I Heart Faces – Phone Photo

06/18/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

This week’s challenge over at I Heart Faces is to post a picture taken with your cellphone. I took this one at the pub one afternoon when the boys were running around like maniacs. I love how this looks like one kid in three spots. Don’t need special effects when you have identical triplets!

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02/20/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Nighty night!

The boys seemed to like their new beds. They went to sleep fine, but the real test will be if they’ll *stay* in them all night long. Fingers crossed!


02/19/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Not a great photo, technically, but that wasn’t the object of today’s picture. We had a triplet playdate. How many sets do you see here?

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02/18/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

And that pointing finger belongs to a tattling brother. “Linus has Buzz’s shoe in his mouth!” They were reprimanded yesterday for putting their own shoes in their mouths, so naturally putting a toy’s shoe in your mouth is also a bad idea.

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Catching up

Random words, interspersed with random pictures.

I wish the mail came at 7 am. Then I wouldn’t have to wait all day for the letter telling us if the boys got into the French preschool we applied to. But what if they do get in? I don’t speak any French except for what I haven’t forgotten from elementary school. Poisson! That’s fish. That’s about all I got. (Okay, not really.) (I also know bon jour.) I need to talk to my friends who have their kids in a similar school. How does it work? Anyway, this is all a moot point until we find out if they got in or not.


My back hurts again. That’s right, the $280 epidural steroid injection I got didn’t work. Boo. I knew there was a decent chance it wouldn’t (even the doctor who did it said there was only a 60-70% chance it’d work) but I was optimistic it would. I felt great for about three days afterward, but then the pain started creeping back. I have insurance authorization for two more, but those copays are a killer. That’s over a week of daycare per shot! Argh. I hate money.


In spite of the aforementioned back pain, I’m going to try to get the boys’ big boy room done. We’ll see if George feels up to it. He hasn’t been feeling well either. We think he has what the boys had last week.


I haven’t been walking in a while. Almost two weeks. Last weekend was the half-marathon that my walking buddies were training for, but I think their recovery period should be over by now! I have to admit, not waking up at 5:30 is nice, but I do miss catching up with the girls.


Okay, enough of being a downer…in very GOOD news, I’m going to have a new nephew by next week at the latest! Yay! So excited to meet little whatsisname! Well, not meet, but see. I won’t be able to see him until April, probably. Boo!


Also excited because tomorrow is a playdate with my triplet group. I love seeing all the kids play together!

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02/17/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

The boys are pretty good about washing their hands. (Linus is washing his here.) I have to keep an assortment of fancy hand soaps at the sink, though. Spoiled children!

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Yesterday, we went to a birthday party, and as I watched the boys eat their cake…

…I was reminded of their first birthday party.

In the video, he delicately licks frosting off of his fingers. At his first birthday, he opted to skip the cake and stick to Cheerios.
Oliver chooses Cheerios over cake

Linus goes for the cake, diving right in…
Linus enjoys cake

And Miles methodically devours the entire thing. In the video, he started with a fork, but finished with his fingers (and took a singing interlude in the middle, as you can hear). At his first birthday party, after he finished the cake, he started on the plate!
Miles ate the whole thing!

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I Heart Faces – Red

12/31/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

I’m entering this picture of Oliver in the I Heart Faces challenge this week. Lots of red in it!

It may look familiar, it was the last picture of the day for 2010!

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02/13/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

We crossed Lake Ponchartrain for a birthday party today. The sky was so clear and the water so blue (or vice-versa, I suppose) that I had to take a picture. What a beautiful day!

This photo is totally untouched, except for some cropping.

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