Blogging for 28 years

While I was cleaning out my office, I found my old journal from third grade. That was 1983. I had to scan in a few entries, just for fun.

December 14, 1983

Today, we went on a field trip around B.R. [Baton Rouge] We went to the Governers Mansion, Pentagon Barracks, (We saw everything but the G.M.) Mrs. Ellis was the tour guide. Actually we had a school bus tour. My partner was Aimee. She’s so sweet.

Tristen’s crying because Jonathon hit him. He hit Jonathon in the jaw. Jonathon hit him in the stomach. I do feel sorry for Tristen because you can kill someone by punching people in the stomach, and you can’t kill anyone by punching in the jaw.

Huh. I don’t know where I got that bit of information from. Poor Tristen gets quite a beating in my journal. I was not a fan. Fortunately, I don’t remember his last name, so I can’t look him up on Facebook. I think it’s best that I don’t try to apologize for writing mean things about him 30 years ago.


February 14, 1984

Hi! Today for valentines day, I got a cat book from Mommy & Daddy and a box of chocklates. They’re good. My secret valentine is Christian. Rather I got one from Christian. I gave Tristen one. I had no choice to whom we gave one to. Christains was so sweet that I almost cryed. There was two very sweet ryimes. Then, he explained how he liked me. I don’t think he does. But I hope so. I like Christain. He’s so creative. I love creativity. Christain has the most I’ve ever knew you could.

I think Christain has so much creativity because he made two (I’m sure) award winning poems. I mean they were really really good.

Aimee got braces yesterday. They aren’t the kind I expected. They have goold caps on her last two molars on the top of her mouth – and then a wire is connected to it and it goes all of the way from the back and goes between her 2nd & 4th teeth. It is really weird. In three months, she will… [and I go on and on about her orthodontic plans.]

Oh my, third grade drama. Can you believe I had to give Tristen (or was it Tristem? Can’t remember or tell from my spelling) a secret valentine? From my defensive explanation, you can tell I wasn’t thrilled. And wouldn’t you know, Christian and I because good friends in college? We still stay in touch. Love this! Hope he doesn’t feel too awkward about my crush way back when.



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