04/29/12 by pyjammy
04/29/12, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

A little behind the scenes, pre-edit shot from a photo shoot with these triplets, who are about to turn one.

Do you like cool things?

Like gift cards to Starbucks? (Three months ago, I couldn’t have cared less about Starbucks. Now, a skinny cinnamon dolce latte is an acceptable and filling drink on my diet, so I’m all about the Starbucks.)

Or Target?

Or, ooooh, Sephora? Oh, Sephora, how I love thee…

Okay, do you live in Southern California? Do you like having your picture taken? Even if you don’t now, once Katy turns her camera on you, you’ll wonder why you ever hated it.

You may be wondering why I am asking these seemingly dumb questions. Here’s why.

You remember my friend Angela, right? She totally kicked breast cancer’s ASS. And to help her raise money for breast cancer research, a bunch of friends set up this site, where you can enter to win tons of fabulous prizes, like the aforementioned ones. And tons more.

It’s super easy. First you go make a donation. $5? $10? $20? More?? And with each dollar you spend, you earn more entries to win these fabulous items and more.

If you spend $5, you get 5 entries.
If you spend $10, you get 15 entries.
If you spend $20, you get 40 entries!

After you’ve made your generous donation, go to the raffle website and comment on the posts of the items you want to win. One comment for each entry. If you really want to win that cloth diaper (which is a highly-sought-after Twinkie Tush diaper) then go leave a bunch of comments on that post. Leave all your comments in one post, or spread them out as you wish. (You might want to save a few entries for one of these gorgeous handmade clutches…)

And then on May 5, the drawings will take place, and winners will be notified. Super easy, super fun, and for a great cause.

Good luck!


04/28/12 by pyjammy
04/28/12, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

We went to a classmate’s birthday party, and it was so cute to see them all playing. (And to see them out of uniform!)

It’s going to be sad next year when we don’t have the same group of kids and parents that we’ve gotten to know over this year. But at least in our case, since the boys will be in different classes, we’ll still have all these kids in someone’s class.

Hey, check that out >>

See my little ticker?

I’m halfway to my goal! 33 lbs down, 32.6 to go. And in less than 3 months! (The number 3 does seem to hold a lot of meaning in my life, doesn’t it?)

This morning, I was thinking, “man, I have to do all this again to get to my goal weight,” and then I remembered that “all this” wasn’t so bad at all!

Good stuff, Dr. Dukan. Well played.


04/26/12 by pyjammy
04/26/12, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Racing cars in the kitchen is fun.

Trying to edit a picture so it doesn’t show how dirty our kitchen floors are right now is not so fun.

A rare treat

As I’ve mentioned, the boys got a teeball (tee ball? t-ball? whatever) set from my mom last weekend as an Easter gift. They are all pretty excited about it, but none more than Linus. Yesterday, when I asked if they wanted to go to the park to play with their new set, only Linus wanted to. So I proposed that Miles and Oliver stay home with Daddy while Linus and I go to the park. Surprisingly (very surprisingly), they all agreed to this plan. So off we went to the park. And it’s not like we had this super-exciting time at the park. Linus hit the ball over and over and over again while I took lots of pictures. Natch.




Linus showed Liam how to hit the ball. Hee!

and then I pushed him on the swing a bit (something I avoid at all costs when all three are there – I just can’t push three kids at once!) and then we played on the slide a little (don’t worry, we didn’t go down together).


There was a birdhouse.

It was just a really nice afternoon. Made my heart very happy to just focus on one little boy at a time. I asked him if he missed his brothers, and he considered for a bit, and then said, “Nope!” I actually was glad to hear this. Glad that he was okay on his own for a little bit. We picked up some pizza from our friend’s place across the street, and when we got home, the boys ate almost the whole pie. Their pizza is the only pizza they will eat.


04/24/12 by pyjammy
04/24/12, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Miles and a bit of sunflare. The light when we get home from school is just so beautiful right now. Am loving my new camera!

Busy busy weekend

It was a very fun weekend, but it was also exhausting. So yeah, I’m kind of glad it’s Monday so I can be at work and in the relative peace and quiet of my office.

Saturday was my friend Maura’s wedding. I was very excited, mostly to see my friend get married, but also for the boys to wear the cute outfits I got for them. (I’m so shallow.) The wedding was about an hour from our house, and I still needed shoes, so Saturday morning, I ran to the mall to get some appropriate shoes. I thought it was amusing that I found the perfect pair at JC Penney. Amusing because Maura is a hot-shot lawyer in the corporate headquarters of JC Penney. She usually lives in Dallas, but she’s in Hong Kong for a couple of years working in their offices over there. Pretty cool! (But pretty sucky, seeing as her new husband lives in Texas still.)

Anyhoo, we got to the ceremony and the boys were pretty good. A bit restless, but understandably so. I had George take them out to the car a little while into it, so they could talk as loudly as they wanted, and so I could enjoy watching my beautiful friend.


After the ceremony, we headed to the reception, where my brilliant friend had gift bags full of crayons and wind up toys for the kids. This kept them pretty occupied, though all they really wanted to do was put the wind-up toys on the cake table, which caused me no small amount of anxiety.



In the end, they just raided all the leftover bags.

It was a lovely afternoon.


LSMSA mini-reunion

This is from when my friend Ren was trying to take a picture of me with the boys. They were not cooperating.

So that was Saturday. On Sunday, we chilled out in the morning (though why the boys felt the need to wake up at 6:45 is beyond me) until it was time to meet Grandee and Larry for lunch. My mom brought them little baseball mitts and balls and a t-ball set as their belated Easter gift, and my Uncle Doug (who is bound and determined to get our kids interested in sports) brought them a metal bat (!!) and instructed George on how to coach them.




After lunch, we had a photoshoot in the French Quarter with a photographer that another triplet mom had recommended to me. She was in town for the weekend from Dallas, and I wanted to have pictures that someone else took of my kids. It was kind of stressful getting to the FQ, due to Navy Week (it hadn’t occurred to me that this might be an issue until that morning) but we eventually made it. And the boys were so cute posing for pictures. Oh man. I mean, really. They were following the photographer’s direction so well, and they were being so cute. Loved it.


When we got home later, the boys were dying to play with their new baseballs and everything. So we carefully avoided the caterpillars in the yard (blech) and we tossed the ball around a bit, and they even hit the ball with the bat a little. (I hadn’t set the tee up yet, so I had to pitch to them.) They were still in their outfits from the pictures, so they looked like little old timey baseball players. Gaah!




Ahhh! Love it. Maybe they will be into sports after all!


04/22/12 by pyjammy
04/22/12, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

We had a photoshoot today in the French Quarter with a photographer and I was shocked at how well the boys followed her direction. I’m actually contemplating sending in their pictures to an agent, even though the thought kind of makes me cringe.

As you can see here, they don’t follow direction for ME very well. Sigh.

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