No Uniforms!

No Uniforms! by pyjammy
No Uniforms!, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

For the last four days of school, the kids don’t have to wear uniforms. The boys jumped out of bed this morning, excited to pick out their clothes. (Linus has already informed me he wants to wear his shirt every day. I hope other parents are reading this so they’ll know I’m planning to wash it every night. I swear.)

But Millie wins with the best outfit. Sparkly headband? Check. Rainbow shirt? Check. Lace skirt over studded leggings with gladiator sandals? Check, check, and check.

20 years? No way.


This weekend was my 20th high school reunion, and it was so much fun. Thanks to my mad Photoshop skillz (don’t look too closely), I was able to get a picture with a bunch of us in it. Ain’t technology wonderful?

A much longer post is coming soon about the weekend…

My little stars

The boys had their end of school picnic on Monday, and man was it cute. Lemme show you.

First, all the kids in their grade sang together. There’s Miles!

Oliver and one of his buddies held hands as they walked off. His mom and I were standing next to each other, dying over it.

And then Linus’s class performed. His teacher went all out for this. They were in costume, either Lions or Birds, and each group did a dance. It was pretty intricate, and I’m kicking myself for not having a video of it. (I chose to take photos instead. If only I could have done both.)

Here they were getting ready. Linus loved his wings. Who wouldn’t?
(I mean, really. The kid is just so freaking happy.)

Oliver loved his brother’s costume as well.

The performance:

He could never not watch me.


Taking a bow

After the performance, the boys and Millie sort of posed for a picture…

And Oliver got his face painted. That’s Spiderman. Kind of an abstract representation, you know.

Can’t believe another year is almost over!

15 years

It’s been 15 years since we lost you.

Still miss how you made me feel beautiful, even when I quite obviously was not.

Why’s that little boy wearing a dress?


Love you Daddy!

I didn’t tell y’all I’d been married before?
That’s my itty-bitty chicken leg sticking out there.
Arrgh, margaritas are good!
Hint: If you’d put down that cigarette, maybe you’d still be with us.



Parents of girls (especially only girls), answer me this….do girls play-fight like this, or is it a boy thing? (I know my sister and I fought like this growing up, but it wasn’t pretend like here!)

While I have you here, do you mind clicking on the Top Mommy Blogs button on the right? I’m at #32 right now, which is pretty pathetic. Only takes a second!

Ol’ blue eyes

I’m still amazed that I have blue eyed children. Yesterday, after t-ball practice, Oliver’s eyes were looking particularly blue, due to his pupils being tiny.

Note to self: time for haircuts.


Who Wore It Better?

My sister posted a picture of my niece, Emily, on Facebook this morning, wearing a dress that my mom’s cousin made for me. She used to make me so many awesome dresses. My favorite was the replica of the red Annie dress. Man, I loved that dress.

Anyway, Emily was rocking my vintage dress this morning, and it just so happens that I had a photo of me wearing the same dress. In 1983. With my awesome Dorothy Hamill ‘do (I felt a special kinship with D.H., since my middle name is Dorothea. Never mind I’d never been near an ice skating rink in my life. I was pretty sure because of our similarities I’d end up an ice skating star too.) Oh, and check out those teeth. We had a babysitter who had buck teeth, and I thought it was so cute that they stuck out when she smiled. So I emulated that grin in my school picture.


I think it’s safe to say that Emily wins this round.

Some pictures

Just a few from the past few days…

Two favorites: high fives and Aunt Tee.


Oh, and their batting helmet.


Oliver drew this picture of the family. I think pigtails and pink dresses suit me, don’t you?


Miles and I had a celebrity sighting at Starbucks. (James Carville.)


Waiting to bat.


Love this. “Good game, good game, good game…”


About my brother

I have a big brother. His name is Evan. He’s a landscape architect in Los Angeles. Well, that’s his profession. But his “hobby” is making films. Short films, mostly. He’s been making films as long as I can remember. When I was younger, he always had his Super-8 camera with him, and he and his friends John and Bryan and Darren would be running around mixing up fresh batches of fake blood, or building dummies, or generally creeping out the neighborhood as they made movies.

Here’s a particularly memorable example:

Twin Terror from Evan Mather on Vimeo.

About 15 years ago, he started making animated movies. The first were stop-action Lego Star Wars recreations/spoofs/parodies/homages. We were all so excited when he was mentioned on CNN for this gem:

Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars from Evan Mather on Vimeo.

My favorite of his movies came along in 2000.

Fansom the Lizard

Fansom the Lizard from Evan Mather on Vimeo.

Anyway, I could go on and on. He’s had films shown at film festivals all over the world. SXSW, Sundance, Japan, The Netherlands, you name it. His videography is staggeringly long. But until now, he’s only made short films. And now he’s starting work on his first feature-length film. And he’s looking for backers. Have you heard of Kickstarter? It’s really cool. You can pledge any amount of money, and if he gets enough pledges, then he will get the money, and that movie will be made. At certain price points, you can get incentives. Your name mentioned in the credits. A postcard. A DVD of the movie. A producer credit.

He has raised most of the money he needs to make this film, but he’s still a little short. Won’t you visit his Kickstarter page and pledge a few dollars? Think about how cool it would be to say “I helped fund that” when he’s on stage at the Oscars, accepting his “Best Documentary Feature” award…

Update: Well, my blog went down for several hours today, and in the meantime, his project got fully funded! But you can still back it and make it even better!

What a weekend!

And I mean that in a good way.

On Saturday, we went to a crawfish boil at my boss’s house. Even though the forecast was for rain, rain, and more rain, we were very lucky that it held off the entire time. It was gray, but not rainy. Whew. George couldn’t come because he was still sick, but the boys and I (except Oliver) ate our weight in crawfish. Yum.




Unfortunately, I neglected to bring any bathing suits with us because this was set up in the front yard. (Granted, I know the boys wouldn’t have gone on it, but I would have!)

And yesterday was, of course, Mother’s Day. Best one yet, except that my Mom was in Los Angeles so I didn’t get to see her. I got to sleep in while George fed the boys breakfast. And then we went to lunch with his parents, where I got a dozen pink roses and a bottle of pink champagne.


Afterwards, we had dessert.


I dropped the boys off at home (including the eldest) and went shopping with my friend Terry. Found a couple of dresses for my 20th reunion coming up, and then we went to see the Great Gatsby. I came home after the boys were in bed, so it really was a day of no responsibility. Nice.

I also got cards, including these homemade ones, which are, of course, the best.




Now George has set a new standard for Mother’s Day. I won’t complain if every Mother’s Day from here on out is like this one.

The first game

Last night was the boys’ first t-ball game, and holy hell, it was adorable. They had such a great time. It was so nice to see them having fun and NOT whining or fighting over anything. It was just pure joy. Well, until the end of the game, when they were handing out little bags of cookies and Linus lost his. But those were the only tears of the evening, so I call that a win! So, the game. I took a lot of pictures. Can you blame me? When we got there, the coach handed out shirts and hats. I’d bought the pants the night before. If you think this is cute, it’s nothing compared how adorable it was with their shirts tucked in. Oof.


(For the record, and so I don’t forget, Miles is #3, Oliver is #9, and Linus is #7.)

They had a short practice before the game, and then they named the team. The boys had some ideas of their own, including “Smooth Fire” and “Thunder”, but in the end, the team got named the Sharks. They were playing against another team wearing blue, but it was more of a royal blue. Kind of confusing.

Then the game began! For t-ball, each inning consisted of a run through the batting line-up. And there were two innings. (Hee!) So each kid got to bat twice. There are no outs, and as far as I could tell, the score wasn’t tracked. (Of course, the boys told me at the end that their team had won. Uh-huh.) Now for the pictures…
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First practice

First practice by pyjammy
First practice, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

The boys had their first t-ball practice last night. The whole thing was disgustingly adorable. Not just my own boys, but the other kids. The boy who skipped first base entirely and ran straight to second. The tiny one who hit them out of the (admittedly small) park and caught a line drive. I gotta remember his name for when he’s famous one day.

Tonight’s the first game, so expect a much longer, more detailed post tomorrow with tons of pictures. They’re going to be wearing baseball pants. I may faint from all the cute.