Things I’ve been pondering

Why is bowling so expensive? The boys want to go bowling, and so I did some research on local bowling alleys. Uh, $80 to go bowling with my family? I think I’ll just go buy one of these.


What kind of chores can you make a 5 year old do to earn video game time? The boys have been playing wayyy too much Wii. In fact, the reason they want to go bowling is because they played it on the Wii. So I think it’s time we make them earn some time to play. I’m hesitant to put things like “get your own damn socks on” because that’s something they should be doing anyway, not just as a way to earn a reward. Maybe it should be stuff I wouldn’t otherwise expect them to do, like “clean up your pee puddles from the bathroom floor.”

What races should I do this year? I’m getting back into running, post-surgery, and I am starting to consider what races I want to do in the fall and winter. (I do not run outside in the summer as a rule.) I definitely want to do the Jazz Half Marathon that I PR’ed last year, and the Woman’s Half-Marathon in Baton Rouge. And then my sister was talking about maybe coming for the Louisiana (half) Marathon in January. But while I seem to do a lot of half-marathons, I really prefer doing shorter races. I’d love to get a new PR in the 5k. Maybe even, gasp, try to break the 30 minute barrier? My current PR is 32:xx, so that won’t be easy. But if I do lots of speed work on the treadmill over the summer, maybe in the fall I can do it. Hmm.

A friend of mine has been having a challenging time getting one of her twin daughters potty trained. I suggested that she try backing off any kind of pressure (or even any mention of potty training) to said daughter, but to keep her out of diapers and pull-ups and just go with the flow (HA HA HA). (Yeah, like I’m some kind of potty training expert. I failed once and then let daycare do it for me.) Anyway, it started me thinking about how potty training and eating are the two things you just can’t force kids to do (someone told me that once and MAN is it true) so I thought, I need to apply that to the boys’ pickiness.

So last night at dinner, I made salmon burgers for the first time. I gave the boys a hot dog, a piece of bread, milk and that’s it. And I put a salmon burger, cut into quarters (easier than thirds) in the middle of the table. George and I sat and ate our burgers with some brussels sprouts (I wasn’t even going to try to get them to eat those) and when the boys were done with their hot dogs, I told them they could have some of the salmon burger.

To my never ending surprise, Linus took a piece (sans bun) and ate it! The other two watched him intently and asked, “do you like it?” When he answered in the affirmative, Oliver took a piece. He nibbled a bit and looked unsure. He said, “I’m not sure if I like it.” I suggested he try another bite, after which he declared, “you know what? I do like it.” And he and Linus proceeded to finish the burger.


I was stunned. And giddy. Miles wouldn’t taste it, and somehow he’s turned into the picky one, but whatever. I’m going to lay off the pressure. Not even talk about it. And wouldn’t you know, it worked. Time will tell, of course, if this is a one-off. Fingers crossed it’s not!

Mr. Picky

6 thoughts on “Things I’ve been pondering

  1. Rose


    I love your blog, I read every single post : ] ! Do you do product reviews? Sorry I left this in a comment, I could not find the email button.


  2. jonellelantier

    Lovely post! I love your blog. Just stumbled upon it a couple of days ago. And you could try asking your kids to re-arrange books or help with a simple clean-up activity to earn those video game playing points.


  3. Paige

    Random lurker…but if you have any AMF bowling lanes in your area, sign up for their kids bowl free summer promo. You just pay for shoes, and they can bowl for free every day!


  4. peachylg

    It’s nice to meet another parenting expert 🙂 I have 5 boys.. I know pee puddles really well. My boys can’t have any Xbox time until they do all that is required of them first {beds, teeth, putting clothes away, ect} then they can do extra chores. {pick up dog poop, pick up all the extra toys around the house, sweep the back porch, ect.} they don’t do the required chores first… it’s a no go for the extras.

    Oh… and try a mud run like the Spartan, or the Tough Mudder. They are longer but SO fun!!! Well worth the bruises. 🙂


  5. Kristen

    My daughter is the same age as your boys, well, two weeks younger exactly. 🙂 Just lately I’ve started making her wash her own dishes after breakfast, and she’s now in charge of feeding the cats and refreshing their water a couple times a day. It’s tough at this age because you KNOW they’re capable of so much, but they react like you’re insane when you try to get them to do a whole lot. Like having her go out to the car to get me something – she thinks I’m nuts because to her, that is a big kid job and she feels little. But I think she is starting to see the fun in having her own jobs to do. Even just little things, like making one triplet in charge of keeping the shoes in order ( we have a rack by the door, and that gets messy!) or one in charge of putting out silverware at meals. Those seem like the type of chores my daughter feels comfortable with.


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