07/31/11 by pyjammy
07/31/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

While a sick Linus stayed home with Daddy, I took Oliver and Miles to the children’s museum. They loved playing in these two side-by-side houses. I loved being in the air conditioning.


07/28/11 by pyjammy
07/28/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

New shooooooes! They kinda look like clown shoes, hmm.

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A real post

I haven’t written a “real” post in a while, so it’s time to do some catch up.

Well, I started boot camp at the gym last week. It’s hard! Especially because I’m the only person in the class who’s never done it before. Seriously, the only person. But the instructor is not quite as tough as Jillian from Biggest Loser, so he kind of cuts me some slack. Not too much, mind you. I was hardly able to move last week at all. It’s three times a week, after work, and the boys play in the (free) daycare at the gym. I love my gym!

I’ve also been using my new Fitbit and counting calories, so I’m hoping I see some results soon.

Speaking of diet/weightloss, I got a follow-up email Monday night from a production company for a show that’s looking for people who need to lose lots of weight. They wanted a video by Wednesday night! Ack! I briefly considered not doing it, but then I figured I’d regret it if I didn’t try. So I spent Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and night working on that, with some help from friends. I’m pleased with how it came out. I certainly look disgusting in it, which can only be good in these circumstances. Fingers crossed they like my video! Tim Gunn will be one of the hosts of the show…I get giddy just thinking of it!

I’ve also decided to try giving up artificial sweeteners. Just to see. So far, it seems to be keeping my post-meal sweet cravings under control. I find this amazing, because before, I’d have some serious jonesing after a meal for sugar. But today, I got these cocoa-covered almonds at the store, and after I ate them (and wondered what the funky taste in my mouth was), I discovered they had sucralose in the coating. Argh!!!

Enough about me.

My friend and I took our kids to the aquarium on Saturday. Before we left, Oliver read everyone a Cars story:

Man, these kids are cute sometimes!


On Sunday we went to a birthday party, but to be honest, we haven’t been up to much lately. I’m really sad that I haven’t had the chance to take the boys swimming since their lessons. I’m afraid they’re going to be terrified again, and all that will be for nothing. I’m going to have to start bugging my local friends with pools to let us come over this weekend.

Next week is exciting – the boys and I are going to Virginia! My nephew is getting baptized so the whole family is meeting up for that. I can’t wait to see everyone. The downside, of course, is travelling with three 3 year olds. It’s kind of a logistical nightmare, what with flying and renting a van and bringing beds and car seats and all that. But better 3 year olds than babies, I guess! We’re staying with Kristina, which will be fun.

And oh man. We’re going to see INXS in concert one night! It’s at this outdoor concert spot (where, coincidentally, I saw Morrissey four years ago – my other musical obsession from my younger years) so we’re going to bring wine and picnic food and all that fun stuff. Even though Michael Hutchence (RIP) will of course not be there, I’m pretty excited. If you knew me in middle school and high school, you’d understand what a big deal this is.

Okay, so let’s close with another cute video of the boys, dancing like chickens:



07/27/11 by pyjammy
07/27/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Look, Mommy, gloves!

And Mommy was playing around with fun photoshop actions. This one might be a tad bright. It’s kind of hurting my eyes, actually. Hmm.


07/26/11 a video by pyjammy on Flickr.

Here’s a little 90-second snippet of life. In the mornings, I like to have a little snuggle time with the boys on the sofa. We hang out, read some stories, get ready for the day to start.

Nothing exciting happens here, but I love watching Oliver and Miles read their stories while you can hear Linus watching them through the camera. When Miles is reading, you can see Oliver (in the white shirt) sucking his thumb and flicking the corner of his pillow (that’s what he does to comfort himself.)

We watched a few old videos of them from last year, and we all giggled over how little they were.

Ahh. I love my boys. ๐Ÿ™‚


07/24/11 by pyjammy
07/24/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

A truly heinous photo, and for that, I apologize. This is the boys eating cake at a friend’s birthday party.


07/23/11 by pyjammy
07/23/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

A friend and I took our kids to the aquarium on Saturday. There’s a new area where you can feed the birds, but as you can see by the forlorn looks on my kids’ faces, the birds just weren’t hungry. At least it wasn’t a total waste. Linus ate his bird-feed stick.