11/29/11 by pyjammy
11/29/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Ollie. In his new favorite hoodie.

Ollie is an astronaut

I’m so glad I had my iPad to capture this stream of consciousness from Oliver (with a little help from Miles.) My heart, it melts.


11/28/11 by pyjammy
11/28/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

I didn’t take many pictures today…it’s hard to find inspiration sometimes. So you’ll have to settle for this picture of Miles (who is obsessed with that sweatshirt from my sister) and the Mr Potato Head that he put together at the gym daycare. (How I love our gym’s daycare! Except they never want to leave, so that can be tricky.)


11/27/11 by pyjammy
11/27/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

This picture cracks me up. I was taking maternity and family photos for my friend Mary Catherine and her sister (they’re due about the same time) and when Mary Catherine expressed her concern that she might not look pregnant in this dark shirt, I snapped this to assure her that yes, she does in fact look like she’s about to give birth.

(Excitingly, her c-section is scheduled for MY BIRTHDAY! Best present ever!)


11/26/11 by pyjammy
11/26/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Linus chillaxes at the mall with a cookie. We had to get out of the house yesterday, and thankfully, the mall by our house wasn’t too crowded, surprisingly.


11/25/11 by pyjammy
11/25/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

While my relatives were inside watching the LSU game, I set up the bouncy house in my mom’s back yard for the boys. You know how I love jumping pics!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to knock this post out as soon as possible because if there’s anything I hate, it’s reading blog posts about holidays WAY after the holidays. So here we go…

We went to my Aunt Deanne and Uncle Bob’s house for Thanksgiving. I made my very first apple pie, even though I prefer my apples uncooked. It was beautiful, if I may say so myself, and not too shabby, taste-wise. I have to confess I used a store-bought crust, and that’s pretty much what made it so beautiful, so don’t be terribly impressed.


Some pictures from the day…

Do not be fooled by this eating picture. The boys ate only crackers. Sigh.

Just some pretty things:



So then after dinner, my crazy Uncle Bob (as is his custom) climbs this really tall tree and puts a star up. I swear, my palms sweat just thinking about it. But thankfully, the evening did not end with a 911 call. The boys were very concerned watching it.





The boys had fun throwing acorns into the pond behind their house.

And that was pretty much it for the day. It was lovely and relaxing and was great to see family, as usual.


11/21/11 by pyjammy
11/21/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Another triplet mama sent the boys these shirts. Some days I think they might be on the other list, but overall, I guess these shirts are accurate enough. Hee hee!