Swinging – then and now

I’ve mentioned that the weather here has been gorgeous lately. Like, disgustingly gorgeous. We’ve been to a park nearly every day this week. If not a park, then our backyard because I want to take full advantage of the low humidity and relatively low temperature.

And so I’ve gotten pictures this week of all three boys swinging, and then I remembered the pictures I took the first time they went on the swings at our neighborhood park. And then I thought it’d be fun to compare them.

Linus then:

Linus's first swing!

and now:

Linus swinging

Oliver then:

Oliver's first swing!

and now:


Miles then:

Miles's first swing!

and now

Miles swings

All together now…”awwww!”


Daddy and Linus. Linus is blurry because, well, he doesn’t stop moving!


The weather has been so gorgeous lately, I want the boys to be outside as much as possible. Here’s Oliver playing at the water table.


I don’t know what my favorite part of this picture is. Oliver’s gigantic smile, or the line of dirt down his arm. There’s just something so boyish about that dirty arm that slays me.

(The mess is an ice cream trail + actual dirt. It makes my heart melt a bit. Is that weird?)

Feels like Monday

I know it’s Tuesday, but since yesterday I was out of my routine, today feels like Monday. I’m glad it isn’t. What did we do this weekend?

Let me think. Saturday morning, we went to the Children’s Museum, where it’s dark so I had to use the on-board flash. Boo!


Pictures like this make me smile because, wow, they really are identical, eh?


Later, after the rain stopped, we went to the park, where the boys got thoroughly filthy.




Sunday morning, I took the boys to Granny & Grandpa’s house to spend the night, since I had a work thing for the next two days. Then I worked for two days, which you don’t want to hear about. Yesterday, after I was finished doing work stuff, I picked up the boys and took them to an awesome park, which I mostly covered yesterday. After the boys went down the cool triple slide for the first time, I heard a woman behind me call a friend to tell her about the lady with the triplets. A little rude, I thought. At least she could have waited until I was out of earshot. Oh well. The boys had a great time, and I can’t wait to take them back to that park.


IMG_3671 IMG_3692



Took the boys to a new (to us) park after I picked them up today. It was so much fun, the best part being a TRIPLE SLIDE! This never happens. It’s like it was made for them!


Got a sweet moment between Miles and Grandpa when I dropped the boys off on Sunday. (I had a work thing all day Sunday and Monday, so the boys stayed with Granny & Grandpa.)


One I obviously didn’t take, but these are so rare…

This was at the Children’s Museum as I was reading to the boys.


Just a cool shot of Miles blowing bubbles. (Their current favorite pastime.)