Weekend recap

We had a pretty nice weekend, in spite of the fact that it involved three three year olds. Heh. Yeah, they’re getting to be more challenging. But also more talkative and more fun, so I guess I should stop bitching.

Friday after work, we went to my mom’s house. The boys hadn’t spent much time with Grandee and Larry for a while, so we spent most of the weekend there.

They were filthy from playing at school, so they had a bath…




and then Grandee read them a story before bedtime.

On Saturday, my mom had to show a house (she’s a Realtor, doncha know?) so I set up the “jumpy” outside for the boys, and they bounced for a bit.

And then “painted” the patio.

And then we went to see Santa. It went fine. Considering it was two weeks before Christmas, and a Saturday, the fact we only had to wait an hour in line was kind of a miracle, I thought. It was pretty funny. There was gawking at the boys, but then I saw a friend of mine from our local triplet group in line with her three girls. So that took some of the heat off us. What’s the only thing cuter than triplet boys? Triplet girls, in plaid smocked dresses, of course!

So we got our picture, and ate some lunch and took the boys on the carousel.
(I swear, Linus was more excited than it looks like here.)

After that, they got kind of cranky, so we went back to my mom’s and took the boys for a walk to feed the ducks.
Video! (Too bad you can’t hear the boys too well. They were being cute.)

Later I fed the boys and put them to bed and nearly lost my mind, but I survived. Whew.

Sunday, we just hung around the house for a little while before it was time to head home. I promised the boys we’d stop at this particular park on the way home, but it was so cold and windy that we ended up stopping at a nice, new McDonald’s with a play area. We stayed there for two hours or something, before heading back home and going to the park by our house instead. No one else was there (watching the Saints game, no doubt) so the boys had the whole place to themselves. They were awfully cute.






3 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. Katie

    I just want to hug them, they are SO sweet!! and yes I hate to break it to you, but the 3’s were the hardest by far. 4’s have been good to us so far..knock on wood!!!!


  2. Liska

    My baby is 6 months on Wednesday and the 3s seems so so so so far away, but then from birth to now has gone in the blink of an eye, so much so, I postponed my return to work from December to March and even that feels round the corner.

    I love your blog, and the boys are simply amazing. They must bring so much joy to your life.

    Liska x


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