Twenty five year olds.

Twenty five year olds. by pyjammy
Twenty five year olds., a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Linus’s class (pictured here) and Miles’s class went on a field trip to the New Orleans Museum of Art today. I chaperoned. When I came back to work, my coworkers all wanted to know how my bus ride with forty-five-year-olds went. Har dee har har.

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7:1 by pyjammy
7:1, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

That’s the ratio of boys: girls we had at a friend’s house the other night. And that’s a set of triplets, a set of twins, and three singletons.

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Free dress day!

Free dress day! by pyjammy
Free dress day!, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

Today was the boys’ first free dress day ever. They got to pick out their shirts – Miles and Linus wore Mario shirts, and Oliver wore a Transformers one. As you can see, they were pretty excited about it. Well, Miles and Oliver anyway.

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A stroll down memory lane

The boys and I went to my mom’s this weekend, and while I was there, I needed to look for a photo of my mom and I to use for a blog post. Specifically, a photo from when I was a baby. As the third child, there just aren’t nearly as many of me as there are of my brother and sister. (Do you see me taking fewer pictures of Miles? Noooooooo.)

But I did find one album that had lots of photos of me, including one of me and my mom. Jackpot! So I borrowed the album so I could scan some of the pictures and aren’t you lucky, I’m going to share them here.

Starting with me as a tiny infant. I’m impressed with the level of tolerance my siblings (especially my sister) are showing here:


And she’s not shoving me off my dad’s lap here, but it looks imminent.

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my first birthday party. I have this really distinct memory of sitting in my little rocking chair with a crown on. But then I realize that surely I can’t possibly remember my first birthday party, right? Of course not. I just internalized this photo a bit too much.

Mmm, cake! If I was going to truly remember something, surely it’d be this…

My cousin Rob was born about four months before me. We were best buddies growing up. (Truthfully, I still have a hard time not calling him Robby, just as I’m sure he still thinks of me as Pammy.)



I noticed I was wearing the same outfit in these two Christmas pictures. I gotta get to the bottom of this. Surely these are a year apart, judging by my hair, right?


Maybe I was wearing my sister’s dress in the second one?

I definitely see the boys in this picture. Mostly just the expression on my face. I know I’ve seen Oliver make that face.

Love these of me and my daddy:


And a bunch of my cousins:

Just when I’m convinced I was the most hideous child ever (I actually felt sorry for my mom when I found all these class pictures…)

…I came across this, and I think, I wasn’t too bad!

But this…now THIS is the photo I love the best. I do definitely remember this moment. Those poor King Dons never stood a chance.
(nice mullet, kid.)

Okay, that’s all I’ll subject you to for now…

My sporty boys

The other day, Miles was begging me to take him to the park after school to play baseball. Why the sudden obsession with playing baseball? Well, because they’ve been playing Mario Super Sluggers on the Wii. So I dug out the gloves my mom gave them last spring, and found a ball and bat that my uncle (who is determined to get one of his great-nephews into the big leagues) passed along after his son grew up.

I don’t think they quite get it yet. I mean, if you learn the rules of baseball from a Mario game, you are expecting Donkey Kong and little mushrooms to play alongside you. But they had fun. And most excitingly, it prompted me to look up tee ball leagues in our area, and I found one that starts in a few weeks not too far from our house. I may pass out when I see them in their little “uniforms”. It might be too much cuteness to handle. We’ll see. I should probably get them some shirts with their names on them for their teammates and coaches. Hmm.

(And I picked up my camera again for the first time in weeks!)

Miles threw the first pitch…


Then a fan came along…
…who probably thought she was in Children of the Corn or something when they all turned to look at her.
Cute father-son moment that turns funny when you think about George + sports
Yeah, they need some lessons.


Sad things. Spent the weekend at the memorial of a high school friend, who died the morning of my surgery. He had lung cancer, was diagnosed a year ago. Died at 38. And I can’t claim that I was good friends with him, though we were slightly more than acquaintances. But he was very close to Ren, and when a good friend loses someone so close to her, you support her. So along with some other friends, we drove several hours to North Louisiana and celebrated the life of Jay.

The memorial service was appropriately full of tears and laughter, and later, the memorial hoedown (yes, you read that right) resulted in a sore throat for me from all the karaoke-ing I was doing. As Jay would have wanted.



Because we went to high school with Jay, this was kind of a mini-reunion. My roommate Betsy, from senior year, flew in from L.A. for it. I’ll see her again next month for our (gulp) 20th reunion.

And then yesterday. The Boston thing. I felt a kind of (self-absorbed) personal affront to the whole thing. Because I ran two marathons a decade ago? (This one was eleven years and two days ago, to be precise. And yes, that is a fanny pack.)

Because, even though I’m slow, I consider myself a runner? I have had friends and family support me at the ends of many, many races, and the thought of them, and the people who worked their asses off to run a marathon (and Boston, no less!) being attacked like that. Maybe it’s because I can actually imagine it. It’s not like I’m trying to compare it to other tragedies, but I guess I can just relate to this one more than most. And so it just makes me extra sad that I can’t run right now, and go sign up for a marathon (okay, fine, a half) and do whatever I can to show my solidarity. I dunno. I hate even writing about this, because it seems so “me, me, me” but whatever. This is my blog.

Me again!

Okay, I’m back. Still recuperating, but feeling much more human.

So, let’s see. What have I been up to? Well, Kristina was here for a week, which was awesome. Not only because I haven’t seen her since last fall, but also because our house is more organized, less cluttered, and generally cleaner than it ever has been. We got rid of so much stuff at the yard sale last weekend.


Which resulted in this (that is now in the bank, so don’t bother trying to rob me)

Also, this happened last week. This is a very big deal.


Yes. I finally watched Top Gun. It was kind of my thing, not ever having seen it. I honestly had no desire to. My friend Ren really wanted me to see it. She would regularly bug me about it. And that was kind of our thing. But then a friend from high school (who was one of Ren’s dearest friends) died after a too-short battle with cancer, and she pulled the “Jay really wanted you to see Top Gun,” which I actually kind of believe, and how can you argue with that? So Kristina and I watched Top Gun. And I made some people happy. And now I have to think of a new thing to have.

Isn’t Renny beautiful?

Also, my friend Amelia had her baby girl, and I went to visit at the same time Mary Catherine and Hank were there. I pretended like I had twins.

Piece o’ cake.

Not really. How the heck did I deal with three of those???

So that hits the high points. I guess I should show a picture from Easter. I wasn’t there, but here’s one of Oliver and the Easter Bunny.


64 months

64 months by pyjammy
64 months, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

I did take this picture yesterday, I promise. But by the time I got it edited, I was just wiped out.

Maybe now my mom and sister will stop hassling me about it. Ha!

I’m alive!

I don’t know what it is, but I have had no motivation to go near a computer since my surgery. But today is one week post op, and I feel like the fog is lifting a bit. I’m wearing contacts for the first time in a week!

Healing is going fine, but I’m not going to lie, it’s intense. But totally worth it. I won’t be able to see my final shape until the drains are out (ewww) but so far, so good!

Kristina’s been here since Monday and she’s been ruthlessly organizing my house. The boys came home last night from spending time with all of their grandparents, and they are doing their best to undo her hard work. But it’s good to have them back, hearing their sweet little voices.

Will be back later with the 64th monthly pic!