Weekend recap

I am not very good at coming up with post titles. Duh, stating the obvious!

We had a really fun weekend, though, and I do want to write about it. Sadly, my trial of Lightroom expired, so my photos aren’t going to have the same “oomph” as they’ve had over the past few weeks. So sad. Very very sad.

Friday: Hung out at the pub for a while.

Saturday: Went to the zoo for a bit. Thank god for our membership. We can go, ride the carousel a few times, and then leave. We did go look at the gorilla, which was freaky. It was just sitting there, staring back at all the people looking at it. Weird. Anyway. The boys just wanted to say Goodnight to it.


I swear, Linus really wasn’t terrified on the carousel, but I had to post this because it makes me giggle.





After a quick trip to Pinkberry (picked up some yogurt to go, MAN that stuff is good!) we went home and put the boys down for a nap. The rest of the day was pretty quiet and uneventful.

Sunday: I took the boys to my friend Mandy’s house to play. She has a little girl who is a little older than the boys. Her name is Annabel, but Oliver kept referring to her as Tinkerbell. This kills me. We had fun at their house painting and playing with their toys.

Annabel and her little brother, Harry, riding in her Cozy Coupe.

Painting fun! (Mandy is very very very fearless.)


Harry joined in on the fun too. Hee hee!

After our playdate, it was time for a nap, so the rest of the day was pretty quiet.

And now it is Monday and here’s something exciting…I saw on Craigslist that they were looking for twins/triplets/brothers for a film being made here. So I sent off a picture of the boys and got a reply from the casting agency within a few hours. They have an audition (for what, I do not know) on Saturday. Eeep! It’s of course just for fun. (And fame and fortune.)

3 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. Jennifer

    Great pics! I have thought about getting a membership to the Philadelphia Zoo, but keep putting it off. I think that maybe they’ll enjoy it more next year?

    Good luck with the audition!! They’re going to do great ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Mandy

    So neat about the audition. Wouldn’t it be the coolest thing if they got to play Brad Pitt’s son! They have the piercing eyed handsomeness thing going on. A side note, while I was making dinner today Annabel decided that if painting with her fingers and hands was fun then smearing the paint plate on her tummy and belly painting would be even more fun! Love whomever invented the washable part of washable paint.


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