Some things never change

While we’re on the subject of the differences between the boys…

Remember this little video I put together a few years ago? (Man, it still cracks me up to watch that.) Well, yesterday we went to a different park in our neighborhood. One with monkey bars.

Miles was ready to tackle them. First things first. Mommy had to hold him up while he made his way down the bars. But I could not let go.

Mommy holding on to Miles

After a few minutes of that, he was ready to hang from a bar. So I held up up, then gradually let go so he was holding on by himself. But he was scared to fall, so I grabbed him again and gently brought him down to Earth.

When he saw that it wasn’t too far down, he was ready to drop to the ground himself. He did that approximately one million times.

…and fall. x1000000

And then he saw Millie going across the monkey bars, and since he is Millie’s biggest fan, decided he was going to try that too.

Look at the determination on that face!

And wouldn’t you know, he made his way across the monkey bars all by himself? It took him many, many tries, and many falls, but he didn’t give up until he did it.

I was so proud I thought I would burst.

He was proud of himself, too.

Meanwhile, Linus made it to “hanging from the bar and dropping”, and Oliver wouldn’t let me let go of him.

Linus (R) is getting ready to hang from the bar, while Miles is itching to try to go across again.
Oliver will just stick to this thing instead.

So, just like the video from 2010, Miles was Mr. Adventure, Linus was happy to do whatever, with no worries whatsoever, and Oliver was, as before, extremely cautious.

Yep, some things never change!

Three little people

I still get asked all the time, “do they have different personalities?”, which kind of kills me. (And I know I screwed up the punctuation at the end of that quote, so feel free to enlighten me on how I should have done it.) So I thought I’d write a post about their individual personalities and the little quirks that make them who they are.

from left to right…


My little peacemaker. He is always finding toys to give his brothers to stop fights, and the other day I saw him handing Oliver and Linus the last of his conversation hearts from Valentine’s Day.

He never stop moving. I mean, the kid is a bundle of energy. He’s always pacing, or running, or jumping, or humming. Always on the move.

Probably the most emotional. Can be screaming in frustration one moment, laughing the next.

Has a killer little grin that he busts out when necessary. And he knows when it’s necessary.

Loves chocolate Pinkberry.


The most in touch with his emotions. Sometimes he’ll say, “today I am not in a very good mood,” and then we know to be prepared for Not Jolly Ollie. He hates to be called Not Jolly Ollie. (At least he can’t read yet.) Even better are the days when he says, “I’m mostly in a good mood today.”

My best sleeper. Maybe because he still sucks his thumb?

Seems to be the “brainiest”. I don’t mean smartest, I just mean he has a more analytical brain than his brothers.

Loves to draw.

Loves pink yogurt (strawberry Yoplait ONLY in the big containers.)


Physically, I think he’s the most different from his brothers. He has the two cowlicks up front, which make his hair lie flatter when it’s longer, and stick up like crazy when it’s shorter. And his face is a bit rounder.

Loves video games, and I don’t know if this is related, but seems to have the best hand-eye coordination. He seems like the most inclined to play sports, but we’ll see.

Loves playing in the bath.

Very happy-go-lucky. Pretty chill. He sleeps in the top bunk, and the fact that he wanted to sleep up there, is the kind of kid he is. His brothers were a bit wary to climb up there (and I don’t blame them!) but after his first nervous trip up, he was scampering up and down the ladder like a pro.

Loves noodles of all shapes.


Now can you tell them apart?

A successful night out

Last night I took the boys to their first professional sporting event, a Hornets game. They’re our NBA team, and pretty soon they’ll be called the Pelicans instead. I thought basketball would be fun for them, since it’s fairly simple, fast-paced, and relatively short.


Since George is still effectively one-legged, it was just me and the boys, and it couldn’t have gone better. (Well, maybe if we’d gotten on the Jumbotron. That would have been awesome. Alas.)

Miles especially got really into the game, cheering at the appropriate times. It was funny, though. At first, when either team would get a basket, he’d turn to me and say, “is that a yay or an awww?” Pretty soon he figured out that the guys in white were yays and the team in purple were awwws.



I must be a lucky charm, because the Hornets won, just like they did when I went back in January. And they scored over 100 points, which means free fries at McDonald’s today! Not that I’ll get them, but still.


One of the highlights for the evenings for me was when the older couple two rows back praised me lavishly for the boys’ exceptional behavior. I didn’t see anything extraordinary about it, but I guess when people see one adult with three little boys, they expect to see the kids running around like banshees? I don’t know, but it sure was nice to hear!



The other great moment was when we were walking back to the parking garage. There was a man playing saxophone on the sidewalk, and as we walked by, he changed his tune to “Three Blind Mice.” Love it. I sent the boys back to his bucket with a dollar each, to show our appreciation.


All in all, a fun night!


5 weeks to go

So, I mentioned it a tiny bit at the end of my last post, but in case you missed that bit, in five weeks I’m having an abdominoplasty. What’s that? Well, don’t search for it on YouTube, that’s for sure, unless you like disgusting things. It’s just the technical term for a tummy tuck. That’s what I’m having. There, I said it.

I’m sure you can imagine (and you’ll have to imagine, because I’ll never post a photo of the evidence) what a triplet pregnancy does to a stomach. Muscles are torn, skin is streettttttched, and things just don’t go back the way they were before. It’s not pretty.


So since I have five excruciatingly long weeks before my surgery, I’ve been trying to fill up the weekends so the time will pass quickly. So much going on!

This weekend, I’m photographing infant quadruplets (!) and taking the boys to a Hornets game. So fun!

The following weekend, there’s an Easter Egg Hunt benefitting the March of Dimes. NOLA people, you should come!


Since I am a contributor for New Orleans Moms Blog, I will be wearing bunny ears. Heh.

Later that day is the Candy Land Ball, to raise funds for our favorite neighborhood park. A party revolving around candy. I don’t know who’s going to have more fun, me or the boys…

The next day, I’m photographing about a million kids, literally.

So yeah, I’m going to be tired after that weekend. But I’ll still have so much time to fill! But it’s okay, I’m full of ideas. And George will be able to walk again in less than two weeks! Oh, and I have jury duty for the first two weeks of March. Yeah, that’s going to just make the time fly by. I’ve got two baby showers to go to, which means one newborn to photograph before my surgery (and one after.) This gorgeous girl will be a big sister in less than a month!

Exciting stuff!

Monday randoms

– My car wouldn’t start this morning. And then it did. Whew. Possibly the alternator? Just what I need.

– On the way to school, Oliver was reminiscing about “those owl robot toys we got at Percy’s party a long time ago.” Took me a few minutes to realize he was talking about my friend Maura’s wedding last April, where they played with my friend’s son Henry. Oh, you know, Percy, Henry, it was some Thomas train.

That’s “Percy” in the plaid.

– Linus asked me today if my “first Daddy” was always going to be in heaven. Oy, talking about death with a 5 year old is always a bit disconcerting. Hard to know the right thing to say. I just told him yes, at least until the Zombie Apocalypse. That seems like the right answer, right?

– I was sick all weekend. Just a cold, but now I can feel that my sinuses are full of mucus. Just sitting there, causing pain. Thanks a lot. So I’ve been using my Neti Pot and crossing my fingers that I don’t get some brain eating bacteria from that.

– Took photos of my sweet birthday buddy at the park yesterday. She was quite the trooper, even though it was chilly. It was a gorgeous afternoon, though, and the park was packed. Speaking of the Zombie Apocalypse, this is what it’s going to look like. Imagine her saying “cheeeeeerios” instead of “braaaains”, though.


Meanwhile, the boys ran around and played with sticks. Boys will be boys.



– So, I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about this, but I decided I will. I’m having surgery at the end of March. Abdominoplasty. I’m super excited about it, and since it’s going to be a big part of my life, it would be rather weird to just not post about it at all. However, I am NOT going to be posting before and after photos. I would not do that to you. Ick.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t you just hate that you can’t abbreviate Valentine’s Day to VD? Har dee har har.

It’s not a holiday we celebrate very much. And this year, with Mardi Gras just two days ago, it kind of fell by the wayside. But I managed to get the boys some little stuffed monkeys (they really love stuffed animals) with conversation hearts (which they also love.) While we’re on the subject of gross candy, it slightly dismays me that the boys love conversation hearts, tootsie rolls, and bottle caps. Blech.

Anyway, they loved the monkeys.

Playing with them this morning. Okay, really I’m just posting this to show off my clean living room.

George surprised me with a gift certificate to a massage place, so I’ll be spending next Wednesday evening with Martha, destressing for ninety blissful minutes. Woo hoo!

Hope everyone has a lovely VD!


Kiki said I’m not blogging enough now, so here’s a post. I will intersperse cute pictures of the boys in with the words.

* Mardi Gras did bad things to my weight, so today is a fresh start. Back on Dukan. I really want to lose ten pounds by the end of March. So back to the gym as well. I went Sunday and Monday and this morning. My running has been going pretty well, but right now I’m concentrating on strength training.


* There’s something I want to blog about. I think. I’m just not 100% sure yet. How’s that for vague?


* Miles is so sweet. I’ve noticed lately that he has been giving his brothers things to make them happy. Candy from his Valentine’s party at school, and the remote control this morning. Both things he really loves!


* Linus asked me this morning about belly buttons. They’re hard to explain!


* Because I’m concentrating more on strength training than cardio right now, I fear my 500 mile goal for the year won’t be met. But it’s only February. I shan’t give up yet!


My friend Eva finished a 126.2 mile race yesterday. Yes, you read that right. She and some friends came down from New York and they supported her from the time she left Baton Rouge and ran all the way to New Orleans, on the levees. It’s only about 75 miles if you drive it, but because the river is so windy, that route is decidedly longer.

So I went to watch her finish, about 38 hours after she started. That’s with only one hour of sleep in there.

She’s amazing. So proud to know her.

There she is, almost to the finish line! I can’t imagine the relief she must be feeling here. Or pain. We saw one guy finish, rip his shoes off, and rub his raw feet on the gravel like he was putting out a fire.

With her incredible team (who took turns running with her and feeding her and supporting her)

I made a sign for her.

In other news, I took the boys to some parades on Saturday. My cousin Willa and her family rented a house a couple blocks off St. Charles, which was incredible. A bathroom? A parking space? It doesn’t get any better. The boys had a blast.





They played football with Willa

And Linus got the baby again!

They made some friends.
(And why is someone ALWAYS grabbing his junk in pictures?)

But what’s better than a parade? Why, a big tower of cups to knock down, of course!

62 months – I remembered!

Yesterday, my mom called me at work and said, “did you take their picture today?” My guilty conscience thought she was referring to the fact that I’ve taken about 1/263 the number of photos as I did last year by this time. But no, she meant the monthly picture.

Gasp! I nearly forgot! I can’t believe I almost forgot. It’s the fourth of the month! And it was raining, so no picture at the side of the house, I was going to have to do it inside. Which is dark and not very big and difficult to photograph. But I managed. Whew. I can’t believe I almost forgot!


And that’s what a little bribery with conversation hearts gets ya.

Photo post

I’ve been terrible about posting, but I’ve been even worse about taking pictures. Seriously, even the boys have noticed. Miles asked me why I haven’t used my big camera in a long time. Yikes.

But I do adore my iPhone, so here are some pictures from that from the past few days…

The completion of the streetcar line outside my office window means, of course, a marching band. Does this happen everywhere?

They’re probably ruined their eyesight by trying on my coke-bottle classes, but they do look awfully cute in them…



Bathtime is fun! AKA, my mirror is filthy.


George got a peg leg! Arrrrgh, matey!

Just a little Mommy and Linus self-portrait

Last night I hid up in the top bunk. It’s very cozy up there. If Linus decides he doesn’t want to sleep up there, I’m claiming it as my own.

Aaaand, now I know that I really need to take more pictures.

New beds!

Okay, they’re not quite done, and when they are, I’ll be doing a more thorough blog post, but for now, a few pictures of the beds! Let’s see if the boys are brave enough to sleep in them tonight. (Or if I’m brave enough to let them…)

Testing them out. The rails that are up now are only temporary, until the permanent ones are built in.

The top bunk is pretty high up. Gulp!

They all look like ants down there!