02/28/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Nighty-night, Milesy bear!

The new room

I finally finished the boys’ new room, so I thought I’d do a tour of it…

(And yeah, I suppose I could have made the beds and cleaned up a bit more before I took the pictures, but my back still hurts. Sue me.)

The walls are painted Vintage Velvet by Behr Ultra Premium Plus (from Home Depot.) This is really really good paint. It really only took one coat to cover the formerly lavender walls. Some of the wall graphics came from Graphic Spaces, and the others (the multicolored ones) came from Target (on clearance.) The beds came from Walmart.com, and the quilts were from woot.com.

In case you were wondering.

I made the curtains out of polar fleece and curtain clips. I refuse to spend more than thirty seconds making curtains. Or five dollars.


One fun thing about the stickers was putting them in little random corners. Nice paint job we did, eh? Check out those paint splatters.


Miles’s bed. I need to figure out something else to hang from the shelf hooks. For now, their old blankies. (Oh, and in this picture you can see my old teddy bear, Snuffles, sitting on the shelf.) Miles loved how the seahorse is chasing the whale here. “Wait up, whale! I’m coming to get you!”


Oliver’s bed is on the right, and Linus’s on the left.


Happy giant clams! And starfish! And an a/c cord!


A family of birds. I put the birds above the picture rail, otherwise they’d have been drowning. They’re not ducks, you know.


Linus’s bed. I really should take the “I heart beer” sticker off the magnetic board. Oh, and yeah, the magnetic board. It had to stay. There are ugly things underneath that board. Let’s just say it was harder to get that thing up than we ever could have imagined. And so it will never come down. I do need to take a Magic Eraser to it, though.


This shelf (the one the baskets are sitting on) was my nemesis this weekend. Oh, the things I went through for this shelf. Two stores just to get the wood cut. Got home, wood was cut too large. Went back to first store to buy little plane to shave off wood. Shaved wood for half an hour. Splinters in hand. Ah well, at least I have a shelf now to make better use of this old TV armoire. And no, I don’t fold their clothes.


The end! I hope you enjoyed my little tour.

Another photo contest…

I entered this photo of Miles into a contest run by Click Workshops. They run photography workshops, which may or may not be obvious by their name.

The theme for the contest was “Natural Light”, and Miles had just drank one when I took this picture. Oh ha ha, only kidding, of course. (He like Guinness.) Basically, no artificial light could be used in the photo, so I entered this one from the park.

If you want to help out and vote, you have to do a couple of easy things.

Go to Click Workshop’s Facebook page and “like” them. (There’s a button on the top right corner.)

Then, go to the picture of Miles (click here) and “like” it. That’s it! You’re done!

Thanks for voting! Everyone can only vote once, but feel free to spread the word to your other Facebook buddies (there’s a “share” link on the photo page.)


02/23/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

I gave the boys some markers to draw with, and they went to town. All over their hands. After they attempted to wash the color off their hands, they just ended up with diseased-looking appendages. Ah well. At least they draw cute pictures.

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My new nephew!

Look at my sweet baby nephew!




Is there anything more heart-melting than a tiny new baby yawn? I think not. Well, maybe a proud papa holding him…

The whole fam!


02/22/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Obviously, I didn’t take this picture, since it was taken 1000 miles away, but since it’s my sister and brand-new nephew, I thought I might get a pass on this one.

Isn’t he sweet? My first nephew!