Grease is the word

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So, the boys had their camp play this morning. Good God, it was adorable. Last summer, the camp plays were more “musical revues” where each class got up and sang a song that went with the theme of the play. It was cute, to be sure, but this took it to another level. Grease, the musical. Who doesn’t love it?

The camp has kids from preschool through (going into) ninth grade, so the older kids took on the main parts, and the younger kids sang in groups. The whole thing was just really fun to watch.

Some pictures of the play…

Sandy (the girl in yellow)

Kenickie and Danny




Beauty School Dropout

During “Sandy” (Miles)

Linus (left) and Oliver


Rizzo (this girl was good)

The Finale

A video of the finale…too cute!

Victory is mine!

I know it doesn’t look like much, but the boys and I made pizzas on tortillas for dinner and they gobbled them up. Even with sauce.


Combined with the green beans from a few days ago, we’re making great progress on the picky front!

Up later…the boys’ camp play is later this morning. I’ll be taking lots of photos and videos of that, lucky you…

Seriously, love this age

Did you check out my post on the New Orleans Moms Blog yet?

Last night, George wasn’t feeling well, and I had a gift card to Applebee’s, so I decided to take the boys to dinner. I’ve taken them to restaurants by myself lots of times, but it just gets easier and easier. They were so good, and we had a great time. Makes my heart happy.


They had a little game like Mad Libs on the kids’ menu, which they thought was hilarious. Maybe not as hilarious as Kiki and I found it when we’d play dirty Mad Libs on road trips (every word had to be obscene or filthy) but pretty funny nonetheless.

After they ate their dinner (nothing groundbreaking, but the fries DID have pepper on them, which at one time would have been a dealbreaker), I got them dessert to share. Molten chocolate cake. I’m such a good mom, and so proud they loved it. I think my heart would have broken a little if they hadn’t. Or I would have gotten them DNA tested to make sure they were actually mine.

I only had a bite, because I started Weight Watchers again last week. It’s been a while since I’ve done WW, and it didn’t really work too well for me, but hopefully this time it will. I’m already down a couple of pounds, so I can’t complain!

Updates and things

Did you check out my post on the New Orleans Moms Blog yet?

I am proud to say the boys have now tried a few vegetables! They each have two Lego minifigures, thanks to a can of green beans last night. Oh, I tried fresh green beans, but they were a no-go. Canned, however, go the thumbs up. Weird, but whatever. I assume there are still some nutrients in canned green beans, right?

Sorry to say, no photos of it from last night. But here’s one of Linus Oliver Miles someone eating one in January 2010.


As mentioned in yesterday’s post, they also got t-ball trophies Friday night. Here they are receiving them. So cute. They were so proud.

Goooo Sharks!
T-ball trophiesT-ball trophies

We had a fun playdate with their twin friends Anders and Lewis on Sunday, which was much fun for all. And then we went swimming later that afternoon. Low-key, but nice weekend. I got a couple of plants for the back door. Nice. Let’s hope I don’t kill them too quickly.


It’s a miracle!

Last night, for the first time in possibly literally years, the boys ate vegetables!


Miles ate baby carrots, and Oliver and Linus ate corn.

(Some will say corn is not a vegetable. In my house, anything that grew in the ground and purchased in the produce department and isn’t processed is a vegetable. Or a fruit.)

I am not ashamed to say there was bribery involved here. But you know, whatever works. I have been able to get them to eat new proteins, but vegetables (and fresh foods in general) were my real goal. And I did it! And they each got a new(ish, bought on eBay) Lego minifigure!

Tonight, they’re already looking forward to green beans. Heh.

Have you read my post “Are three kids easier than one?” If not, check it out. It’s good for a laugh. If you’re a triplet mom. If not, you might find yourself wanting triplets.

If all weekends could be like this…

What a great weekend we had! Lemme tell you about it.

Friday night, we had pizza for dinner. Okay, not an exciting night, but pizza is always a good thing, right?

Saturday, I got to sleep in because I was exhausted from a lack of sleep Thursday night. Once I gave the boys breakfast and did some laundry, etc, etc, I took the boys to the pool. I hadn’t joined yet for the summer, and I was a little nervous about dropping money on something the boys might refuse to do. Last summer, we joined, but I probably went by myself more often than with the boys. They just weren’t really into swimming all that much.

But Saturday was a revelation! I put their Puddle Jumpers on, and to my delight, Oliver and Miles got right in the pool and “swam” off. Linus, however, was content to sit on the steps. But within the first hour, I was able to get him to at least hold on to me. And once we were out in the pool, I was able to let go of him, and from then on out, he was as fearless as his brothers! (Well, almost. He still wouldn’t let me throw him like Miles or put his face in the water like Oliver.)



So we spent a few hours at the pool on Saturday and later on Sunday. The boys didn’t want to leave, but I was pretty exhausted. I was trying to stay as active in the pool as possible, you know, burn some calories, so both Saturday and Sunday nights, I was beat.

Saturday afternoon I went and photographed my friend’s daughters who are 3 and 8 months. The 3 year old was…tough. But such a beautiful child! Ah well, I’ll try again when she’s four. Ha!


Sunday was of course Father’s Day, so we went and had brunch and then took the boys to the pub, as I mentioned yesterday. Usually, the boys hate going to the pub (much to George’s sorrow) because there are often dogs in there. But they had a great time. Especially since Daddy will buy them as many bags of crisps as they want.

At lunch


And so we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool, and then I made a yummy dinner (that the boys didn’t eat, but that’s okay, I didn’t really expect them to) that I accidentally added an extra cup of wine to. Oooops! Just as well the boys didn’t eat it!

Another t-ball post

I brought my camera to another t-ball game, and therefore am going to torment you with more adorable photographs of the boys playing. For the last three games of the season, the coaches pitch the ball (unless the kid really just can’t manage to hit it, then they bring out the tee.) I am proud to say that in the two innings of the game (an inning = each kid up to bat once) each of my boys hit the ball that was pitched to him at least once. It almost seemed like it was easier for some of the kids to hit a moving target rather than the stationary tee. Who knows.

The light is so gorgeous at this time of evening, I can’t help but take a ton of pictures.

Oliver and Linus




Miles liked to stomp on home plate when running in.


Oliver. Or maybe Miles.


Miles on first. Just watching the ball that was thrown to him sail past. Sigh.






Oliver and Miles






The trickiest part of taking pictures is that I have to shoot through the chain-link fence, and my lens likes to grab focus on the fence. Or else you get the weird chain linky haze. But I did my best. I used my 85mm for these, but I’d love to rent a nice 200mm or something fancy like that for one game.

I should probably write a book.

Because I am now a parenting expert. I have figured out how to get the boys to try new things! Wait, I should probably not write this post now, because I know as soon as I do, they will stop trying new things. Maybe I should wait. Hmmm.

Let me just say that twice this week, I’ve tested out my new method, and twice, (most of) the boys have eaten new foods. After the salmon burgers Monday night, it was fried fish last night. Homemade fried fish. Even Miles tried it this time! Can’t blame them, it was delicious. Mostly because our oven seems to be broken, so instead of oven-fried fish like I was planning, they got real fried fish. Oh man, was it good.