The start of Mardi Gras

Took the boys to their first Mardi Gras parade of the year. And the first Mardi Gras parade without the choo choo wagon. I was a bit nervous, I’m not gonna lie.


Sigh. But actually, it was fine. Of course, it wasn’t TOO crowded, so that helped.

We ended up watching part of the parade in front of our friends’ restaurant. That reminds me of when we ran into them back in 2009 at their first parade…

They’re a bit bigger now.


But eventually we had to move down the road because standing near quadruplets doesn’t help us mere triplets. Ha!

They all caught some stuffed animals, but Oliver was pretty inconsolable that he didn’t get a bunny. Because Linus caught two. (Which is cute because Linus’s main buddy that he sleeps with is a bunny.)

All in all, it was a great (if hot) day, and the boys are super excited about the next parades.

Random garbled mess of thoughts

Do you ever feel so stressed that the automatic hand dryer turning on unexpectedly when you walk by it makes you jump out of your skin? Maybe a venti latte wasn’t the best idea after that. But when you’re not sleeping because of aforementioned stress, what are you going to do? Sitting on the bridge for thirty minutes when you specifically left the house early because you need to walk the kids into school doesn’t help matters. Getting five kids into school and getting their tardy slips and walking them to their classes and dealing with one child’s tearful disappointment that his snack day was usurped by someone’s birthday cake (yes, he’d rather have the cheese and crackers than king cake) doesn’t help either. And now I have to remember to bring the cheese home from work and then to school tomorrow morning. I have a feeling I’m going to be making a post-dropoff grocery store run in the morning to buy replacement cheese. Expensive replacement cheese because the closest grocery store to school is Whole Foods.

I’m usually pretty laid back. But even I have a point (maybe it was when I got my jury summons in the mail last week?) where things just get to be too much. All the wine in the world (and believe me, I’ve tried) doesn’t help. I need to get to the gym. Maybe that would help. But when?

Lest you think that my spouse’s ankle injury and surgery and all that goes along with that is the main reason for my stress, I don’t really think it is. {I certainly don’t want him to feel guilty reading this post.} I have a tendency to put too much on my plate at once and when that happens, this happens. Physically it feels like the only thing that would help would be to go on the roof and scream as loud as I can.

Gotta go book a massage right now.


Things ‘n’ Stuff: an update in pictures

The last few days have been chaotic, to say the least. So here are some photos.

Helped make King Cakes in Linus’s class. The French kind, natch.


Guess who got the baby?

George had his surgery, came through just fine, and with six screws and a plate in his ankle.

While he was under, I went to pick up a prescription for him. Only people raised in south Louisiana will understand the significance of this photo:

This is only the beginning of the ribbing he will have to endure from his buddies.

The streetcar by my office (which is right by the Superdome, which is, of course, where the Superbowl will be next weekend) is finally done! I love the sound of the streetcars clattering by. Much better than the jackhammers I’ve been enduring for the past eighteen months.

There was car arranging and much playing, when the boys weren’t at school. I had to pick them up on Friday, and we stopped at Whole Foods and Pinkberry for after-school snacks.



We played “baseball” at the park today. I use that term very loosely.

Finally, I got some painting done of the beds! Just waiting on rails and we’ll be nearly done!

Oh, that’s going to be fun.

George will be needing surgery on his ankle after all. Yikes. On Thursday. I don’t think it will be too big of a deal (it’s outpatient) but still. His parents are going to take care of him Thursday and Friday nights (I know, wife of the year, right here) because their living room is downstairs and it will be much easier for him to get around there. Plus, I’m sure his mom will love having her baby boy around the house again. Hee!

Now I’ll share some cute pictures of the boys doing a little photoshoot outside the van today. I didn’t have film in the camera, though. That would have been an expensive five minutes.






What a weekend!

A bit more eventful than even I need…

Saturday started with a meeting at a restaurant about a local blog I’m going to be writing for. I had a post on it at the beginning of the month, and now I’m an official contributor. Exciting!

After I got home from that, I gathered up the boys and we took off for my mom’s house. They did a little fishing…


…a little Chuck E Cheesing with me and Grandee…


…and some Transformers-watching with Larry.


The next day, I got a call from George saying he hurt his ankle the night before. Uh oh. The picture he sent me didn’t look pretty, but I figured it was probably a sprain.

I went to Target to get an ankle brace for him, and remembered it was time for the massive toy sale. Only got one toy for an upcoming birthday party, but what a bargain!


However, by the time we got back home, his ankle had assumed extremely unnatural proportions. He was reluctant to get it checked out, based on his consultation with Dr. Google. But I pulled the wife card (especially after he noted the interesting “crunching feelings” it was creating when he put weight on it) and insisted we go to the ER.


Aunt Tee came and hung out with the boys while George and I went to the hospital. He got photographed


and then the verdict was in. A break. A pretty bad one, too. So it was wrapped up and he was handed some crutches. Good times.

Yesterday was a holiday for everyone, so while George hung out on the sofa or in his cave, I “supervised” while our friends Chris and Tony (nearly) finished off the bunk beds. I have to say, they’re truly impressive. And tall.


Meanwhile, the boys and Liam (Chris’s 8 year old son) played together, which was a really sweet sight. I’ve dreamed about Liam and the boys playing together ever since I was pregnant. It was pretty adorable.


After Chris and Tony left, I did a little painting. It’s going to take some maneuvering to get paint on the top bunk, but I’ll figure something out.


George has an appointment with an orthopedist today, either for a cast or something else. Please cross your fingers that he won’t need surgery!

(A few more random cute pics.)




Photo post

Scrolling down the page, I realize I’ve hardly posted any photos of the boys lately. Quite a departure from just a few weeks ago, eh? Lest anyone forget what my children look like, here are a few photos (from my phone – I really have barely picked up my DSLR in weeks. But I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my iPhone and have been taking tons of pictures with it.)

Popcorn! (does that count as a vegetable?)
Linus’s grin. Kid loves the bath.
Linus pondering something…
Miles built a Lego house. No way to get in or out, but at least it has a chimney.
Fun with the tilt-shift filter. This was taken from my coworker’s office. Testing out the new streetcar line! Looks like Mr Roger’s Neighborhood, doesn’t it?
And THIS is why I had kids.
Learning about geography. Well, 1980s geography. It’s weird to look at it and see how much has changed since I was their age. Not that they care. They just want to know where the penguins live. And the dinosaurs.


Giant structure going up near the river. I guess it will be some kind of concert venue for the Superbowl? Who knows. But it intrigues me.

Photography, old vs new

I’ve been into photography for a very long time. When I was ten years old, I got my first “real” camera, a Pentax K1000 SLR. Before that, I think there was a disc camera, and I seem to recall 126 film, and 110. (Surely I didn’t start with an SLR, but my memory is weak.) I took a photography class that year that also brought us into a darkroom. Man, I remember wanting a darkroom more than anything else in the world. I subscribed to Popular Photography (though goodness knows I probably only understood 1/4 of what I was reading) and was generally obsessed.

In high school, I joined the Photo Club and was elected president my senior year. I’m pretty sure the entire point of the photo club was to throw pizza parties, but my presidential status garnered me special darkroom privileges, which I took abundant advantage of. (I was also photo editor of the yearbook, but the less said about that, the better. If you happen to have a copy of the 1993 Louisiana School yearbook, please ignore the multitude of blank spots where photos were meant to go. Ahem.

I became interested in video production at the same time (my wonderful high school had a Media Center with not only the aforementioned darkroom, but also a video editing suite) and I was determined to major in that in college. I took one photography class in college, but I think my perception of any talent I had must have been deflated, because I didn’t pursue it any more after that.

Several years ago, I sent my brother my old Pentax K1000 to use for his movies, or something, and kind of forgot about it. But recently I remembered it, and asked him to send it back to me. I just got it yesterday, and hey, it’s fun! Even Linus was getting into it. Maybe he’ll follow in my (amateur photography enthusiast) footsteps!


So different from a digital camera. Besides the obvious – the boys kept asking “where’s the screen?” – but the things you don’t think about. You can’t just adjust the ISO to whatever you want. You can’t take unlimited photos. You can’t change focus points. There’s no built-in flash. You must thoughtfully compose every shot because you’re going to be paying for those later. And don’t even get me started on focusing…

I can’t decide if I’m disappointed in the limitations of the SLR camera (or perhaps just this one), or if I’m in awe of the capabilities of a digital SLR. The shutter speed on my Pentax maxes out at 1/1000, while I can set my Canon to 1/8000. Crazy. On a bright day, if you’re shooting with ISO400 film, you might be SOL, especially if you to limit your depth of field.

I was lucky in that I was able to buy a ton of film from Walgreens for 75% off the other day, but it’s kind of sad that you can’t buy it easily anymore. I mean, it’s totally understandable that the only film was in the clearance bin (and close to expiration) but I’m sure I’ll be able to find it at the specialist camera stores. But I want my first shots to be on cheap film, in case the camera isn’t working correctly, or, you know, in case of (ahem) operator error. We’ll see.

Stay tuned for results…

THAT was fun!

I want to write about my weekend, because I had an awesome time Friday night, and I don’t want to forget about it.

A local triplet mom friend invited me and two other moms from our group to a Hornets game. Her husband is one of the coaches, so we were going to be watching in style! It was very exciting. I’ve never been to a professional basketball game before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, you know I’m not a huge sports fan. But I’ve decided if I’m going to watch a sport, let’s make it basketball. It’s fast-paced and not too complicated. (Though I don’t mind watching a football game, as long as it’s the Saints and the Superbowl. So a rare game.)

11 boys and 1 girl between us!

Anyway, the game was really awesome because a) we won, and b) we got to meet a player afterwards. The best part was while we were standing in awe of this huge young man who just scored a bunch of points in a winning game, he was in awe of us for having triplets. A mutual admiration society, if you will.

100 points means free fries for everyone! Ha.

So that was fun. I love girls’ nights out! So fun.

Saturday morning was spent hanging out with the boys before I brought them to Granny & Grandpa’s.

We played a game of Chutes and Ladders. Guess what happened when someone got their first chute?

When I dropped them off I got my birthday gifts from them – a boatload of Vera Bradley accessories including a very handy lunch bag.

After that, I went with my friend Steph and her daughter to take senior pictures. It was fun, and Madison was a great model. She’s normally pretty quiet and shy, but she is extremely photogenic and seemed quite comfortable. I’m so thrilled with some of the shots we got, but this is one of my favorites:

After we got back to Steph’s house, I kind of sat on the sofa and never left. We drank some wine, watched a bunch of old episodes of Downton Abbey, and just hung out. That was nice.

On Sunday, our friend Chris got some work done on the bunk beds. They’re coming along!

And that was about it for our weekend. The weather has been so gross (thank goodness we got a break from the rain and mist and fog on Saturday for Madi’s pics) that a friend commented this morning that it was like living in Forks, minus the vampires. I’m ready for some sun again, please!

The little things

One of the reasons I wanted to stop my incessant photo posting and start posting more words was so I wouldn’t forget all the little things that make this age so delightful. (I am only being a tiny bit sarcastic here. I really do love it. But it has its moments.)

Like…the other day, I was sympathizing with some bump or mishap that Oliver got, and I called him “sweet potato”. It’s just one of my many pet names.
O: Don’t call me sweet potato.
Me: What can I call you, then?
O: I like it when you call us monkeys.

Cue heart melt. So sweet. It was sweeter in person.

And I should probably note, for posterity, what they’re into right now.

Likes: Transformers (specifically Rescue Bots), the Wii (mostly Linus), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (the movie), drawing pictures of their Transformers

Dislikes: Taking baths, going to restaurants

Will eat: plain noodles (Linus and Miles), hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pork chops (!), meatloaf (occasionally), cereal (out the wazoo), pancakes (Linus and Oliver), waffles (Miles), pink yogurt (strawberry yoplait only, and only in the big container), raisins (Linus only), chocolate pudding (Oliver and Linus only), crescent rolls, apples (so they say), frozen yogurt (Linus and Miles)

Won’t eat: anything else on earth, especially vegetables

Also to note: How cute it was this morning when Oliver put his hand on my wrist and started tap, tap, tapping on it with his thumb, absentmindedly. Or when he sucks his thumb and flicks the corner of his pillow with the other hand.  Presumably, he won’t be sucking his thumb for the rest of his life (but I suppose that’s a possibility) so this little habit will probably go away at some point.

Or Linus’s scrunchy face he makes when he’s asking a question. He doesn’t do this as much as he used to, but it kills me when he does. So cute.

Or how Miles has started saying “Um, exCUSE me!” when he doesn’t like something you’ve done. Hee! Nothing funnier than being scolded by a 5 year old.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, Linus and Oliver being Spiderman. Don’t ask why Oliver sounds like he’s from the Deep South, there. I mean, I realize he is, but he doesn’t usually sound like it.

HB to me!

So yesterday I celebrated the 38th anniversary of my birth. I’m trying not to think of that as a big number. No big deal. At least I’ll always be the baby of my family, right?

It was a great day, even though the weather sucked. Gloomy and foggy and kind of muggy and a bit warm. There are usually some tall buildings in this picture!

So anyway, I started out with a trip to the gym and some time on the treadmill. I have now run 9.9 miles of the 500 I’m aiming for this year. No idea if I’m on track or what.

After the gym, I came home and opened a card and two of the four gifts Kristina sent me. Jewelry! A fun necklace and a sparkly ring. Yay!

Why yes, that is Justin Beiber on my birthday card.

Got dressed, got a card from George and the boys, and then we left the house. At Millie’s house, I had to give lots of hugs and kisses to my sweet birthday buddy, Ann Frances. Hooray!

The difference 37 years makes. Sigh. But check out my pretty new necklace!

After I brought the boys to school, I stopped at Starbucks for my birthday coffee (instead of my usual skinny drink, this time I got only sugar-free, which means FULL FAT MILK, BABY! yeah!) and a celebratory cinnamon roll. Got to work, ate, had a meeting, and when it dawned on my that all of my coworkers forgot my birthday, I emailed a friend to meet me for lunch, which we did. That was fun.

Got back to work, and when it was quittin’ time, I stopped at the grocery store to buy myself a little birthday cake. When I got home, George had picked up Outback for dinner, but I was still full from lunch, so I put my salad in the fridge for later and ate the crab and avocado dip I’d gotten as an appetizer. Holy cow, that was yummy.

Opened my other two gifts from Kiki (earrings!) and then George brought me some gifts. Yay! So exciting! He gave me the Nike+ sensor I asked for and then an unexpected gift, this cookbook. Does the man know me or what? Now I have a meat cookbook and a vegetable cookbook that Kiki gave me for Christmas. I’m all set.


No, I didn’t put 38 candles on it.

The boys had been begging for cake since we got home, so I dug out some birthday candles and they sang to me and we had cake.

Look! I blew out all the candles! So I guess I’ll be getting that tummy tuck any day now, since my wish will be coming true.

After the boys were in bed, my day was not over, no no no. I had made an appointment for a massage! It was glorious. I highly recommend everyone end their birthday with a massage. It was great.  And apparently my left leg is much tighter than my right leg, so I guess I need to go back for another one soon. You know, for medical reasons.

Met some girlfriends at the pub for a drink after, and that was the end of my fabulous 38th birthday! Yay!

(PS I know there are people out there – grownups – who don’t celebrate their birthday or make a big deal out of them. I do not understand these people. If you are one of them, I highly recommend making a big deal of it.)