears’ tummies and will then get sewn up. And NO, I’m not worried about them ripping the bears open. Everyone asks me this. Do you think my kids have superhuman strength or something?

And then G&G will take Oliver to their house and spoil him mercilessly, while George and I do everything in our power to wear Linus and Miles out, so they will sleep like babies and not even WONDER where the binkies went.

Sounds good, eh?

We’ll see.

In the meantime, here are some pictures you won’t ever see again…

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11 thoughts on “Okay, tonight’s the last night…

  1. julie

    Good luck with “Operation Binky Bear” – I’ll be looking forward to Sunday’s post! I remember when my now 5 year-old was told no more pacifier. It was so funny to watch him sleep at night because his mouth was constantly in “suck” mode even without his pacifier.

    But I guess we were not too sucessful because he still drinks his morning and nightime drinks out of “bottle cups” aka bottles!


  2. Stephanie

    Good luck. The after a day without it they won’t even remember them. LOL @ Linus gets to keep his thumb


  3. Alyssa

    So Oliver doesnt use a paci no more?

    I love your idea of putting the paci’s in the bears! What a great idea 🙂

    It might not be as awful as you think. We took Hailey’s paci away and it took 3-4 nights but she actually sleeps better now. 🙂


  4. Hope

    good luck! at least they do a paci…my daughter sucks two fingers…not sure how im going to end that one!

    all the best 🙂


  5. Sara

    Good luck, Pam! I only have a thumb sucker (Kendyll) and I’m sooo not looking forward to breaking that habit someday (considering I sucked my thumb for waaaaaay too long when I was young). May the force be with you & George!


  6. jan

    Big time prayers and a word of advise – earplugs! I only had one that was paci addicted and my motivation was the only kind she liked got recalled – we did a paci fairy who left her a baby doll…it was a looooong weekend, but we survived it and you will too and it will be a distant memory someday, I promise.



  7. Megan @ Twinsomnia

    Good luck! It will be fine. I thought my boys would FREAK when we took theirs away, but it wasn’t bad at all. The first night was a little dramatic, but after that it was like they forgot all about them. Hopefully it will go the same for you!


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