01/31/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

It was super foggy this morning (aside: we told the boys it was “froggy” outside, and they said they didn’t like the frogs, and they weren’t going to go outside. heh.) and this spiderweb on the fence looked too cool to pass up.

Plus, you really don’t want to see pictures of what’s going on in our lives right now. It’s all potty, all the time.

I Heart Faces – Best Face in January

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This weeks’ I Heart Faces contest is for the best face picture taken in January. I really like this one of Linus for a few reasons. It’s very clear and crisp (I have a hard time with that), you can see his blue eyes and his sweet red lips, but also all the dirt and bruises and scratches that go along with being a three year old boy.


01/29/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

The boys love feeding the ducks by my mom’s house. I wish I’d had a video camera with me, because they were being so funny. “COME HERE DUCKY! HERE’S SOME FOOD! EAT IT, DUCKY!” and so on.


01/28/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

I forgot one of the boys’ portable beds at home, so we blew up a queen sized air mattress for them to sleep on at my mom’s house. After they fell asleep, I went to check on them and Oliver was practically on top of Linus. I can’t wait to see how they sleep when they’re in their toddler beds. Part of me hopes they end up snuggling like this. So sweet!


01/27/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

We had fun playing outside yesterday before it got dark. Well, until someone peed on themself. Ahh, potty training is fun!

Adventures in potty-training (take deux)

So we all know what a disaster our first attempt at potty training was. I don’t even like to think of that November weekend. It makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and rock in the corner, listening to The Smiths.

So when daycare asked me to just bring the boys to school in underpants, I was understandably a bit nervous. We agreed that we’d start on Monday. I told the boys, and they seemed excited about it.

So Monday rolls around, and Oliver and Linus happily put on Thomas underpants. Miles refused. Whatever, I was fine with that. Either his teacher at daycare could try to get him in them, or we’d let him PT later.

Before we left for school, Oliver had an accident. No biggie. We get to school, and when I go to pick them up, I only had five pairs of pants to clean. Not bad for two kids! (As it turns out, Miles refused to wear them altogether.)

But they wouldn’t use the potty at home. There was another accident, but then we did bathtime, and I put diapers on them (with some relief, to be honest.)

Tuesday rolls around. Linus had an accident. Miles is still refusing to wear them. I bring them to school, and I come home with only three pairs of soiled pants. Woot!

After we get home, I ask Linus and Oliver to sit on their potties. They do, and nothing happens. Finally Oliver indicates that he wants to stand and use the toilet.

What? They were using the toilet standing up at daycare? This is news to me. I just assumed they were sitting. I thought that’s how everyone taught boys to pee. Guess not!

So (yes, I know I start too many paragraphs with “so”. So what?) I stand Oliver up at the toilet, and whaddya know, he pees! And then Linus does! I reward them with a piece of candy (look, I know my kids, and sugar works. Whatever.) and by the time we’re getting ready for bed, there have been NO accidents!

And then this morning…Linus and Oliver both peed in (okay, and around – we need to work on aim) the toilet.

Woot! I guess they just weren’t ready before! Or, they wanted to stand up, and just didn’t tell me.

(Now, I’m still waiting for a Numero Dos accident at home. Dreading, in fact. Blech.)

Sorry I don’t have any pictures to illustrate this post. Instead, I’ll post this one of the four of us at the zoo on Saturday. How’s that?


oh, and this picture of Miles on the “pink duck”

oh, and this one, also of Miles.

Okay, and Linus eating spaghetti.

Well, I can’t leave Ollie out!


01/25/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Now this is a happy sight for any mom of picky kids…someone eating their freaking dinner for once. Well, all except the vegetables, of course. Heaven forbid they eat a vegetable.


01/23/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

While the boys were at Granny & Grandpas, my friend Tee and I painted their playroom dark blue. In a few weeks, it will become their bedroom, complete with toddler beds.