Mary Catherine and I took the kids to the zoo today for Zoo Year’s Eve, and I’m pretty sure this is my favorite picture of the whole year.

Oh, and this marks the END of three years solid of 365/6 projects. That’s 1096 days in a row of taking at least a picture a day. And I need a break. Whew.


Post long-overdue haircut. They were extremely well-behaved and the price wasn’t too bad, so I’m thinking we’ll be going back to this salon a lot in the future!


Oliver and Emily having a little meal. Okay, not really. Just pretending to, at the children’s museum.


Was feeling a bit stir-crazy, and it was a beautiful (if cold) day, so the boys and I spent some time at the park down the street. They kicked their new soccer balls around, and then we got a snack at a coffee shop nearby. A blissful few hours in the midst of a lot of fighting over toys. Sigh.

Christmas 2012

I’ve been so busy lately that blogging has totally fallen by the wayside. But we’re alive and well, if a bit tired.

My sister and her family came in town (from Virginia) on Friday, and I’ve been trying to maximize the time we spend with them while they’re in town. So that means a lot of driving between New Orleans and Baton Rouge (where they’re staying with our mom.)

The best part is that the kids have had a ton of fun playing together. The downside is that I was sleeping in random (not necessarily comfortable) places around my mom’s house. Ah well, small price to pay.


My abode for Friday night. Looked more fun than it actually was.

Grandee and some of her grandkids. I think she was in Heaven.

Saturday was pretty exhausting due to lack of sleep Friday night, but it was fine because I went Christmas shopping with my mom and sister. The men stayed behind with the kids and I’m pretty sure Larry was close to a nervous breakdown by the time we got back. Not that the kids were bad, but because they’re just busy and loud and constantly in motion.

Sunday involved a trip to New Orleans to drop the boys off at Granny and Grandpa’s for the night, as well as a stop at the airport to pick up my BIL’s dad. I didn’t have to drive back, so that was nice. After that, my cousin hosted a party for the “kids”. Well, our generation of kids. Super fun, but I confess I may have drank her entire wine supply. It definitely felt that way.

Andrew is adorable.
This child could not be cuter.

The “kids” party:


The next morning, I found myself on an air mattress next to Emily, with a pounding headache. Was so thankful the boys were back in New Orleans! And then cursed the wine.

It was Christmas Eve, so I headed back to New Orleans and picked up the boys. I had to do a last minute trip to Toys R Us with the boys in tow (and yes, it was for a gift for one of them, but I managed to convince them that the Transformer I was buying was NOT for them) and then we headed home. The evening was pretty uneventful. We let them open one present, and they chose to open the movies that Uncle Evan and Aunt Jennifer gave them, so we watched those. I put out some cookies for Santa (yum) and read the boys The Night Before Christmas. They put themselves to bed at 7pm (instead of the normal 7:30.) I think I’ll tell them Santa is coming EVERY night. Ha!

The next morning involved, no surprise, a flurry of gift opening and excitement. And mess.





I was a little worried that we wouldn’t get to Baton Rouge because of a giant storm that was coming through, but we made it there for lunchtime after a fairly uneventful drive. And then there were more presents and lots of eating.



And after a lightly more harrowing drive home, Christmas was over (for now.)


Emily and her cousins had fun decorating a Home Depot-themed gingerbread house. Don’t ask. Orange frosting is not exactly the most festive, but the kids had fun.


Friday was Linus’s class Christmas lunch, and this time, George was able to come too. The boys were so excited to see him at school. But even better was recess, when every child on the playground, it seemed like, was flocking to him. It was pretty funny, especially considering George is not exactly a “kid” person.